This is absolutely stunning! Make this go viral she is so underrated!! 


Note: I dind’t like the movie I just loved the books and songs. Matt Bomer is my Chirstian Grey. 

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So, Bitty wasn’t going to let Lemonade take his life off track. 

I mean, forget the time Beyonce announced her pregnancy on live television and Bitty cried for an hour because she was going to bring another angel to this earth.

Forget the time he screamed when Beyonce dropped a record out of nowhere and he suddenly had more Beyonce to soundtrack his life.

Forget when Formation came out and Bitty had to bake twelve pies to calm down.

He would not let Lemonade effectively ruin his life.

So, of course, he’s sitting in front of the television in his room with a lemonade in one hand and his tablet in the other.

“Should I…do you need a moment with Beyonce?” Jack asks. He’s not bitter, there’s actually a smile on his face as he watches Bitty’s face get more excited the closer it gets to the start of the event.

“I don’t even know what it’s going to be,” Bitty whispers, clutching his lemonade close to his heart. “I couldn’t concentrate on anything today.”

“You burned a pie, it was in the group text,” Jack mentions.

“I know!” Bitty cries out. “I never burn pies! Beyonce is ruining my life!”

There’s a silence while Bitty reevaluates his life choices and Jack watches in amusement.

“Hey, Bittle.”

“Yeah hun?”

“It’s starting.”

“Oh god. I’m not ready for this Jack.”

“Call me when it’s over eh?”

There’s a whimper and Jack chuckles when the screen goes black.


I had a dream I was dying
But I found nobody there
And if one last night is all that we’ve been given
Lets live it like we care


This is the version of “Crazy In Love” for the Fifty Shades of Grey film.

It’s dark and sexy and hauntingly beautiful and everything I’ve wanted and more.


FSOG soundtrack

The fifty shades of grey soundtrack is literally the best soundtrack ever.
It’s so beautiful and sexy and amazing and perfect all at the same time, like I literally love every song on the soundtrack and it goes with the movie perfectly.
I love it.


SPN // fifty shades of…


Beyonce Dance-a-Thon to Kick Off MTV’s Record-Setting Week

MTV is hoping this week is one for the books – the book of world records.

The network is hosting a series of events designed to set some standards, mostly for goofy fun. It begins Monday at 11 p.m. with a 24-hour Beyonce dance marathon outside of MTV’s New York headquarters. In the attempt to claim the Guinness World Record for longest dance relay marathon, dancers will get a nonstop Beyonce soundtrack.

Britney’s Manager Larry Rudolph on Van Toffler, MTV’s ‘Real Visionary’

On Wednesday, MTV is asking viewers and their cats to submit videos in an attempt to set a mark for most “meows” in a minute. The network will challenge its audience members to break some of their own personal records Thursday, and post evidence online with the hashtag #EpicWin.

MTV will also ask viewers to express their wishes for the world in 2025, and will print out as many as possible to be buried in a time capsule for a decade.

Besides having fun, MTV is looking to tap into the attitudes of its viewers as expressed in a recent poll, said Stephen Friedman, network president.

“Our audience is made up of dreamers, believers and they love nothing more than to do something bigger and better than it has ever been done before,” he said.


Movie trailers you'll see during the Super Bowl

Fifty Shades of Grey

After the success of the book, the movie is ready to make it’s big screen debut. Of course it comes out on Valentine’s Day, and with Beyonce on the soundtrack, it’s aiming to be one of the most talked-about movies of the year. Don’t go see this with anyone related to you, as it has the tendency to get a little awkward with the steamy sex scenes.