bey hive

I’m about to upset some people. But I’m sure you know I don’t care.

Jay Z: *meets with Governor of New York to discuss police brutality and efforts to reduce conflict* *also puts Sean Bell’s kids through school*
Black people: *crickets*
Fox News: “Former crack dealer meets with governor”

Beyoncé: *builds 7 million dollar homeless shelter in Houston* *goes to Haiti with the UN with her BeyGood foundation to support humanitarian efforts* *meets with the families of Freddie Gray, Trayvon Martin, and Walter Scott*
Black people: “Photo op! Not genuine! It’s about time she did SOMETHING! It’s not enough! They got a billion dollars they can give it all up!”

Beyoncé and Jay Z: *remains quiet*
Black people: “WHERE ARE THEY? Why won’t they speak up for us? They could be doing so much! They don’t care about helping people AT ALL! All they care about is making money! Are we even considering them as black anymore, cuz I don’t.”

Beyoncé and Jay Z: *speaks about issues*
Black people: “ugh, they just trying to boost their record sales! Tidal is flopping so NOW you wanna help? I’m so tired of them.”

These people cannot win. It sucks that after a certain level of success, your own people will tear you down and critique your every move.