✨ WITCHY ART CHALLENGE ~ Day 5 ~ Witchcraft tool ✨

I just love how many different ouija board and planchette we can find and couldn’t resist to draw one myself~  

‘You enchant me,’ he sighed,
As though I carried a wand
In my back pocket;
Had mystical magnetism
In my fingers;
Could twitch my nose
To make him adore me.

‘You’ve bewitched me,’
He whispered sometime later,
Doing his best Mr. Darcy
As he unfolded
Himself reluctantly from
Our magical embrace.
Apparently not enough
To compel him to stay
In my arms indefinitely.
Even magic must have its limits.

But he knew what he was doing,
Well-versed in the supernatural,
Because I am utterly,
Hopelessly, irrevocably
He has made me his,
Perhaps disarming me
With his assertions
That I am captivating.
I am the one spellbound–
‘Bewitched, bothered,
And bewildered.’
He just has to smile at me
And sooner than
One can say ‘Presto chango!’
I am a puddle
Pooling at his feet.
His touch is my talisman,
Trading my pain
For tender pleasure.
Together, we are magic.


Perhaps love is
The utmost enchantment
And lovers
The ultimate magicians,
Taking the rawest materials
And making a marvel.

Or maybe just masters of illusion.
I can’t tell…
And frankly,
I don’t care

Modern Witches Daily - Potion Crafting.

Here is a new page ! (at last)  It’s about potion crafting witches and what I could read about their funny habits ~ And sometimes I relate myself to this sooo much ! I hope you’ll like it ! 🌿🍂