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“Okay ladies, now let’s get in formation”

It’s the one year anniversary of Beyoncé’s song “Formation”, and issue #2 of Marvel’s America comic (due in April 2017) has a cover by Joe Quinones of Miss America Chavez, paying homage to the classic Bey track.

adele may be talented in her own right and she may have given up the award but that doesn’t change the fact that the voting in and of itself was racism at its finest. you cannot objectively tell me that lemonade didn’t deserve that grammy. beyonce covered every possible genre in one album with a comprehensive film alongside it — which was not only a musical achievement unto itself but a profound racial, social, and personal commentary on top of that — and it’s just like. damn. once again, black people must literally gotta fuckin change the world before we get acknowledged over a white person doing the bare minimum, huh.


Declan Mckenna - Hold Up ( Cover )

🎤😎 “You done lost yo MOTHA F*#$!%’ mind!”

‼️This dance break has been a favorite of mine since 2005 🌚 & this new version killed me! Hope y'all enjoy this!!!!!! 😊😆😝🙌🏽🙏🏽

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