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filed under tropes that utterly wreck me: smelling each other’s clothes

in which kageyama accidentally puts on hinata’s shirt. a tiny scene from @bigspoonnoya‘s fic obviously, which you should treat yourself to if you are into really well-written, sexy fics with a ton of emotional depth. :’D

I realized that even though I’d included Ventress redesigns in two different historical AUs, I’d never actually drawn her properly? So here she is in all of her terrifying glory.

SHE IS broad-shouldered, firm, and strong. She is the figure looking out over the cliff, feet planted securely on the battered ground. She is the calloused hands gripping tree branches as she ascends into the clouds. She is the archer pulling back her bow, arms steady and unshaken. She will not blow away in the wind. The world tells her to shrink until she’s as light as a crumpled leaf, carried away in the breeze. But she will not give in- she will not blow away in the wind.

SHE WAS a seeker after beauty, a chaser of perfection. She was the girl who read magazines and wished she looked like the women on the cover. She despised her powerful figure, lusting after slender limbs and delicate fingers. She stopped climbing trees, shooting arrows, and plowing her way to the tops of mountains. She shrank. She let herself dissolve, until a storm came along. She watched the leaves as they were carried off into the great beyond, and decided she wasn’t ready to fly away yet. She had a life to live. She didn’t want to blow away in the wind.

—  fight or flight // c.r.h.