Regarding Crowley

Obvious spoilers ahead…

There are many things that bothered me regarding Crowley’s death. For a character that has been on the show for as long as he has and for his death to be so glossed over… They wasted a great opportunity to lay on the feels.

His death wasn’t sad. Don’t get me wrong, I AM sad beyond belief that his character killed off, but the lack of emotion in the scene was startlingly pathetic.

I’ve long said that as soon as a character has their redemption arc, they will be killed. It’s so damn predictable at this point that it was obvious this was coming.

You want to make Crowley’s death sad? Build up to it. Make it final, but not the end!

In my opinion, so many little things could have been done to make this death THAT much more tragic, instead of relatively useless and unnecessary.

Have Crowley admit that he has nothing left… because he doesn’t. Sure he made some hasty comment about how he doesn’t like Hell or whatever… but again, so glossed over that it didn’t really MEAN that much. His mother, regardless of the fact that she was a thorn in his side, she was still his mother and it was obvious that he felt SOMETHING for her, otherwise he would have just rid himself of the hassle she caused long ago.

Lucifer is back, meaning all the work he put into Hell is gone, all his loyal subjects (as loyal as demons could be) would obviously defect for fear of their own lives, and BEST case scenario, he’d be Lucifer’s dog again, worst case, he’d be tortured and killed. Even if he managed to escape, you know Lucifer would do everything in his power to find him.

Even after fucking everything he’s done for Sam and Dean, INCLUDING FUCKING SACRIFICING HIMSELF, Dean and Sam both show no goddamn emotion when Crowley reveals his plan to kill himself to save them. 

Crowley is far from perfect, particularly in their eyes, but he saved them and Cas on multiple occasions. That should at least warrant a pained, “…wait!” or something from Dean at the very least. 

Have Crowley leave something behind. Have him slip a piece of paper into Sam’s hand before running off the stare down the Devil. Maybe the piece of paper with just a name of someone who can help put Lucifer back in his cage, or a phone number. Fucking SOMETHING. There is seemingly nothing left of Crowley on that show and it will be pretty much as if he didn’t exist. 

His death wasn’t sad. It was a waste. A tragic fucking waste.

I don’t know that I’ve ever really complained about this show… but I’ve watched the scene a number of times and it’s just so anti-climactic and bothersome. 

Anyone have other thoughts? I’m curious what everyone thinks of what happened.

Could people please stop reposting my art without permission? I don’t appreciate it. There have been some lovely people who have messaged me and asked to post it on Instagram with credits and I’ve said yes because they actually bothered to ask. And don’t give me the ‘credit to artist’ bullshit because that’s NO BETTER THAN NOTHING AT ALL. Yes, I get that you want to credit me, but HOW IS THAT HELPING ME WHEN YOU WON’T EVEN TYPE OUT MY NAME, YOU PRICK?!

Imagine opening your door to see Tom standing in the rain. You were supposed to have a date with him this afternoon, but you cancelled last minute, and he came to find out why. You invite him inside, but he refuses to come in until you tell him why you stood him up. You pause for a moment, finding your words, when lightning strikes nearby, jolting you back to reality. You tell him you were worried you’d have nothing interesting to talk about - you’re a rather shy person and going out with him made you nervous beyond belief. He steps up to the door as you step aside to let him in, and says, “I can do all the talking if you like. Or we don’t have to talk at all.” He takes your face in his hands, tilting your head up to meet his before settling his soft, wet lips on yours.

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Season 14 Arizona story spec

So, I am going to start this spec assuming no Callie return.

I want Arizona to have custody of Sofia next season. I am appalled they didn’t show Sofia in one episode this season or even Arizona racing for a Skype session. The ignorance of these writers is irritating beyond belief.

So, Arizona as a single mother without the help and support that Meredith and April have would be nice to see showcased. It takes a village and Arizona doesn’t have one.

I would also love for there to be a past connection between Arizona and Megan Hunt. I don’t need this connection to have any meaning in the present. But I would love to discover that Megan chose to hide part of her sexuality because of the military. This struggle is so real. And for it to have hurt Arizona would give us a more nuanced backstory than we currently have. It would also bring Arizona into more prominence with the A-cast, Meredith, Riggs, Owen. (Gag, my least favorites)

I absolutely do not want to see any Arizona and Leah on my screen. I also think Arizona dating a firefighter is simply not in her nature. She couldn’t take that risk of even liking someone who is close to danger all the time.

Ideally, Callie will return in season 14. Sara even has the cancellation of the show she got mad about as a means of saving face.

Plus, Krista is a reason to return. I think her contribution to the show has been sorely missed. No season has come close to 1-6.

i really would love for everyone to stop telling me how ‘hard’ it’s going to be being a full-time student while working. i can manage 12 credits just fine thank you very fucking much stop trying to make me panic about the thing i am most passionate about in life- don’t you understand i am dying to have homework assignments and papers and exams to study for???? don’t you understand i am a nerd who thrives in the school environment and would do anything to just be in school until the end of time?????? stop telling me it’s going to be difficult. it’s going to be incredible and worthwhile and everything i have dreamed of. i’ve been to college before. i have graduated college before. i’m aware of what it feels like to take 12 credits and be stressed/overwhelmed beyond belief, but that never stopped me from getting an A in every course and making great friends with great professors and it never stopped my drive to go back to school to further my degree so um parents/relatives/coworkers- shut the fuck up. 

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🌻 7 🌻

thank you anon!!! here’s a loose outline real quick for the prompt (maybe i’ll even write a fic)

“You’re the demanding star and I’m your personal assistant.”

consider this:

  • yoongi is the demanding idol, nineteen years old and cocky beyond belief, and he’s the most talented solo artist in the company so no one honestly stands up to him
  • hoseok is the twenty-six year old personal assistant
  • yoongi has a badboy image but hoseok sees right through his bullshit and is the only one not afraid to call yoongi out when he does things that are rude or bratty and yoongi becomes slightly more humble with hoseoks guidance
  • despite hoseok being older, yoongi hits on him endlessly to the point that hoseok isn’t even bothered by it anymore he just goes with the overall suggestive behavior and doesn’t let it bother him
  • bottom hoseok bc yes
  • yoongi is lusty af because he wants hoseok in his bed and hoseok has morals (for now)
  • drama happens because yoongi gets into a fight with another idol in the community
  • hoseok has to do some hardcore damage control
  • bonding happens cause hoseok has to watch out for yoongi 25/8
  • overall angst from misunderstandings (i.e. Hoseok out of context hears a conversation where it sounds a lot like yoongi is just flirting with him as a game/bet to see if he can sleep w/hobi)
  • rly tho hoseok starts to have genuine feelings for yoongi even if he’s annoying sometimes
  • yoongi stops just seeing it as a game to sleep w/his assistant and has genuine feelings

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...How would the UT/UF skelebros react if at the end of a True Pacifist Route, when the barrier is down and everyone reaches the surface, it is revealed that the River Person was a human in disguise? Like, Sans didn't know because he takes shortcuts everywhere. Paps is too energetic to take the boat. BUT NO ONE EVER FREAKIN' NOTICED IT WAS A HUMAN IN A CLOAK.

… well shit. Pretty sure all of them would face palm and be pissed off beyond belief. They could’ve been free a long time ago and they were stupid as hell.

That’s a really cool theory actually wtf

keep the snyder family in your thoughts and don’t make this about the movie. even if we had no confirmation about the JL film being essentially finished, making this about the movie is horrible and inappropriate beyond belief