POE DAMERON FUN FACT # 4: he understands binary without a translator

BB-8, secure in the astromech socket behind the cockpit of Poe’s X-wing, burbled a question. Plugged into the fighter, the droid’s binary-speak was automatically decoded and displayed on the console, but Poe didn’t actually need to read the translation to understand what the droid was asking.

SOURCE: Lucasfilm Press (2015-12-18). Star Wars: Before the Awakening (Digital Picture Book) (Kindle Locations 1109-1111). Disney Book Group. Kindle Edition.

FWIW, per Shattered Empire, it appears he and Shara Bey have this in common:

I think it’s fabulous that the Southern community ostracized the Dixie Chicks until they weren’t relevant anymore and as of 30 minutes ago they’re officially more relevant than any of the people who kicked them out. They tried like hell to keep Bey off that stage, and not only did she get on the stage, she brought the people who were banned BY the RIGHT-WINGED conservatives with her. It’s a racist Republican’s worst nightmare. Suck it.

*Edited for clarification because people are confuzzled. Yes I know they are not left-winged. I’m not stupid. :P