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I’m a screw up that is my genetic code.

                                      Well, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

‘m sorry but this sub error is driving me mad

Izetta has never called Finé ‘Archduchess’. She uses the same ‘Princess’ that she has since they were kids

and ep 7 drew attention to this when the pilot used hime-sama by accident (possibly because he just heard Izetta call Finé that before takeoff?) and then corrected himself to the proper taiko-denka

When Izetta answers him she says hime-sama. ‘Daisuki na hime-sama’








“I have this image of myself as the fun friend who is easy going, always good for a laugh, and always ready to listen to your problems. But I don’t share my own problems because I’m afraid that my friendship will seem less valuable if I do. I’m afraid that if I’m sad, I’ll seem boring. I don’t want people to start thinking: ‘This isn’t fun anymore.’ Or ‘This isn’t what I signed up for.’ So I tend to shut myself off. I’ll tell you all about my interests and activities. But when it comes to how I’m doing, I don’t like to move beyond ‘I’m fine.’ So I have all sorts of tricks to keep the conversation focused on the other person. I’m a great listener. And I love details: ‘Me? I’m great! But what about you? I seem to remember that you were going to dinner with your sister-in-law last night, right? At the Italian restaurant? Was the linguine better this time? Less crispy?’”

I listened to the Bloodsucker Proxy Variant yesterday and what really struck me is how much Frank and Sadie seem to genuinely like Michelle–which, of course they would since her parents are two of the very few people in their very small circle. But I wonder how that would mesh with their virtual ignorance about what to do with children.

Like, Donna mentions to Sadie that Michelle’s birthday is coming up and it’s like:

“Frank, we simply must get a present for Michelle Henderson.”

“Sadie, do we know a Michelle Henderson?”

“Of course we do! Daughter of our dear friends, Dave and Donna Henderson.”

“Hmm. Rings a bell.”

“And, as a result, is half werewolf and half vampire.”

“Nearly there.”

“When she was teething, she helped us pop the cork off of a particularly tricky to open bottle of champagne with her baby fangs.”

“Michelle Henderson!”

So, of course, they have to get her a top shelf present which, to them, means a top shelf bottle of something alcoholic. 

Donna is amused but not very surprised to open the obviously bottle shaped present that arrives from the Doyles, two days before Michelle’s birthday.

The Doyles’ phone rings and it’s Donna.

“Good effort but Michelle is turning three.”

“I don’t understand the correlation.”

“Try something chocolate.”

The next day, another bottle shaped present arrives. Chocolate liqueur.

Phone rings.

“So nearly there.”

“Donna darling, why don’t you just tell me what she drinks?”

“Apple juice. She’s turning three.”

Pause. “Apple juice?”


“As in the food?” Obvious distaste.

“Look, Sadie. I appreciate the thought but–”

“No! Stop it. Sadie saves the day. I’ve fixed everything, don’t you worry about a thing.”

Donna sighs as Sadie abruptly hangs up the phone.

The next day, around sundown, a deliveryman shows up with a package–not bottle shaped which is promising. Even more promising is the strong chocolate smell coming from the box. She opens it up and it’s four huge cupcakes, piled high with frosting. From some upscale bakery from the look of the gilded label which–incidentally–reads: Liquor Infused Chocolate Cupcakes

Sadie’s boarding school perfected handwriting is on the attached card:

Baby steps as it were. Consider this a raincheck until she’s old enough to have a proper drink with us in four or five years.

Love, Uncle Frank and Aunt Sadie

Donna makes a sound that’s halfway between a sigh and a snort of laughter. That’s gonna be one hell of an 8th birthday.

Okay but you know what moment in stb had me in unexpected stitches? Bones waking Spock up when he starts to drift off.

Fandom likes to say that Vulcans touching hands is like a kiss. In-universe, though, it’s more like a hug. (Amanda and Sarek face the world with their arms around each other; it’s badass and cute.)

It’s putting your hands near somebody’s *face* without asking that is something only your mom or your SO does. Not sexual, but intimate. Ruder than rude, for a stranger. Hands and faces are where Vulcan touch telepathy is strongest…

Which is what Bones does, in ignorance and worry (or on purpose and worry, knowing that it would get a reaction/telepathy might be the only way to wake Spock up if he’s unconscious).

Spock reacts, too –he opens his eyes, goes “I’m quite awake, Doctor,” in a tone that’s reproving enough to get McCoy to back off, but not at all hostile (and may or may not be blatant lies…)

anonymous asked:

now that the movies (rogue one) is out I have to ask. Why did people hate the skymom theory so much? Even if it was a theory based on little or very faulty "proof" I still didn't get the hate becuase lots of fan theories tend to be like that (highly unlikely and based on little evidence)

why would you ask us, a rey & jyn-ignoring blog, this

I mean honestly I’m the worst person to ask on several levels, partly because I stay out of the Star Wars fandom that actually pays attention to Rey or Jyn, partly because I hate all fan theories IN GENERAL, and partly because I actually had to lookup what ‘skymom’ was before answering.

I don’t harbor a particular hatred for the ‘Jyn is Rey’s mom’ theory beyond the fact that I’d pegged the fact that everyone in Rogue One was going to die from the time we got a full plot synopsis, so it seemed more obviously wrong to me than most other theories, which at least hold the possibility of being correct, sometimes. (I mean – not in terms of characterization usually, but just in terms of facts, yeah, a lot of things are possible). 

I’m also personally tired of ~everything is connected~ plots in Star Wars, a canon set in A VAST GALAXY with SPACE TRAVEL where there’s probably BILLIONS of people flying around getting into trouble and/or doing things worthy of a movie – like really? this is ANOTHER Skywalker/person who effed a Skywalker??? REALLY???

Plus I think part of it may have been that Skymom is predicated on Jyn/Luke, which counters the steadily growing fanon of Luke being gay – I’m not going to touch that one, because I’m not an expert in Luke canon, just that I know people believe in gay!Luke strongly and may have reacted poorly to anything that kind of smelled like forced heteronormative fixing, so.

Also Jyn’s kind of canonically ~romantic~ with Cassian (in that typical “she was a girl, he was a boy, could i make it anymore obvious” way where they knew each other three days, but sure) so some parts of fandom that are super concerned with biracial relationships when it’s a white woman and a brown man were kind of sore of Cassian being passed over for Luke, another white guy, to make Jyn/Luke a possibility? I’m personally not blown away by the progressive nature of heterosexual white woman/brown man relationships implicitly but when they’re passed over for the sake of another white on white hetfest I can see why people would be upset. 

But then again this is all speculation – I’m only in Star Wars fandom as far as the space latinxs go most of the time, so I mostly don’t know what’s going on with the Rey and/or Jyn side of things. 

(I don’t hate either Rey or Jyn, btw: they’re fine characters in the movies, I just don’t have any interest in pursuing theories/meta/fic about them.) 

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ben barnes is the most attractive human being i have ever seen, i can't deal with him

OMFG… Like Right?
I can’t even deal with his level of handsomeness! He is beyond fine!! He can do no wrong in my eyes and my love for him grows with every second. I sound obsessed… and I am. He is… 😍😍😍🔥

Welcome aboard the ILOVEBB Club-Train my dear

if you’re absolutely thrilled that Juuzou is alive but you’re still very concerned about his future and his position in the upcoming revolution, as well as any speculation about the state of his humanity and his past, clap your hands

This shitpost dedicated to what I’ve been marathon playing for the past few weeks and the entirety of my feelings about it so far.


Sight 🔮

You’ll see me as you want to see me.
& I’m finally learning that is absolutely fine and beyond my control.
So I need to stop apologizing for what makes me myself and the choices I make.
It is part of this whole living shamelessly pact I made to myself.
It is harder than it looks when you were raised on a diet of “keeping up appearances” and “what people will think”.
I can’t live that way anymore.
I’m not always going to react the way I thought I would,or the way you think I should, or the way I said I planned; that is okay.

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hey is everything okay? you haven't updated in a while so im just checking in

Things are beyond fine. I haven’t been on here because I’m on an island in the middle of the ocean drinking alcohol, sleeping on the beach, and water sporting. I’ll be back eventually. Maybe. Possibly. But thanks for caring anon - much appreciated! :)