beyonce is genuine

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Bria’s Interlude // Savon
Focus // Dpat x H.E.R
2AM // CHE
Come Over // Aaliyah
Yeah I Said It // Uncle Flex x Rihanna
So Anxious // Genuwine
Persian Rugs (slowed) // PARTYNEXTDOOR
Always On My Mind // SWV
Hold Me // Phazz
A Night Off // Drake x Lloyd
Sex So Good // Jazquees
Cry // Nehzuil
Lovers & Friends // Lil’ John x Usher
Don’t know how // PARTYNEXTDOOR
Trading Places // Usher
Dance For You // Beyonce
Woosah // Jeremih
One In A Million // Aaliyah

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anonymous asked:

They looked so confused when they saw more people were googling mcdonalds than beyonce lol, like did they genuinely forget that people apply to jobs online?

They probably forget that people actually have to apply to jobs, and not wait around for multi-million dollar corporations to throw money at them. 

(And, I mean. File that one under ‘problems I’d desperately love to have.’)

anonymous asked:

Can I get some pre-squip Rich headcanons please and thank you?

:’) rich,,, my baby boy,,

ok so for starters i’ve always believed that rich had been somewhat aware of his bisexuality before the whole squip incident, he was just too caught up in the other problems of his life and probably was terrified and disgusted at the concept of liking boys (that’s just me projecting lmao) until he realized it was okay and that he was valid. also i hc that there were a lot of things rich enjoyed/liked to do that his squip made him stop doing (example: eating lots of french fries, watching cartoons, listening to beyonce, expressing genuine emotion, dressing normally) and that rich really becomes truly comfortable with himself and who he is after the squip is gone and he just feels so free

Can we just talk about how when the phrase ‘bae’ started trending I thought people were saying ‘bEY’ and not ‘bAE’. Like ‘bey’ as in Beyonce. I genuinely thought everyone was talking about Beyonce and not the acronym for “Before Anyone Else.” So if someone said “you’re my bae”- I thought it meant “you’re my Beyonce/I love you as much as I love Beyonce”.