beyonce boss


October 21, 2017

Beyoncé updates her website - BOSS THOT KNOT

Zimmermann “Maples Collegiate Wrap Skirt” ($595), Christian Louboutin “Demi You” ($675), Illesteva “Jackie” Sunglasses ($279), Ivy Park “Broken Logo” Crop (£31.99)

Keeping up with the Malfoys #1
  • Lucius: So what are you both going to do this weekend That you can't join us for dinner?
  • Narcissa: And why is Andromeda keeping my grandson again?
  • Draco: we just want to have a weekend alone, you know drink tea
  • Astoria: Read poetry by the moonlight, take long walks in the beach
  • *Later at Aunt Andromeda's house*
  • Draco: And remember if my parents or anybody else calls
  • Andromeda: Your floo is disconnected, now go ahead have fun
  • Astoria: This Beyonce concert is going to be amazing
  • Draco: of course it will, it's Beyonce! *Kissing Scorp's forehead* Take care son Daddy loves you.
  • Astoria: We'll bring you a signed T-shirt Andromeda, thanks for babysitting *apparates away*
  • Andromeda *turns to Scorpius and Teddy*: oh don't look at me like that, those two will take you to see Beyonce when you're older

Lil’ Kim - Took Us A Break Out Now!

Please stream it and buy it on itunes lets get this to #1 by midnight!! The blogs will post everything BUT anything positive about Kim. They are so bandwagon with these new female artist. But, refuse to give credit and support the one who create a new female rap era. We love and support Kim all the way! Now, yall know she comes back everytime with a different sound, different flow, different bars. Watch how they copy! Support!!! Reblog, repost, stream.