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Request from Anonymous: hi hello there i have a request!! so scenario were you are a solo singer and dating jay park ! i want this character to be strong woman with sarcastic replies who is not afraid to say whats on her mind ya feel me ? so she has a concert and does a cover of beyonce - dance for you and rocket dedicated to jay ( i hope you get me ) thanks a lot boo ill be waiting

Please listen to Dance for You and Rocket by Beyonce when you’re reading this. I think it kinda helps with the story telling haha 


“So [Y/N], I’ve sent youthe song set list for tomorrow night and as requested, you can have 2 more songs added. Whatever you like, just let me know by the end of the day. Cool?” your manager asked you.

“Yeah I saw it and it’s good, I’m happy with the set. Umm I have 2 songs in mind and both are by Beyoncé. Dance for you and Rocket.”

“Nice song choices and I’m guessing it is dedicated to your boyfriend? He is going to do thrilled! I’ll let the producers of the show know. If you need anything else, let me know, superstar.”

You hung up and you heard Jay opening the door.

“Hey baby. How are you?” He asked as he came over to sit next to you on the sofa. You have him a peck on the lips.

“I just got my song set list and I’m so excited! You better turn up for my concert babe. Otherwise no snuggle time in the morning or ever actually.”

“Ah stop playing with me. I know you enjoy snuggle time more than me.”

“Really? Why then this morning you couldn’t get up, huh? I remember you saying ‘oh fuck, I have a boner now,” you mocked Jay.

“Cos you kept pushing that ass of yours into my groin area. And you made me go to work late this morning. Simon was grilling me all day.”

“Aw boo hoo. Hey let’s have pizza for dinner. I’m so sick of like noodles and rice.”

“But I just had pizza for lunch,” Jay whined.

“Well I didn’t so I’m ordering pizza. You can order whatever you like then.”

“Babe, why can’t you be like them girls who listens to their boyfriend’s requests ?”

“Aw do you want me take off your shoes, sweetie?”

Jay smiled and put his feet on the coffee table. You stared at him in disbelief. Was he actually serious?

“Err are you kidding me, Park? Take off your own shoes and stop putting your feet on the table!” you told him as you went back to your phone to start ordering dinner.


Jay turned up to the concert so he was standing back stage and looked out at the crowd. He was so proud of you. He knew you have worked so hard to be you were. Something that the two of you shared dearly. You manager had given Jay your concert glow sticks so he was waving them around like a 3 year old.

“Hey, did [Y/N] tell you what she is singing at the end?”

“Um she didn’t. She told me it was surprise. Can you tell me?”

“No Jay, no can do. I don’t want to ruin the surprise but heads up, you’ll be in for a ride.”

Your concert was coming to an end. You only had two songs left to perform. The two songs that you had specifically chosen for Jay.

“Okay, I have 2 more songs left to sing and both are by the one and only Queen B!” you exclaimed to the crowd. “I’ll be back in 5. Till then enjoy this slideshow of all your fan photos that sent in!”

You went backstage to refuel on your energy. You saw Jay still waving the glow sticks around.

“Having fun babe?,” you asked as he handed you a bottle of water.

“Why can’t I sit at the front? I can’t see jack shit when I’m standing here.”

“If you sit there my fans will go crazy for you and this is my solo concert, not [Y/N] ft. Jay Park. Lemme do my thing, babe. Stop being childish.”

“But baby, I want to see you up close. I promise I won’t cause too much attention. I’ll wear a disguise.” 

“Disguise? People can spot you from a mile away. Your baggy clothes and that neck tatts are a big giveaway. Plus you don’t hear my complaining at your concert. You see me everyday so what difference does it make if you’re standing at the front?” 

He pulled you in and held his arms around your waist. Jay then leaned in for a kiss, but you pulled back.

“Mm no. Say sorry so being childish and demanding then I’ll give you a kiss.”

“Are you serious babe? C’mon, let your good looking boyfriend kiss you.”

Just then your manager came up to you.

“[Y/N], you need to go back no stage now.”

You nodded at your manager.

“Too late, Park.” 

You pulled away from him and walked back on stage. But Jay ran after you and smack you on the ass. You turned around and he was already hiding backstage. The crowd went wild when they saw what he did to you. 

The stage then turned dark and it felt like the whole mood was changed. From it being all bright and lights flashing, the stage was filled with smoke. You stood behind a make-shift curtain with your back up dancer. A light shone behind you so the crowd saw silhouette of you and the dancer.

The song Rocket began to fade in and you were ready.

Let me sit this ass on you. You sang.

Just at the make shift curtain dropped, the backup dancer ripped your dress to reveal another outfit underneath. You were now wearing short shorts and a leather bralette. You took your high ponytail out so now your wavy locks were flowing down your shoulders.

You and your backup dancer danced to the choreography. It was very sultry and you intended it for be that way. You wanted Jay to chock on air since he was always performing shirtless, twerking, blowing kisses to sexy ladies and doing that annoying thing with his pecks. You wanted Jay to know you can do those things as well.

Jay was left dumbfounded when he saw how you were dancing with, actually more like against , the backup dancer. He was grabbing and touching on every of your body. And you were returning the favour.

The way you were moving your hips made Jay feel something. He was excited yet starstruck since he has never seen you do anything like that before. 

You look so comfortable in my skin, skin, skin. Rockets 'til waterfalls. 

You sang the last line and ended the song within the embrace of the backup dancer’s arms. The moves weren’t nearly as energetic but you were out of breathe. 

“Okay. I hope I did Bey proud with my cover. Now I hope you enjoy the last song for the night. It’s another one by Bey and um I’m going to bring a special guest out here. I’m not sure if you know him but please give a huge welcome for..Jay Park!”

Jay was hesitate but pushed those emotions aside and made his way towards you. 

“Hey baby. Are you happy that you’re on stage now?”

“Thrilled. But why the am I here?” 

You ran backstage and grabbed a chair. You put it in centre stage.

“Sit down.”

You told Jay as you gestured him to the chair. He did what he was told. You signaled the producers and the stage was dark again. When the stage went dark you walked towards Jay.

“What’s your play here baby girl?”

“Just sit back and relax.”

Dance for you by Beyonce started to fade it. The stage was now dimly lit. You were standing behind Jay and ran your hands down his chest whilst singing:

I just wanna show you how much I appreciate you, yes
Wanna show you how much I’m dedicated to you, yes

Jay was smiling and he tried to turn his head but you didn’t let him. When you got the chorus you were literally on your knees in front of him. The crowd cheers could not get any louder. 

Tonight I’m gonna put my body on your body
Boy I like it when you watch me, ah

You got up and started to dance around him. He tried to touch you given any chances but you didn’t allow that. You simply hit his hands away and he greeted you with a smirk. When you got the end of verse 2, you sang the lines into his ears:

Sit back, sit back, it’s the pre-game show
Daddy you know what’s up!

You continued to give him the time of his life and throughout the song he couldn’t look away from you. You sang the last few lines whilst sitting on Jay’s lap. This time you allowed him to wrap his arms around you. 


When you bid goodbye to your fans, you headed back to your changing room. This was probably the more tiring show you’ve put on. You were about to change when there was a knock on the door. You opened it and it was Jay. He didn’t say anything but pushed you back into the change room and locked the door.

“Hey, what are you doing?. I need to change.”

“You weren’t very nice when you pulled me on stage.”

“You said you wanted a closer look of me so I gave you that.”

Jay stepped towards you closing the gap between the two of you. His arms found your waist and he pulled you in. You couldn’t help but put your arms around his neck.

“I thought you would enjoy that performance babe, so you’re welcome.”

Jay began kissing you before making his way towards your neck. You let out a soft moan before pulling back.

“Again babe?”

“Where were you when the show ended?”

Jay was hesitate to answer your question.

“I had to um sit there for awhile. Did you know how embarrassing it was. Now shut up and let me kiss you.”

Jay began to push you towards the wall all the while kissing your lips and neck. When your back touched the wall, you pulled away from his kisses.

“What now?”

“We can’t do it now.”

“I’ve locked the door and plus it’s pretty noisy out there. No one is going to hear us.”

You grinned shyly at him.

“I know people won’t hear us but that is not why we can’t do it tonight.”

Jay crooked his head to the side.

“What do you mean then?”

“I’m on my period, babe.”

i was literally yelling at my phone with my sister when i was watching the leaks bc of all the possibilities for lars having lions powers like. hold on im gonna rant

  1. steven could use lars as a portal back to earth thru lion(bc a leaked image was steven next to lion like he just came out of him) and he could gather up weapons or the crystal gems or like anything to help them
  2. also on that note he could just pull those new gems thru and they could be crystal gems 
  3. this is unlikely but he could run to the bubble room and start pushing thru the bubbled gems and they could possibly help them and he could heal them(ALSO COUGH COUGH BISMUTH BISMUTH COULD HELP)
  4. LITERALLY he not only has the weaponry in bismuth’s forge but also roses armory
  5. im bringing up the weapons on earth bc in the leak it was demonstrated that the new gems do not have super strength and were surprised that steven could push the boulder so easily, and they seem to be like. younger as in born in era 2, ++theyre “defective”. all this means that they probably dont possess all the gem powers that steven+the cgs do (like peridot) so they most likely cannot summon weapons or at least would have difficulty summoning weapons so. if they had to fight they would need to be given physical weapons(WHICH THE STEVEN HAS A PLETHORA OF…THE CG’S TOO PEARL HAS THOSE SWORDS SHE HOARDS IN HER ROOM)
  6. can lars make portals like. if he yells loud enough will he make a portal? how fast is he gonna learn about and master his new abilities like is he gonna immediately learn how to use them to his advantage or
  7. ALSO. this opens up for a nice way for steven and lars to bond bc now steven isnt the only human with magical powers anymore and i really dont want this to be wasted or ignored or handled badly but i know its gonna be
  8. i dont like that now lars has light pink skin bc theres already art whitewashing him and now theres gonna be even more like. they could have made it tinted brown a little but no its gotta be super light pink.
  9. okay so is there a room inside lars’ hair now? what is it gonna look like? how does the portal between lars and lion work? if rose just randomly brought a lion back to life then that means that most likely theres more animals/possibly humans out there that have been resurrected too, can lion/lars have portals between them too?
  10. is lars just gonna become a plot device for steven to have a portal back home like samurai jack did with ashi. please dont do that to him lars is one of my favorite characters and his personality and dynamic to the other teenagers is interesting ans relatable PLEASE dont waste his character and dont just forget about his new abilities after this ark

tagged by: @aomiins thanku so much min!! this was fun 
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rules: choose any three fandoms (in random order) and answer the questions. then tag some friends.

i choose:

  • berserk
  • snk
  • ballroom e youkoso

the first character you loved:

  • griffith
  • eren
  • kiyoharu

the character you never expected to love so much:

  • GATTS  mean i did a real 360
  • bertholdt
  • sengokU

the character you relate to most:

  • … griffith
  •  hmm ,,,,, levi
  • chinatsu/kiyoharu

the character you’d slap:


three favorite characters:

  • gatts, griffith, farnese
  • erwin, hanji, bertholdt
  • sengoku, kiyoharu, shizuku

a character you liked at first but not so much anymore:

  • none?? i’ve only ever been slightly annoyed with some of them but i don’t think i’ve hated any of the characters?? 
    (besides villains)
  • marco is overrrated as hell srry i cant think of anyone specific tho eren could rlly use a good ass whopin th
  • i still like her but chinatsu is the only one whose annoyed me at some point along with gaju

a character you did not like at first, but they’ve grown on you:

  • farnese!! my special daughter she’s grown so much
  • levi i thought he was super overrated at first tbh
  • gaju was a big bully but now i love this teddy bear

3 OTPs:

  • gatts/griffith, farnese/casca, everyone/happiness
  • erwin/levi, reinerbertholdt, ymir/historia, mikasa/sasha
  • kiyoharu/shizuku, chinatsu/koumoto, chintasu/mako gaju/kiyoharu tatara/mako

LISTEN .   .   .   i’m watching the live-action cinderella movie    &    when kit’s father dies, he curls up on the bed    &    lays his head on his chest like a little boy would do    &    im just IN TEARS like the king knew he was pushing his son in the opposite direction of his whims    (    in matters other than just marriage,    i’m sure    )    &    he tried to make amends on his death bed    &    kit is just imsdfbhdfksddf i’m going to d IE.

Everything because of a single rose~ ♥

Like I’m not saying artists can’t reinvent themselves. A lot of artists do that. Example, Rod Stewart used to be a rock singer and now, he does like crooner albums. And it works! His voice is really nice.

But Katy Perry wants to suddenly do this artsy, deep, meaningful stuff and it just doesn’t make sense but it came out of nowhere. It also seems like she’s copying Gaga and Bey. Like Gaga has always been doing high concept stuff and then Bey did Lemonade so now Katy trying to do it. It’s not going to work because it’s obvious Katy is only doing this for a paycheck.

It’s like watching a train wreck. You can’t look away.


Shattered Empire, Part IV

just think about this

Fast and Furious AU

  • So there’s this gang of street racers, their leader: Percy Jackson, legendary street racer, son of Sally Jackson one of the few women to actually make a name for herself as a professional racer. I’m talking ‘bout NASCAR and Formula 1 here
  • He’s best friends with Piper McLean since they were 3 years old when Piper moved in with her dad from Oklahoma. Her dad was rarely home, he was always traveling to Hollywood to shoot movies, so Piper stayed over at the Jackson’s for weeks, even months sometimes. By the time they were five, Percy and Piper were like brother and sister
  • Annabeth Chase moved into Percy’s neighborhood when they were thirteen and honestly they hated each other since the day Percy accidentally ran her over with his skateboard and both of them spent an hour arguing about how “sidewalks are for walking, you idiot, not for skateboards” and “you don’t own the street, smarty-pants”
  • Annabeth only replied with “wanna bet?”
  • Let’s just say that argument ended with two thirteen year olds racing each other in the middle of the night, both with the cars they stole from their parents for the night. And, yes, Annabeth won but that only made Percy want the rematch over and over again

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