So I came up with this design concept. A Beyoncé Mac Collection that incorporates the name of some songs from her recent visual album, ‘Beyoncé’. The colours are all officially 'colour-dropped’ from the video stills. So, they are all the exact colour of each lip colour she wears in the songs video. 

It was just a complete burst of creative fun! In no way was this intended to be taken so far and Break the Net. Although, this has attracted much attention - I just wanted to let you all know that It was always attached with a disclaimer or a caption stating that it was purely fan-made and unofficial. But, of course - with all its posts and shares over the web- these disclaimers have been lost and all that is seen is the picture itself.

Please don’t think I uploaded this to try and fool you. The Internet took this concept and RAN with it. 

Sorry for the confusion guys.

Thank you.

Toby Page

I got this tattoo done quite awhile ago, after hearing Beyoncé’s song ‘I Was Here’ from her album '4’. I have been a huge fan all my life, and this song really struck a chord with me. This tattoo reminds me everyday that I want to leave my footprint on the sands of time, which is why I got it on my foot, and I want to make a difference in anyway possible. I am so proud of Beyoncé and her involvement with the UN for World Humanitarian Day! Now my tattoo has even more meaning. “The hearts I have touched, will the proof that I leave, that I made a difference, and this world will see… I was here.” - (Submitted by beyonceboy92)