So guys in the Christmas spirit I made an (incredibly rushed) list of the fabbest football blogs out there
It is veeeery rushed and not at all decorated (use your imagination guys) so sorry if I forgot anyone!
I love y’all:
Ferrnandotorres (congrats I think you’re the only Chelsea blog)


hello everyone!! merry christmas! here’s my crappy follow forever! i’ve compiled a list of people who i’ve been mutually following for a while! i’ve bolded the urls of those who i feel as if i’ve gotten to know in one way or another (apart from my rl friends) or gotten to speak to recently. i’m sorry if i’ve left anyone out, but these were all of the people off the top of my head that i could think of, so please don’t think that i left you out on purpose! anyways, merry christmas again, happy holidays and i wish you guys have a very happy new year! :~)

#; 11mm

a-b;  angelfabian; alexilalas; aarontveitnine; beyoncejesusnowlescarter; brynden-tully; busbyway;

c-d;  calzoncillo; crristiano; daleyblinds; dethcat;

e;    theemptystars; electraaaheart;

f;   fadedgoodbyes; finefools; flowerchildpam; freddieflintoff; friaplata; frostbitten-strigoi-hunter; funkkidkatholic;

g-h;  galadrielling; gaymeofthrones; gomezwantsmullersjinglebells; hgm-vds

i-j;  insanitywillrise; jack-nicholson; jceherondle; joekinnaman; johancruyff; juandirecti0n; junjihyun;

k; kendeaton

m-n;  michaelcarrick; nestlesnipes; neuers;

o-p;  oliqueen; pannenkoekenboot; p1szczek; pikanyechu; prustytute; pornhubmom;

r;  robinvanpersie; rosietheriveter;

s-t;  stevebuscemislips; stylesclashh; tweezing ; totalmonksforever

w; wandamaximoff

x-z;  xavierhernandez; zaynsfirstlastkiss

tagged by mrs-piszczek!! thanks Elizabeth :))

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1. Answer the questions
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  1. First football memory? going to a soccer *(football) camp and hearing this asshole talk about how much he liked manchester city lmao
  2. Fav TV series? either American Horror Story or Sons of Anarchy or Game of Thrones
  3. What do you want to do after you finish school? i really want to travel but i’m going to end up at college. after that i have no idea
  4. What do you hate the most? getting food stuck between my teeth and tottenham
  5. Any pets? i have a dog!!
  6. Siblings? a 21 year old brother
  7. Favourite book?  the sun also rises by hemingway
  8. Best childhood memory? probably playing with my old friend jane. we used to pretend we were horses/cowgirls every day lmfao
  9. Favourite school subject? french
  10. Any hobbies? i like hanging out w/ my best friends and photography and writing. i row for the crew team at my school & the season’s starting soon so that’s going to take over my life for awhile

My questions:

  1. What football team do you absolutely despise?
  2. Why don’t you like them?
  3. What’s your favorite color?
  4. How did you meet your best friend?
  5. Favorite food?
  6. How do you fall asleep (on your back, side, etc)?
  7. Dream place to live?
  8. Favoite movie?
  9. Fondest memory?
  10. Who is your all time favorite football player?

beyoncejesusknowlescarter ha risposto al tuo post : beyoncejesusknowlescarter ha risposto al tuo post…

i just i am actually stunned that someone has that much time holy fuckmcjsklcj vskljcvklsmvkl dkvm kdc

i’m highly amused but also slightly disturbed because is it really that serious???? people shit on teams they don’t like all the time she took it too personally pls

i’m entirely done this made my weekend lmao

classofachampion ha risposto al tuo post : beyoncejesusknowlescarter ha risposto al tuo post…

Youre famous now, please remember us little people

i will never forget my beginnings!!!! i’d like to thank san iker for this opportunity

ozils replied to your photo: you can definitely tell my bra is sparkly and, as…

boooooobs and you’re bEAUTIFUL

it’s like you only ever have one thing on your mind ;)

beyoncejesusknowlescarter replied to your photo: you can definitely tell my bra is sparkly and, as…

no they’re not xx

thanks boo

you can totally tell i’m trying really hard to keep my eyes open though (i always blink in photos idk why because my eyes are actually huge)

mbretereshe  asked:


1. First impression: so this is the nora everyone talks about
2. Truth is: you’re so funny. i’m glad we follow each other
3. How old do you look: 16/17
4. Have you ever made me laugh: yes
5. Have you ever made me mad: noooo
6. Best feature: you’re really pretty and funny
7. Have I ever had a crush on you: no. not yet lol
8. You’re my: new fraaand
9. Name in my phone: i don’t have your number
10. Should you post this too? si

beyoncejesusknowlescarter ha risposto al tuo post : classofachampion ha risposto al tuo post : all…

i dont think ive had it on this blog but on one of my side blogs there was this anon that went apeshit calling me pathetic and bitch and it was just like omfg how do you not see the irony of calling someone pathetic on ANON

and that’s exactly why the act of taking time out of your life to send anon hate makes me laugh so much. like are you /serious/