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[submission] Shoutout to Spoonie Warriors battling the Government

I’ve already done my Saturday Selfie but I just feel compelled to write more about the repeal of the ACA. I live in Australia, have no private health insurance yet I don’t pay a cent for my MS treatment which is roughly $2,500 for each monthly infusion. All my other scripts are subsidised and I don’t pay to see my doctor or specialist or get tests/scans due to my low income status. All I keep thinking is “how is this access to health care not the inalienable right of every person in the USA!” (And the rest of the globe). I know neoliberalism has corroded modern welfare states but the huge disparity between my health care and those struggling in the US makes me sick. I cannot express how much I admire all of the Spoonies who, despite their chronic illnesses are out there fighting against these abhorrent changes. Not only do you often have to struggle to get through the day, you are also fighting a government who wants to callously punish you for having an illness over which you have no control 😡 Isn’t bad enough that your body has waged a war on you without having to battle the government as well? You are all beyond awesome, and you all deserve viable access to quality healthcare. Much love, much spoons, much, much respect. Xx 💕💫🌟💫

Regarding that last text post and McG’s tweet: Can we please talk about the fact that he (and the other execs and writers, …) not only read what the fans write but also consider it for a maybe possible story in the future? They notice! And they are not like … you people are insane. No, they are actually taking the fans and their wishes serious. Possible Saphael? Why not. More Malec in S2. Sure. Need I say more? When did this ever happen before? No. Seriously?

New followers like nobody's business...

Sooo… Now that I’m sitting at almost 15k… And was at 14.3 last night… I’m gonna go ahead, and do this action:

Hey, folks.
I’m Sean Michael Moreno-Carroll. I’m an actor, a fighter, and a massive nerd with a quick wit, an unending amount of sass, and more ambition than you can shake a stick at. I also have a horrid panache for pissing off tumblr folk by having the unfortunate gift of insight, and an unyielding lack of interest in softening blows for the sake of misplaced comfort.

With that crap outta the way: If you’re still in, awesome. Beyond all the rage-monster, duty-bound, super heavy shit, I’m actually stupid fluffy and happy-go-lucky… Which is most of the time… If you go through my blog there’s more positivity and hope flying around than there is “SEAN SMAAAASH!”… If that makes any damn sense at all…

Anyway, I am 27 years old (28 on November 25th), I’m a believer in the power of intellectual discourse, the sanctity of challenged and challenging thought(s), and the necessity for knowing one’s world, its histories, and one’s own place therein.

I am an Actor, both on screen and stage… I have an agent, I’m union, I’ve worked professionally since 2010, and I’ve done everything from commercials, to multiple seasons on a national series, to industrials, to straight plays, to Shakespeare festivals, to Renaissance Festivals… It’s what I trained a good portion of my life for, it’s what I love, and it’s what I studied in college.
I also draw, paint, sculpt, write, sing (poorly), and dance.

I’ve studied stage combat since I was a wee lad. And have grown up in it, and with the SAFD (Society of American Fight Directors) because my more adulty peers (rennies who did fight stuff) were awesome, and thoroughly better parental figures than my Mom was.

To that previous point, I also grew up at Ren Faires! Which, if you were/are shocked by my frankness and colorful vocabulary, then that’s is the thing you get to blame for my broken give-a-fuck-er… But you also get to thank it for my endless imagination, stupid humor, and sense of honor.

That all said, I should just lay this one thing aside… I’m sorry you followed, and I’ll do my best not to deal the full breadth of my sarcastic bullshit in a day, but I will also try to do cool things that don’t hurt souls on the regular.

All in all, I’m just some jerk of an art nerd who lives in a constant state of his own mental flux. I also know a LOT of history… A ton. Because reasons…

I also game more than any self-respecting adult should, because fuck you, that’s why.

Console, PC, board, D20 anything ever, cards, warhammer… You name it, I have spent too fucking much money on it. And I’m not ashamed of that fact. Not one bit.

Gamer Tag on XBLive is Darth Panda1127.
Hit me up if you want, but I reserve the right to ignore you. No offense. I’m just a social recluse when I wanna be… Which is usually.

That pretty much sums me up. If you want more detail, READ. That’s pretty much the whole point of this whole… Blog… Thing…

Anyway I love your respective faces, and I hope to hear from/make you happy/challenge you to feel and be better, soon.

“ There are so many cc creators I adore that I can’t possibly list them all here, so this is a shout out of love to every single one of you. I would not play Sims without the amazing content you lovely people make. You create and share it with us without asking anything in return. You are wonderful, selfless people who deserve all the praise and love in the world. Thank you for what you do and all the hard work you put in. Keep doing you, you’re all beyond awesome. <3 “


Almost two years ago (2 years minus 7 days, exactly, November 3rd), I was ending my birthday Rainbow Party night by watching the Zankyou Reference concert DVD with my friends, at full volume, crying over how we would never ever have a chance to watch One Ok Rock live in concert unless we somehow managed to travel to Japan, or wherever they had a show on–


I’m not lying when I say these guys made a big impact in my life, specially at the moment I discovered them through my friends ^q^ They sound beyond awesome, all of them are really attractive in their own way and gOD I’d like to marry the four or be their sister in some other alternative life, idk TQT