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I’ve been working on this stuff since last January, so it seemed apropos, in light of the main Epic Plot part of the series wrapping up with the chapter and epilogue I’m posting shortly, for me to go through and try to organize all of my related Star Wars works into some kind of coherent list. The chronology isn’t complicated, but it’s not obvious, and I may not have organized everything optimally on AO3 when I first thought to do it, so. Here’s a list with links and summaries, in a coherent order, that I hope makes it a little more inviting. 

(image by @artgroves, and I should also do a little masterpost of all the art– there was art with the first story, and it’s beautiful.) 

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Shattered Empire, Part IV

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selena appropriated your culture and disrespected your religion and you still like her....

beyonce, lauren jauregui and ariana grande also disrespected my culture and i like them but you seem to not have a problem with that??? dasjfba they disrespected MY culture, i can choose whether or not I want to give them another chance and frankly none of them repeated their mistake which is why i still even like them, not to mention i wasnt a fan at the time of their mistakes and trust me when i say i got my chance to be angry and roast em. this whole mentality of ‘oops this said person fucked up and now you have to hate them’ is ugly 


oi galera eu precisei mudar de nome de usuário por que parecia muito com um outro tumblr de icons da bey, agora o ICONSBEYZ é ICONSBEYONC obrigado ❤️ 


hi guys ,i needed to change username because it looked a lot like another tumblr of bey icons, now the ICONSBEYZ is ICONSBEYONC thanks and sorry for my bad english ❤️


“Now let’s see if you can do the choreography after all that.”

I just love the tiny details in Mr Robot, like how everyone calls E Corp ‘Evil Corp’. You know that’s all in Elliot’s head, because he always makes that association, but even on screens and on paper, it’s always Evil Corp. It’s the only thing that contantly reminds me that it is completely Elliot’s point of view that we are watching.