beyond color

Vantablack Gothic

-Stuart Semple runs out of colors known to the human eye. His next creation, “The Color Beyond Coloriest Color” changes the colors of your memories to it. Anish Kapoor is not allowed to use it.
-Every night, Anish Kapoor stares at the giant canvases of Vantablack that cover the walls of his room. He hears them whispering, and can almost make out what they say. “I am protecting the other artists,” he tells himself, but he knows that that’s not it at all…
-The Greenest Green is never released physically. It exists only in a dream that Stuart Semple has every night. Anish Kapoor still dips his finger in it on Instagram.
-A California-based artist attempts to make a glitter even glitterier than the Glitteriest Glitter. She is never heard of again, but rumors say that if you look just below the sun, you will see a small shining point that wasn’t there before. 
-Stuart Semple and Anish Kapoor have never been seen in the same room together. It is not the Other, but ourselves that we are most petty towards.