time for a sappy post.

selena quintanilla is one of my biggest inspirations. ever since i was little, my dad would tell me that i reminded him of her. that i was born to be a star. that i was talented beyond belief. that i was a hard worker. all of these qualities that selena possessed in gratuitous quantities.

to think that a young, mexican woman made it so far in the 1990s hollywood and music scene astounds me, and the fact that her memory prevails to this day is more than amazing. it’s truly remarkable.

according to the company, the selena x mac release was the biggest collection they’ve ever done. they had to produce six times the quantity they usually do just so they could keep up with demand. six times. and this is over twenty years after selena died.

selena is truly a legend and her memory will never fade. she will always inspire me in times of darkness and this collection is just one of many ways she’s shown me that you can do anything.

selena la leyenda

siempre mi reina

I understand people using Hitler as a comparison to Donald Trump, but I have a little bit of a concern with that view. Sure, both of them make me angry beyond belief, but I think there’s just a few differences I’d like to point out. 

Firstly, Hitler was born into a middle class family and grew up as a struggling artist and spent some time in homeless shelters. He was very poor for a good part of his life and was basically just scraping by. Unlike Trump, Hitler had to work his way up. And to be quite honest he made it by just being a smooth talker. At one point he was arrested for evading military service and through a handwritten letter, he got off the hook altogether. I specifically remember sitting in my World History class in high school and learning about how Hitler’s speeches were just perfectly executed and overwhelmingly persuasive. This kind of argument can’t really be made for Trump. He was born into money and propped up by it for his whole life. He didn’t need the charm or intelligence to gain his influence or power because if he failed, his dad had the money to back him up. So instead of relying on any likable human characteristics, he built his public persona based on hostility during his time with The Apprentice. When he began campaigning for the nomination and presidency, this kind of attitude and upbringing really showed through. His speeches rely on anger and hostility while barely retaining any form of coherence. And although they both utilized the prevalent anger in their respective societies and exploited the fears of their people, Trump and Hitler are largely different the ways they convey these messages. In no way, shape, or form am I defending what Hitler did or advocated for, but looking at the shape of the societies present in Germany during the 1900s and the US today, it’s easy to see how the Germans fell to Hitler’s charms. They had no historical example to rely on in making this decision. They were just captivated by a man with a silver tongue that got him out of evading the nation’s military. The thing that frustrates me the most in all of this is that Donald Trump lacks the intelligence, lacks the charm, and has human history stacked against him, and he still almost has a 50/50 shot in this election.

I can accept that Trump’s speeches have reflected the actions of the worst man in human history, as a lot of people agree to be Hitler. What I cannot accept is that Trump is evoking the image of the worst man in human history, because Hitler was a demon with appearance of a savior, but Trump has no disguise to hide behind. It should be glaringly obvious what Trump is capable of doing, and what’s truly bothering me is that for a lot of people, it isn’t. With everything we know today about what has happened and what can happen, electing Donald Trump as president of the United States might be one of the most embarrassing actions to take place in course human history.

Too Much Stress

Inara was stressed beyond belief. She had temporarily quit her job as the sous chef to be a stay at home mom. She hated the idea of someone else raising her kids.

Lately, she’d been the only one to care for Venetia, as Armitage had been working a particularly large case. She’d chased the little girl around the house, trying to keep her from going up the stairs, draw on the walls, break things, or get into her father’s office.

On top of all of this, she took care of laundry, cooking and cleaning at home. She hardly ever had a break. Even at night. She couldn’t remember when she last showered, probably a day or so. But the days blurred together.

One evening, she was laying on the couch with Venetia sprawled over her while she slept. Her hair was a mess, large dark bags were under her eyes, and she was beyond exhausted. She just needed a night with her boyfriend now.

So! This is my big announcement! I am officially a cast member at the happiest place on Earth! I’m so happy beyond belief to be working at a place that I love so much and am so grateful for this new path I’ve taken. ☺️💗🐭

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