Heart exploding! Charlie Brown gets hugs from @beastiesummer … this is what was happening at home while I was learning to do handstands yesterday. I’m so grateful that @justinborucki captures all these moments for me. 😍🐐👶 #blissedin #bexlifefarm #bexlifegoats

I’m highlighting yoga and meditation for the next few weeks as the #BlissedInn nears completion (construction has taken waaaaay longer than we anticipated it would). But remember, yoga isn’t just asana (poses) - for me, it influences how I think, speak, and act in every part of my life. I’m now completely and permanently meat-free, and I’m running an amazing Facebook group with my friend, Danielle (@xenstrengthyoga), that’s helping over 1000 people take their yoga off the mat and into the world. (join us at or click the link in my Instagram bio). The journey has been amazing beyond my wildest dreams… So here I am with the #BexLifeGoats when they were new babies. You can come pet and play with them when you take a class or workshop at the Blissed Inn! Stay tuned for more updates and juicy details. xo


Kisses! I’m on Periscope now @bexlife (this clip is part of my farm tour with @quentinvennie ). Starting tomorrow morning at 8am, I’m hosting a weekly live guided meditation with ME! Every Sunday at 8am… join me! #takemetochurch #meditation #YH4M #bexlifefarm #bexlifegoats