beyonce voice * i love your face *

i was tagged in a “get to know you meme” by @futureboymcflyy (who has a beautiful blog, btw)

nickname: aaron bear (by my close friends, no i didnt choose that name) ayayron (mostly as a joke by some of my friends) aaron jones (because its ‘catchy’ or sometimes just jones)

star sign: aquarius :)

height: 5'4 (a single emasculated tear rolls down my face)

time right now: 11:05 am

last thing you googled: major bar chord (guitar hoe)

favorite music artist: i’ve really been bouncing between genres of music lately but mostly prince, a lot of beyonce because i’ll love 4 until the day i die, and newsies pretty much every waking moment (jeremy jordan has such a beautiful voice ok,,)

song stuck in your head: the world will know

last movie i watched: back to the future 2 like yesterday, what a surprise

when i created this blog: like in december? right around when rogue one came out, i had a tumbr blog forever but i just wanted a new one

what im wearing right now: sweatpants, vans, & a ron jon surf shop t shirt

kind of stuff i post: recently lots of newsies & bttf, michael j fox too but if you dig a little deeper there’s a bunch of star wars & marvel shit too, maybe some hamilton & random 80’s movies. also stranger things !!

why did i choose my url: made this blog probably 3 days after i saw rogue one, and fell in love with chirrut îmwe the moment i saw him, hes rad

gender: male

hogwarts house: slytherin?? i think

pokémon team: regarding pokémon go?? valor even though i havent played it in like months :/

favorite color: blue !!!

favorite characters: marty mcfly, chirrut îmwe, jack kelly, luke skywalker, peggy carter, eleven, bucky barnes, doc brown, jonathan byers, katherine plumber, poussay washington, jerome valeska, finn, poe dameron, rey, baze malbus, steve rogers, joey tribbiani, frank castle, claire temple

dream job: ah okay,,, most likely something to do with working at nasa as an engineer or like a comic book artist would be cool, & an actor would be cool

number of blankets: all the blankets

followers: 14

tagged: @killjoy-png @saintalia @rookbodhi @spydoor-man & pretty much anyone else that wants to do it 💗