I feel like later in life, Joseph grows up: much to Ozuma’s dismay. Mariam and Dunga are already taller than him and he hates it but then Joseph, the only kid shorter, just sprouts up like a tree to the point where he outgrows his sister and now Ozuma’s the only shortie left on the team and he feels pushed into a corner where he has to hate himself forever or own the fact that he’s short and evil


Fighting that weird kid

The Saint Shields teaching themselves self-defense and enduring training together

So many cool team-based exercises and learning each others’ strengths and weaknesses and how to fight as a unit. Goes so much deeper than simply using the spiritual power of their bitbeasts. Like when it comes to brute force and big competitors Dunga is key he’s just got weight on his side. Verses Mariam who just doesn’t so she can’t find herself pinned down in a fight. She’s fast and the quickest thinker on her feet. Joseph is generally handy but especially good at recon because he’s just so friggen smart. Ozuma knows how to use his team to the best of their abilities. Mariam and Joseph are the best liars. Dunga’s the best at intimidation. And Ozuma, well he’s the captain and he’s the captain for a reason; he’s got a good knowledge base in everything and he’s probably the best all-around at the skills they’re trained for. Plus he has the largest spiritual power even if he doesn’t use it often because he knows there are times and places for that. He knows all of his team’s flaws and weaknesses but also their strengths. Plus patience because, Dunga and Mariam


decided to draw some of my faves over the years. apparently my thing is guys who think they’re cool but are actually huge losers…. and then there’s oot link who’s just too good for this world.

check out the pic captions for names & series 8′)


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