beyonce half time show


First HD video i found, so let me share this :)

I am so tired of seeing old white people complain about Beyoncé’s half time show.

It’s 2016. Stop being ignorant assholes who can’t admit that police brutality is a serious problem. Stop being racist. Just stop.

To the Millennials who are racist. ENOUGH. You’re supposed to be better than the last generation. You all should know better.

Black Women Don’t Have to Earn Your Respect By Keeping Their Clothes On.

“searching for kendrick lamar thinkpieces & in depth posts about on how ‘problematic’ & 'for profit’ he did that performance at the grammy’s last night? where are the pieces dragging him like y'all dragged beyonce? where are everyones theories & critiques? cuz all i see is praise, yet y'all had no problem crucifying bey. like i actually see people excusing and praising kendrick for the same shit they villianized beyonce for! wtf!! everybody hates black women.” - Danielle Stevens

I already can hear the defense in my head though, so you can save it (especially since I like both songs, both performances, and both artists). Kendrick is a legitimate artist, right? We can’t question his artistry. We can’t question his intelligence. We can’t question Kendrick. We can question Beyonce because she’s just being “woke” to capitalize on the boom of feminist culture, correct? And she’s not a real feminist because she shakes her ass and talks about sex, right? Because feminism is about covering up your body so men can focus on your ideas RIGHT? Because that makes sense. That makes fucking sense.

I’m done one hundred million thousand times. Whatever.

I don’t think I’m superior by any means, but I know that I feel like way less of an asshole now that I’ve allowed myself to like whoever the fuck I like despite what’s considered real art to folks who aren’t me. And for the record, I still think Beyonce should have won album of the year last year. A year removed from the controversy and I still stand by that. I’ve had a million arguments about it since then. Don’t. Care. I don’t even like her that much. But I hate misogynoir.

And there is no better misogynoir detector than talking about Beyonce. If you have an issue with black women, it will come out while discussing Beyonce. And folks be quick to praise FKA Twigs, Brittany Howard, India Arie, Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill, Missy Elliott and basically any black woman that is in their mind “respectable” and “legitimate” which for me is equivalent to the rednecks in high school who told me they liked me because I wasn’t ghetto like the other black girls. Not here for it. No thanks. Black women don’t have to earn your respect by keeping their clothes on.