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Think about how much people hate Beyonce, Colin Kaepernick, or any other black celebrity who spoke out against racial injustice. They didn’t assault any police officers. They didn’t loot any businesses. They didn’t threaten to kill all white people. They didn’t do anything violent at all. They just did something that white people couldn’t ignore. And look at how much they’re hated, despite following racists’ demand to “protest peacefully”. They’ve even received death threats.


Saturday Night Live skewered Trump’s latest attempt to make the Muslim travel ban seem legal with a “People’s Court” sketch– and it worked perfectly

Another standout skits from the night included one about Beyoncé’s babies. Please let one of them be Tracy Morgan in real life, too.

Gifs: Saturday Night Live


That 94% of black women voted for Hillary and 53% of white women voted Trump tells you exactly who the fuck you should listen to when it comes to feminism these days.

“I’m an empowered suburban soccer mom! I protect my daughters! I’m a Mama Bear!” 

“You just voted for a man who brags openly about committing sexual assault and will take away a woman’s reproductive rights.”

For the record, I’m white. That is technically not important. (But it sorta is, you know?)