beyonce for pepsi


how in the FUCK am I only just coming across this video now?

anonymous asked:

How do you think Magnus convinces the boy squad to go with him to Karaoke this Friday?

Oh my sweet little anon. How, how? one word. 


as soon as Magnus mentions Karaoke to the boy squad, there is a collective groan. Actually it is mostly from Isak. Mahdi quite likes the idea. 

Isak stares at him in surprise. 

“what? I love music. I’ve been in choir half my life.” 

now Jonas and Magnus are also staring at him. 

“shut up. You don’t know me” Mahdi shifts biting into his sandwich. 

Jonas blinks a couple times, trying to let the shock pass before turning to Magnus “who’s gonna be there?” 

“you’re actually considering this?” Isak asks “it’s another bus thing. You hate the bus thing…not to mention” he lowers his voice dramatically “pepsi max” 

“but dude that’s a lot of girls” Jonas argued “and music is fun.” 

Isak rolled his eyes “anti capitalism my ass” he muttered earning a death stare from Jonas and a high five from Mahdi. 

“So?” Magnus asked with his hands raised “are we going?” 

“nei, you guys can but I am not spending three hours singing beyonce with 20 drunk pepsi max girls.” 

Suddenly Isak felt warm arms wrap around his neck from behind. he smiled and looked up just as Even pressed a soft kiss on his cheek. Even walked around the table and sat next to Isak, wrapping an arm around his shoulders. 

“did someone say beyonce?” 

Isak groaned “fy faen” 

Magnus grinned “Well actually-”

“nei Magnus” Isak tried to interject, knowing exactly what was going to happen. 

Even raised his eyebrows, and rubbed Isak’s shoulder. “are you hiding beyonce from me baby? now that is extremely unfair.” 

Isak couldn’t help smiling. god dammit everytime Even was around his cheeks hurt like hell. 

“hmm what is it?” he pressed smiling closely at Isak making him giggle. 

Isak rolled his eyes and waved at Magnus “he wants to go to some russbuss event thing.” 

“Oh? Vilde’s bus?’ Even asked intrigued. 

Magnus nodded “they are going to karaoke and Vilde invited me because i’m her boyfriend and everything” 

“you literally don’t need to say that in every sentence man” Mahdi stated. 

Even grinned “KARAOKE!” he exclaimed enthusiastically 

Isak shook his head, while still smiling at his boyfriends adorable excitement. He was foreever conflicted between being his sarcastic self and melting at Even’s soft beauty, whenever he was around. 

“I love Karaoke.” Even said nodding “we would love to come.” 

Isak whined. 

“what?” Even said teasingly as he pressed his forehead against Isak’s “you have something against karaoke” 

“nei” Isak smiled, his chest getting warm and fluffy. 

“you don’t want me to serenade you?” 

Isak leant his head back, his face flushed with a giant toothy grin, making Even’s entire world glow “Eveeeeeen” 

Even pouted “please? sing beyonce with me?” 

“fy faen” Isak breathed. knowing he could never say no to pouty beyonce loving Even. 

Magnus grinned “it’s gonna be lit.” 

Oh my gosh this wasn’t meant to be a drabble I swear….but it became one i’m so sorry <3