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Yesterday were the annual MTV Video Music Awards, and they were so good. I really liked a lot of looks from the red carpet, but my favorite was Hooland Roden :). Let’s start with my favorites for this year’s VMA’s.

Tenn Wolf star decided to go to the Vmas with a white jumpsuit and cape, but my favorite part of her whole look was the hair, in the center she added glitter and it looked very fabulous.

King of modern fashion, Jaden Smith, went to the Vmas with a very cool outfit. He wore a tuxedo jacket, sheer black shirt, and black jeans. He’s my fashion icon.

Halsey wore a  Yousef Al-Jasmi jumpsuit. Her hair was black and very long. She looked very beautiful.

Rita Ora slayed a very strange and crazy look. She used a unique black dress with black and red fur, a jacket (with fur too), and high (high) heels.

Troye Sivan wore a casual but very cool outfit. He wore a black suit, white shirt, black jeans and very cool shoes. I really like that Troyes looks always look so effortless but cool.

Ari looked so good in her crop top with long pants. It was simple but she looked gorgeous. She wore a choker and her new hairstyle (she looks so much better in it).

Chance the Rapper’s outfit was on point. He wore a white shirt and jacket, with tan overalls, and tan sneakers. His outfit was simple and casual but perfect for the Vmas.

The Chainsmokers looked very cool and casual. Both with suits and cool shirts underneath (I really liked the dotted pattern). Their looks looked so cool and fashion.

Desiigner look was very cool, I really liked the pink suit and pants, but something was missing there haha. But his look was very cool, even though he wasn’t wearing a shirt underneath.

Alessia Cara slayed with a signature look from her, jeans, shirt and cool jacket. She looked so beautiful and wild. Her hair looked very cool as always Alessia always slays.