Never Go On A Date Without Being Paid

1. Your goal here is to make money. If you have to pay for travel and are not compensated you are losing money.
2. Your time is a commodity. Do not let him devalue that.
3. If he’s not giving you a “gift” for the first date he’s probably wasting your time anyway.

The day before the first meet I always send this message:
Hey! I’m really looking forward to seeing you tomorrow! I can’t wait to see you face to face and really get to know one another and spend some quality time with you. I’m hoping this will be the beginning of an amazing relationship. Before that happens I just wanted to let you know that I do require some financial consideration for my time. I generally receive around (xxx) for this initial time together. I’m sure you were intending on providing something along those lines, but I just wanted to be direct to make sure we’re on the same page! If this is an issue for whatever reason, please let me know xoxo

A real SD will have no problem compensating you for your time. Salt will throw a fit. This is a good way to make sure you’re filtering out the salt and seeing if your financial expectations are the same as your POT. If he doesn’t agree to pay you, move on. If he agrees to pay you by wants to pay you less, that’s up to you to decide if it’s still worth your time.

anonymous asked:

So I already lowered my price for a POT and preformed oral. And now he wants me to have unprotected sex with him for a hundred less than I'd want...I told him I'm not comfortable with that and he makes me feel guilty for not trusting him. I really need the money but no don't even think he'd be a good sugar daddy. What do I do?

Girl seriously just end that arrangement. It’s not worth it, and trying to guilt you into something you’re not comfortable with is a huge red flag. He probably knows you’re desperate for money and is doing it on purpose. Don’t let him manipulate you into doing anything you’re not comfortable with. Be careful when breaking it off because guys like that are usually the ones that snap and try to blackmail you or some other crazy shit. You can tell him it’s not anything personal, or about trust, but you are a SB and he is a SD. If the money isn’t there what’s the point honestly.

I’m thinking about dropping R. He’s super fucking cheap (gives me 50% of my usual allowance) but the money is reliable. I’m just at the point where he bugs me constantly and every text that gets sent is an annoyance. Those texts have become a daily routine and he never wants to drop the convo. Not to mention that he pushes for regular sleepovers and wants to do a road trip to Maine (wtf) this summer. He also thinks that he’ll be visiting my new apartment next semester (nooo) to save money on hotels. He’s amazing at sex, decently attractive, and perfectly nice but I’m starting to lose my ability to stomach him. 

Tbh I know he hates boob jobs so I’m thinking of keeping him on the leash for the next couple months and ‘breaking up’ with him once I get the surgery. It’ll be easy to use my recovery as a reason to drift away or hopefully get him to no longer be interested. Will stack an extra bit of cash in the meantime and then be freeeee. He does have my info (I’ve been seeing him for a long while and trust him) but I can’t imagine he’d ever be malicious about it - especially because the arrangement is disguised more as a relationship than anything questionable. Like, there’s no way he could prove shit aside from bi-monthly venmo transfers. I’ve never ‘broken up’ with a long-term SD before so this will be new, if any of you guys have advice that’d be bomb.  

anonymous asked:

I'm chatting to a POT out of town and he wants to do a video chat before we meet (which is fair enough and isn't setting off any red flags; he's a little ways away, and so it's understandable he doesn't want to travel for hours to meet someone he has no chemistry with). I'm a little weary of it, though, because I'm always worried about being recorded (even if it's just entirely non-sexual chatting, it worries me). Would me suggesting a videoless call seem sketchy?

Honestly you can literally say you’re worried about being recorded (maybe make up a story about how it’s happened to you before so it’s more understandable) and ask to call first. Let him know you’re up for a video chat after the call, you just would prefer a call first. If he gets angry about that, he was probably planning on doing something shitty anyway, because that’s a totally reasonable request.