BTS Reaction: You back hugging them and rubbing their tummy

SEOKJIN: He would smile softly, looking at you through the mirror. Quickly, he finished brushing his teeth and turn around to kiss you gently. “Morning sweetheart, want to help me make breakfast? then we can cuddle and watch Netflix”

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YOONGI: He would finish what he was going and spin around, picking you up.
“Lets just go cuddle y/n” he hummed softly, kissing your cheek as he laid down with you.

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HOSEOK: This sunshine’s smile would brighten up as you rubbed his stomach. He’d turn around and smother you in kisses. Pulling you close by your waist, “You’re so cute y/n”

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NAMJOON: He’d grin, his dimples showing. Turing around and gently cupping your cheeks, brushing the hair out of your face. “Good morning princess”

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JIMIN: Jimin would start giggling, being ticklish. His eye smile would melt your heart as he turned around. He would rub your hips as he leaned in to kiss you. “Y/n, lets go cuddle, I’m cold!”

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TAEHYUNG: This boy would pick you up and through you over his shoulder, placing you on the bed. He’d attack you with kisses and soft tickles. “You scared me~!” he pouted.

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JUNGKOOK: He’d smile at you, kissing your forehead shyly. “Y/n, help me make food, I’m starving!!” He would kiss you again, on the lips before dragging you to the kitchen.

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Toph, G.

It took every bit of Toph’s strength not to tremble as Katara handed the baby over.

Toph had felt the little heartbeat within herself for months, so keenly was she aware of the way her own body interacted with the earth beneath her feet, and today that heartbeat had gone its own way. It was its own entity now, passing from Katara to the shaman and back again, and now that little beating heart was coming into Toph’s arms.

She took the baby, and it was like once again being part of each other.

Toph’s throat thickened, which was just as well, because she couldn’t think of what to say. Speaking her feelings out loud was something she avoided whenever possible, a strategy she had always claimed made the few exceptions that much more powerful, but now she realized it just left her out of practice. It shouldn’t have even mattered what she said, because this was a baby and babies couldn’t talk or understand anything.

But Toph didn’t want to mess anything up with her daughter.

She’d be as good a mother as she was an Earthbender, which is to say she’d probably invent a whole new style of parenting that would change the world and create an everlasting legacy of greatness.

The thought calmed Toph’s nerves, and she realized her best bet with introducing herself to her daughter was probably to just go with instincts and be herself.

Toph’s instincts, when it came to expressing love, usually came down to punching the subject in the shoulder as hard as she could. But babies couldn’t be punched. They were little and fragile.

So Toph leaned over her daughter, said, “Pleased to meet you, squirt,” and then flicked the baby’s shoulder with her littlest finger.

The baby startled in Toph’s arms, made a sound like a badgermole with a sore nose, and then started wailing with a strength completely out of proportion with its tiny body.


Toph wondered if this counted as her first fight with her daughter.

Beyoncé announces college scholarship for women in honor of ‘Formation’ anniversary

  • On Monday evening, Beyoncé updated her website with the announcement of a new scholarship in honor of the anniversary of her landmark album Lemonade.
  • The scholarship, called Formation Scholars, will “support young women who are unafraid to think outside the box and are bold, creative, conscious and confident.”
  • Four scholarships will be awarded to four undergraduate or graduate students at eligible schools. Only one student per school will be chosen. 
  • Beyoncé chose two historically black colleges, Howard and Spelman, and two arts-focused colleges, Berklee School of Music and Parsons School of Design, as the institutions where the scholarships are available. Read more (4/25/17)

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