bex klaus

How the heck can people love Pidge and yet want to harass their VA at the same time??? Such love and appreciation you have for the person who practically brings your favorite character to life… I don’t care if you agree with her support of shaladin or not. Don’t you ever be so low to wish violence upon another human being for any reason, especially over FICTIONAL SHIPS. Look at yourself and what your angry about and focus on using that negative energy into doing something positive instead of policing others on what to ship and thinking everyone who disagrees with you is the devil.



for everyone who wants to know what bex said about klance in afterbuzz:

  • basically they’re talking about ship discourse and bex suddenly goes
  • “Can we just….. for a quick second talk about klance?” (around 4:43)
  • she then says that she loves the chaos that occurs “when all the klance shippers blow up”
  • in relation to this, the hosts mention jeremy being in one of their previous episodes (and klance shippers’ reactions to it lol) and bex immediately says “OH MY GOD” and looks to the camera like she just knows
  • so my theory so far is that she knows we drag him and tbh i hope she drags him too god bless that boy
  • later on they talk about the emperor’s new groove moment in episode 5 and bex cheers (around 8:30??)
  • and eventually she’s crying-laughing and she legit curls up into a ball and wheezes “yOU BROKE ME” (pictured below)
External image
  • they also mention how keith keeps the towel on his head throughout that entire scene
  • bex says “He knows that his hair just sets Lance off. It just wasn’t the right time.”
  • she also jokes that it sticks to his hair because of all the hair product

and ok i think thats it basically bex is so sweet and great she makes lots of references to tumblr posts and has great insights about discourses like hunk not getting enough moments this season and the pidge bathroom debate AND HOGWARTS HOUSES so yes watch it

i just sat down and thought about how bex is openly lgbt, has ocd, is Jewish, likes drag, likes the avatar, is basically a huge nerd like us, is open to talking about ships, accepts voltron head cannons, reblogs shippy art and just regular art, and faces hate head on and almost cried shes amazing and i want there to be more bex taylor-klaus’s in the world pls