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As painful as some of John’s scenes were to watch in TLD, one thing for sure is that Martin’s acting was beyond fabulous 

The more I see him, in anything, the more deeply impressed I am

And other than that , can we just consider the hair , and the way he’s fit, and the general hotness about him this Season ?…

The prints are here on RedBubble .

Thanks for watching ! <3

All is right, tonite.
Baes are together. Being fabulous.
Trying to learn Snapchat.
Trying to teach Snapchat etiquette.

We’re gonna live forever. Tonight. Tonight.

China Chow & Jared Leto.
At a private party at Larry Gagosian’s home in the hills, following the Alex Israel/Bret Easton Ellis show at Gagosian LA. 2/26/16

even though I think Magnus is more traditionally My Type of character, i think the reason i bonded so hard to taako is like….

idk, it’s not really elaborated on, but i get the impression he’s not someone who really attaches easy or forms bonds easy

which would come from moving around so much, you know? you gotta look out for numero uno. (and as far as taako remembered for the majority of the podcast, he was all on his own.) you don’t have time to get attached, you never know when you’re gonna need to move on to the next location, next troupe, next thing

and like, i get the feeling he’s always- at any point- ready to cut and run if he needs to. a year of working with the members of the BOB and his particular trio and he STILL had no problem being like “i don’t trust you” after magnus kept secrets from him

he jokes a lot and goofs around but there’s obviously depth under that- and he’s joked to keep things light, keep things from getting emotional, avoid having to really… deal with anything serious, you know?

(some of this may be projecting, some of this may be headcanon, mind you)

idk. taako is messy and overly cautious and kind of Occasionally A Shithead and i treasure him for that? cause #same

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*raises microphone* Miss Xiao Long, how do you respond to allegations that your hair is beyond fabulous?

Yang: I mean.
Yang: Take a look for yourself.
Yang: Don’t touch it though.

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spreading positivity - my girlfriend and i are going to the east of eli london gig approximately an hour and a half after my last exam of the year and i am PUMPED (also this week i remembered i'm the luckiest person rn because my gf is beyond fabulous and i love her)

|| Spreading Positivity. Message me one good thing that happened to you this week.

Look at you!!!!!!! I hope you’ll do great on your exam!!! And yes, you are very lucky and so is your gf, because it seems like you love her a lot 😍😍😍

And if you get the chance, tell Chyler I love her! Heheheheheh 😋


If you wannabe my lover, you gotta get with my friends

I imagine Thranduil and Loki having a bunch of code words for “hot guy/lady”, “cool song” or “another drink” when they go partying because they are above and beyond these not-fabulous mortals. They also order super fancy impossible-to-make drinks that go with their outfit.

And meanwhile Bard is like, whatever, just keep him away from the children

KDrama Women’s Week: Favorite Female Lead

Drama: Flower Boy Next Door

Character: Go Dok Mi

I KNOW someone else is going to do it. But I just have to anyway because she’s my favorite and I’ve never seen anyone that comes close to her awesomeness in the drama world. I think there are two main reasons I will forever love her. The first is that I related to her on a level I have not yet met with any other lead male or female lead in a Kdrama. She was an unabashed introvert and I related with things like her being very comfortable and happy to stay in her room for long periods of time, dreading phone calls, and needing time to recharge by herself after going out or being around a group of people.

But I think the second reason I love her so much is because of all the things the show let her be. She could cripplingly vulnerable and mystifyingly strong, unsure of what to do but absolutely sure of what she was and wasn’t okay with all at the same time. She didn’t have to be bright and sparkly like other female leads, (they left that to the male lead instead which was beyond fabulous). She instead was allowed to be dark and gloomy and suspicious. We hear over and over that we need “strong female leads” but sometimes it feels like people interpret that to mean only one type, aggressive and dominating, which is fine in its own right, but it was so refreshing to see someone who was allowed to show strength in a different way.

I love that the show allowed her to heal, to overcome her fears, to learn to accept love from others and especially from herself, but never forced her to change who she really was and never condemned the things that made her different. And I love love that she not only learned from Enrique who at first seemed to be the one in charge and helping her, but that Enrique learned from her, about his own fears and hurts and how to heal as well.

Also, the show was thoroughly hers. From beginning to end it was her story and it was a lovely story to watch.

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I think I’m homesick, because I am having a serious Hamptons morning here. Anthony’s Baratta’s work in this waterfront Hamptons home (didn’t say where in the article, but if I had to guess from the pictures I’d say Southampton or Water Mill) is beyond fabulous. It’s got his usual joie de vivre, and a heaping helping of traditional elements - like that gorgeous floor.