After much thought, I realized how much more effort is going into this argument than necessary. I don’t think I personally have been rude about the situation, though I wished I would have been more of a cunt when I had the opportunity. Regardless of what she does, the situation has been addressed and that’s basically all that matters in my mind. Let it be clear that the people who addressed the situation addressed it on their own time and without our pressure to do so. Let it also be clear that instead of handling the situation like a civil, twenty-some year old (as she claims to be) she caused more of an up-rise than she needed. If she kindly explained the situation to us, we would have been more than willing to understand. But, instead she was fairly rude about the situation. Cunts will be cunts. Well, we’ll continue to do what we do and she’ll continue to do what she does. Fine by me because at least people will change the source if it ever happens again–but I honestly don’t see it happening again.

Much love,