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Thank you for this. Holy shit. I am so tired of reading fics where Kai is abusive in a relationship. Damn. This is so good.

Absolutely! I hate reading about Kai as an abusive boyfriend. Yes, I think he’ll be difficult. Yes, he’ll probably not know how to be in a relationship. He may even be emotionally unavailable, making it extremely hard for anyone to allow themselves to date him. But painting him as abusive is just not okay. That’s one interpretation of Kai that I don’t agree to.

Frankly, the two tropes I hate the most in beyblade fanfiction are Kai as an abusive boyfriend and Max as a whiny kid on a sugar rush who cries a lot and gets all submissive and scared. Both interpretations couldn’t be farther from the truth. Max is one of the most mature characters in the series and ridiculously badass despite being comparatively younger. Skydiving off a damn plane to save his team and stand up to his own teammate whose crazy bitbeast had steamrolled the others, keeping his calm in difficult situations like getting trapped in a building that has fallen over him and rationally trying to make his way out with Mariam, willingly going down to the beyblading underbelly of NYC to rescue his former teammate and best friend when Kenny finds him and asks for help…the guy is anything but a weakling. 

As for Kai, he detests abuse. You can see the kindness in his eyes when he sits there with cats. Yes, he pushed Wyatt (I can’t remember his Japanese name right now) away initially because Wyatt was kind of borderline stalkerish, but man did he do his best to try and get Wyatt out of his power trip later and save him and burnt with guilt and fought for Wyatt when the time came….if he did not care about others, he would brush it aside. Kai cares. @torchpegasus

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Thoughts on what Kai would be like in a relationship? Do you think he'd ever let himself get that close to someone, or let someone get that close to him? I keep stumbling on fics that portray Kai as abusive or neglectful and it saddens me. I don't think he'd ever be deliberately cruel or violent but I'm curious about what you think?

No, Kai definitely will not be abusive in a relationship. I do not think he will at all, physically or emotionally. Kai, himself, has been a gross victim of neglect and abuse as a child. And let us not forget that he came out of it eventually and learned what it’s like to have friends and care, even if he does not show it so openly. The LAST thing that Kai would do is abuse the person that he is in a relationship with. There are two reasons why I think so. Firstly, judging by how his childhood has gone with manipulative war mongering adults trying to use him as a weapon, I think seeing blatant abuse is likely to trigger him and I am sure that he will stand for anything but abuse in relationships. He himself is least likely to inflict abuse on another. Secondly, we know that he cares about his friends. He may not be very open about it, he may go into a shell and be sarcastic at times, his sense of loyalty too gets overshadowed by his ambition and obsession to be better than Takao, but NOT EVEN ONCE has he done anything reminiscent of abusive behaviour with the people he let in as friends. He may not be the best friend in the world, but he cares. I’m talking post-Lake Baikal. Before that, we all know that he was douche and didn’t consider them as friends. But after that, he cares. Whether that’s evident from how he stands up for Max when the crowd boos him or damages his own body to fight Takao on an equal footing or gives Rei calming advice when he’s waiting all night for Salima - KAI CARES FOR THOSE HE LETS IN.

So if Kai does let anyone in, which I believe is a rare occurrence, he will never abuse them. He knows the value of people who are true to him and care about him. He may take them for granted and walk away from them to fulfill his ambitions at times, but he still always cares and never in a million years would he dream of abusing them. 

Coming to your other question, can he fall in love? Yes. Definitely. It isn’t a surety. But it is a possibility. It is bound to take time, though. For him, the physical factor might be what attracts him first and then the emotional factor- but yes, he can. We know he let his friends in eventually. It is not unlikely that he will fall in love either. Deep down, behind his arrogance, he’s got a heart. Although, he won’t ever fall in love with someone who he doesn’t deem to be an equal, whether in terms of skill or intellect. That stems from his arrogance. 

BUT all said and done, I think a relationship with Kai is hard work. He may not be abusive, but it is possible that he may be emotionally unavailable. He may not pick up on signals, may not know when his significant other is upset, may not even know if he should do anything about it or what he should do at all. Besides, I think he’s less likely to confide in the person that he’s dating. He’s closed up and does not have that degree of emotion. So it’ll be tough. But if he can find someone willing to be patient, I think it can work. Kai may be emotionally unavailable for the most part, but I think he’d learn with time how to be in relationships. He’s definitely not going to meet the right person until he’s messed up several relationships.

Thank you for the question, anon. :)