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Hiroyuki Sawano on recording the Season 2 soundtrack

“From the day after tomorrow and onwards, recording for Attack on Titan S2 is on schedule! Like the music used in the PV, I plan on using a raw and powerful feel . I wonder what kind of sound we’ll get. Let’s put some spirit into this!” 

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Okay so tonight when I went to NXT, I decided to go all out on my Hype Bros gear because Zack was finally gonna be at a show I’m at. So I asked them on Twitter if they were gonna be there before I put everything on just in case & Mojo tweeted me and said “you know it!! See you soon?” So I replied with a pic of my outfit (first pic).
They came out for a triple threat tag team match and they didn’t see me at all before or during the match bc I was being blocked by one of the teams standing in their corner. Finally they won the match & they’re celebrating in the ring & I was worried they wouldn’t see me & just leave bc Zack was selling a knee injury. Right when I lost hope, Mojo scanned the crowd & saw me. He turned Zack to face me & they both pointed at me (second pic).
So Mojo comes over to me & goes “you want a sweaty hug?!” So of course I was like “yeah!” (Third pic).
Then he noticed my mom taking pics & was like “you want a picture?!” so Zack came over & we took this lovely pic😍 (fourth).
Then Zack high-fives me & Mojo decides to take my mom’s phone & (tried) to take selfies but they were blurry bc he was jumping around😂 (last three pics).
Then he was like “how about a video?!” So he took a video with me & handed me the phone back and I burst into tears😭
After all that, Zack saw the pic of my outfit on Twitter and said “perfection” and then when I started tweeting most of the pics, he said he was gonna steal the pic of the 3 of us but he ended up just reposting it on Instagram🙈
It took almost 5 years to meet my favorite, but it was sure as hell worth the wait. Don’t Los whole guys, you’ll meet your fav one day☺️



Alright so I’m beyond hyped up for 3.10 of The Flash. We better all watch it when it comes on TV. We need to pull through with the ratings for this because Iris freaking West. I don’t know what the hell she’s doing in that promo standing in front of the gun but YES GIRL DO THE THING👏🏽 also we get to see her in that red outfit, Barry freak the fuck out, Wally be carefree Wally, Cisco helping out being vibe and I’m so excited 😁🙃
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2nd Slot Gaming Proudly Presents: Borderlands 2!!!

Tonight fellow Toasties, we dive into the world of Beyond: Two Souls, where dark and mysterious forces take over a young woman’s life. Make sure to follow the link above to our Twitch page to catch our 8:00 P.M. broadcast. That’s 8:00 P.M. EST or 5:00 PST!

And as always, we wish you all…PEACE…of toast!

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I was beyond hyped for Fallout 4, and did enjoy some of it, but ultimately it felt so shallow in comparison to NV or even F3. It had none of the charm and expansive nature that could take you away to that universe, that kept me coming back to those two games for so long. After literally years of waiting for it, that it is so mediocre hurts. Fallout 4 was supposed to be the Skyrim explosive hit for Fallout, but it took all the wrong things from Skyrim and kept none of the right from NV and 3. :'(

I agree 100000000000000 billion percent, I’ve talked about it quite a bit on my blog. but at this point my mind has repressed it and the last fallout game was New Vegas in 2010 and will stay that way

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everyone does fake pr relationships now. harry wouldn't be special if he started dating again. especially when celebs are on tswift levels of desperation since they took note. harry has fallen really behind on the popularity scale regarding the gp. 400 quotes about how his solo album is coming has lost its significance bc the gp had been under the belief it was coming out as early as january 2016. there is 0 excitement beyond harries. it's why they have to pay for these hype articles.

it’d be going so much smoother if they didn’t announce it prematurely i don’t know why they felt the need to push something that wasn’t happening soon as if people would dehydrate from lack of harry content when we know he’s got a movie coming out we’re all pumped for


James McBride, who won the National Book Award for The Good Lord Bird, takes on another James, the Godfather of Soul, in a new nonfiction book. In writing Kill ‘Em and Leave, McBride wanted to push beyond the hype and racism he says haunts Brown’s legacy – while Brown’s jail time and drug use are well documented, he wanted to focus on the young man from Barnwell County, S.C., who grew up without a mother and never graduated high school.

“You know, you pick up these biographies in the bookstore and you just find out how the guy died,” McBride says. “The more I found out about him, the more I liked him, the more I realized that he truly felt misunderstood and lonely.”

Find the full interview here.

– Petra