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“Feelin’ Myself” : New Nicki Minaj feat. Beyonce song leaks! 


It’s Great Because: no one else could ever rap this song and still be telling #factsonly 

Nicki talks about getting head again and Beyonce talks about how amazing she is… again

Standout Nicki Raps: 

“These ni**as never get what I be earnin’. I’m Still gettin’ texts from my ni**as thats urban” - Nicki

“Let me get a #2 with some Mac Sauce, I’m ON THE RUN tour with my mask off" 

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Drake and Beyoncé’s duet “Can I?” has leaked.

This week, digital music’s rampant leak culture yielded a rare and tremendous gift: a new Drake and Beyoncé track. The leak has been circulating in different forms for a few days now. First it was just a snippet, but now we have the full song. It’s moody, hypnotic and evocative — up there with the best of what Toronto’s own offers these days.

My reaction to ignorant people talking about Korrasami.

“Korrasami isn’t canon.”

“There’s no proof that they like each other.”

“Holding hands and gazing into each other’s eyes means nothing.”

“They’re just really good friends.”


“They’re not queer. They both dated Mako.”

“Stop trying to push queer representation at the expense of heterosexual representation.”

Bryke: Korrasami is real.
Person: I still don’t believe it.



Beyonce just slapped the industry with some new material. 

And our fellow Canadian Drake, was lucky enough to be apart of this process! 

Congrats Drake!