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Being an Actress and dating Tom Holland (Tom x poc Reader)

Remember, you don’t have to be a POC to enjoy my imagines! This is gonna be LONG!

If you want me to make this into an actual story, message me!

  • Tom meeting you on the Spider-man set and falling in love with you immediately
  • Him asking Zendaya and Laura about you
  • Them teasing him
  • You being completely oblivious, and thinking that he is just super sweet
  • Tom tripping and stuttering every time you guys talk
  •  You hosting sleepovers in your room during a day off and Tom being too afraid to come in
  • Tom watching you in amazement as you jam to throw back Disney songs with Z and Laura in your pink onesie. 
  • Popping in a really scary movie and everyone suggesting that you and Tom sit next to each other. 
  • Tom blushing every time you hid your face in his neck or grabbed his arm. 
  • You suddenly realizing that you really like Tom
  • You feeling self conscious every time you are around him
  • Zendaya and Laura tell you that Tom is mad about you
  • You and Tom sharing your first kiss off-screen
  • Spending almost all day in each other’s trailer
  • Haz being you guys’ relationship photographer
  • You receiving hate when News first surfaces about “the hot new young Hollywood couple”
  • Being called racist, terrible names and crying
  • “Babe, they are fucking idiots!” 
  • Tom comforting you and standing up for you
  • He, Zendaya, Laura, and Haz clapback at the racist trolls on your behalf
  • Long kisses on the beach
  • Holding hands in public
  • Attending award shows together
  • Meeting his family 
  • Them instantly loving you
  • His dad making bad jokes and Tom being embarrassed
  • Tom buying you Beyonce concert tickets for your birthday
  • You being happy makes him EXTREMELY happy
  • Tessa
  • Tessa
  • Tessa
  • Being in love with the greatest guy in the world!

I feel like this sucked, but it was my first one…