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*jumps up and down* Are you having a special Spacedogs Q&A session now, cause i have a question. Firstly, i love the space dogs fix so much, I'm genuinely trying to do the math to see if i can afford to do a commission.Ok myQ: Will there be like a male version of beth to shake up the boys fairytale lives. Also, i think if you guys do another space dogs soundtrack, Beyonce's "Dangerously in love" should be on it LOL ;-)

Hello lovely nonny,

No we’re not really doing a special Q&A at all! We just happen to have a lot of asks about these boys in the inbox at the moment - people must miss them!

We’re not sure if we will put anyone in as a romantic interest or complication. At least not now. The boys are contented as they are, and need a little downtime to enjoy each other. That said, never say never! Who knows who will come into their lives later. As many of the asks in the inbox remind us, their business isn’t one of easy getaways, something will come crawling out of the woodwork eventually, so hang tight!

Thanks for your question, nonny, and the song suggestion! We’ll definitely keep it in mind :D

- Whiskey