Why do I love Sonny Moore?

Read his Twitter right now. That is why.

PS: At times this like, I wish Bexberry and I were neighbors. We’d be up all night analyzing and discussing those tweets. So many feels.

bexberry replied to your post:I agree. However, just because I post a picture of Ellie and Sonny with a comment on their matching shirts, doesn’t mean I should get shit for it.

True.  It was a opinion. I mean its not like you said “EWW look at Ellie being a skrillex-wannabe" 

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Is Sonny attending the awards himself? There's live broadcasting backstage, are you or anyone watching?

Hello Anon. No, Sonny was not in attendance tonight for the 2012 Billboard Music Awards from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. He is still out on tour. Just left the Bamboozle Festival in NJ over the weekend, and was in Texas recently. Yes, I did watch the show in its entirety. Other than the performances, I thought the show was complete crap. See my reply to Bexberry for my thoughts on the show. Thanks for the message though.

My reaction to Sonny not winning and not being nominated for the proper catgeroies:

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excite!! But he’s gunna be here on August 15th :( so you will miss him :( allll the creys. But I’m sure there will be loads of other good people to see! And maybe he’ll do some shows in London later in the year and I can come too you! YAYYY :D x

This sounds good. I will look into what is going on during October, don’t worry about the flight I have no problem coming to you. Been dying to get to Northern Ireland for about 3 years now, so this is the perfect reason to go. I’ve already seen Skream, Benga, and KOAN Sound, but I would love to see Katy B she is such a badass. Also, I would like to see Ed Sheeran. And though I have seen him twice already, he has been under a rock for the past few years, would love to see Damien Rice again, amazing.

Plus, all other EDM acts which I am not going to list the European loves at the moment cuz I just woke up here actually, I will make another post about that in awhile lol.

Anyways, if you ever wanna come to NYC lemme know cuz I live here now, Jersey specifically, would love to meet you <3 Let’s keep in touch! Plus, I know quite a few people in London that I am good friends with, so, would be honored to have you stop by :)

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I do live in the UK! I live in Belfast tho, but it’s only a 40 min flight. ALL MY EXCITES!!!! Think of all the amazing EDM gigs we can go too!! asdlkjsdlkjglkjsfdgkl love youuuuu too! xx

This is even better news because I have been meaning to travel to Northern Ireland and have yet to make it!!! YEYEY And yes we will go to shows and it will be AWESOME :) Whoohoo!!!! Maybe Sonny will be over there then too, still too far away to tell hehe :)

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up against? It was announced today…official uk chart :D

If you go to you will be able to click a link to view all nominees, the categories, and the winners.

LMFAO at least won some awards but no one that won tonight, besides them, am I interested in much. Oh, save for Coldplay. They’re good but, well here is what I wrote on Facebook, lol. I don’t feel like typing again, I know, I’m lazy:

“The Billboard Music Awards are complete and utter CRAP. CRAPILOA! Complete SHIT. Really, we needed to have Adele win 12 more awards, REALLY NOW. Best dance album to Lady Gaga….why the fuck not LMFAO, David Guetta, or Skrillex who were all nominated and who are true DANCE artists?! This is bullshit. Don’t even get me started on the same people nominated over and over again for different awards, and how Billboard doesn’t know the difference between musical genres. Foster The People is rock? REALLY NOW? No, they aren’t. Britney Spears is dance? Also, NO. Okay, they didn’t get every single award wrong, but still. I am done talking about this. Grammy’s are more important and prestigious anyways ^_^”