beyonce leak

“Feelin’ Myself” : New Nicki Minaj feat. Beyonce song leaks! 


It’s Great Because: no one else could ever rap this song and still be telling #factsonly 

Nicki talks about getting head again and Beyonce talks about how amazing she is… again

Standout Nicki Raps: 

“These ni**as never get what I be earnin’. I’m Still gettin’ texts from my ni**as thats urban” - Nicki

“Let me get a #2 with some Mac Sauce, I’m ON THE RUN tour with my mask off" 

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 Dex grinds the heels of his hands into his eyes. He knows he’s been this tired before. During the playoffs in high school. On his fifth college visit of senior year. Two Thursdays ago. He knows, but he can’t believe it. He drops his hands.

He’s so tired he thinks he might die. He stares at the blue, white, and brown stripes of Nursey’s Arcade Fire poster until the colors blur together. 

Dex turns his phone over and checks the screen. No texts. Where is Nursey? Dex knows that Derek Nurse gets out of class at four on Wednesdays and it’s now almost five.

He prefers not to think about how he’s had Nursey’s schedule memorized since their second week of classes.

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HOLY CRAP!!! Neda is STRATEGIC AS HELL!!! K Big Brother, just end the show already and crown her the winner, PLEASE!

I have so many mixed emotions about Neda’s gameplay. The following displays just that:

Her strategic, Vancouver-based self has me going like…

So to all those Neda-haters out there saying that she’s a b!tch and all, y'all need to stop your chirping and have several seats because someone as smart and knowledgeable as her KNOWS HOW TO ACTUALLY PLAY THE GAME PROPERLY when everyone else was too busy allowing their egos to get in their way.

Neda Kalantar is working like a hooker on Yonge Street!

So let’s sit back and watch Neda slay her way to the finale like so…

The end. Have a nice day :D