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HOLAAA I was tagged by the lovely @druggedaiquiri to do this. My list is a mix of depressing songs and bops so just a heads up!

“Rules: We’re snooping on your playlist. Set your entire music library on shuffle and report the first ten songs that pop up. Then choose ten victims.”

1) Song- Heart, Artist- Sleeping At Last

2) Song- Blow Your Mind (Mwah), Artist- Dua Lipa

3) Song- Thinking ‘Bout You, Artist- Ariana Grande

4) Song- Marvin’s Room (Can’t Do Better) Remix, Artist- JoJo

5) Song- Only Angel, Artist- Harry Styles

6) Song- Champagne and Pools, Artist- Hoodie Allen ft. Blackbear and KYLE

7) Song- Deja Vu, Artist- J. Cole

8) Song-  Yoncé/Partition, Artist-  Beyoncé

9) Song- Right My Wrongs, Artist- Bryson Tiller

10) Song- Fetish, Artist- Selena Gomez

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we all know that one person who is suspiciously good at meeting celebrities. like you know they’re attending school and working a part time job and never leave the house on the weekends, yet somehow they’ve met all of your favorite bands, got super adorable pictures and videos with them, and have even met some of them more than once??? and its not like they paid four hundred dollars for a meet n’ greet. nah, they just FIND these famous people in random places. like how??? what pagan ritual did u use to become this lucky???? how many virgins did u sacrifice for that selfie with beyonce


Where Imagination Save The Day// Where a Whole New World Awaits// Where Wonderland is Your Destiny// Where a Moment of Beauty Lasts Forever// Where Every Cinderella Story Comes True// Where You Never Have to Grow Up// Where You’re Always King of the Court// Where Dreams Run Free// Where Your Destiny Awaits// Where Your the Fairest of them All// Where Memories Take Hold and Never Let Go// Where a World of Adventure Awaits// Where Magic Sets Sail// Where Magic Speaks// Where Every Moment Leaves You Hungry for More// Where you Always Follow Your Heart// Where You Can Go On the Ride of your Afterlife// Where Your Every Wish is Our Command

~Disney Dream Portraits, Annie Leibovitz~

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{ text :: Cintaku 🐉  } Aaron Custos, my dear dragon, are you drunk? It’s late. Why aren’t you asleep?

{ text :: Cintaku 🐉  } You know what nevermind that. If coming to snuggle will get you to sleep then come over. Besides, I wouldn’t mind falling asleep with you, my darling boyfriend.

{ text :: Cintaku 🐉  } P.S: I love you, too.