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have you ever thought of calling your followers bewbies

I ran this by my marketing team(me) and they said what the fuck


so this is my first follow forever because i just reached my first hundred, so yea:) thank you to everyone following me ! it means sooo much !! And I want to thank everyone I follow, you make me so happy with your posts and I am glad I am following you all:) (and in case you are wondering who I am, I was donny-cheshire xx)

italics -> faves; bolds -> mutuals, <3 -> themlarries network, <3 -> just love :D

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I really hope I didn’t forget anyone ….

sooo thats it:) again, thank you for making my dash so wonderful and thank you for following me !!

byeee, hope you’re having a great day !!!xxx

Ok so its August 15th, my birthday, so I decided to do a follow forever! Yay for being 17!! This is the second birthday I’ve ever celebrated and I’m glad I get to celebrate with all of you!!! This is also an invitation to talk to me if you’d like haha! But I have a few things to say!!

Also shoutout to liamsharry and nouisballs bc we all have the same birthday!!!

humanfluff - I love you so much mom wtf. School starts Monday, how will I get through without you? Jk I’ll be fine but I miss you lots. Love you.

youfookinglosah - What the fuck?? You’re so hilarious and gorgeous. It’s crazy I can’t believe we’re friends.

blualua - Oh my god you’re so adorable and I love when you tag me in things! You’re so nice and amazing honestly.

srgbarnes - What can I say??? You’re literally so amazing. I’m so happy I met you, you’re hilarious and sweet and I. LOVE. YOU.

You guys are all so amazing, funny, and beautiful and I love following you!!!!!! 💖💖💖💖💖

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hiii i love u guys so much and i hope u all have a good school/work year and thanks for making my dash so great! ily

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So I am going back to school soon, actually I am going back tomorrow ahhaah. I wanted to do a follow forever before I went back bc I don’t know I felt like it was needed. I am close to my goal, which I’m like 130 away from but I won’t reach it before school starts sadly so I didn’t bother. ANYWAYS, I love all of you guys so so much, you guys make my dash pretty 24/7 unless i see you shipping narry them in like, pls no…… o and if youre from my school hello hello I trusted you enough with my blog :))) 

veinmichael OKAY we are hoes that stick together forever, literally. I met you through a roleplay blog in 2013 and tbh I probably wouldn’t have changed that. Youre a great friend, I can be problematic bc well I’m me some emo girl who cries over lewis and horton. and you are an emo girl who cries over mikel. together we are gr8 10/10 best friends 

niallsmoan YOU NARRIE TRASH jk I love you. But really you are narrie trash wtf Ella. I am disappointed in you how do you like NARRY over LARRY ugh ;-; but I still love you either way. You’re still amazing and coot af. 

httpsliam JIZ. I love you lots :’) I’ve known you for a year and we have started school on the same day each year lmao so I think thats pretty cool. I wanna steal shadow bc shes my baby. I love shadow and I really want a new kitten :( only if I lived near you, WHICH WOULD BE AMAZING IF WE DID D; I wish they did have an otra in texas bc you seem rly sad over it and that isn’t cool :L 

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I was tagged for the 20 beautiful people post by both the beautiful smokesomenarry and harrybetripping thank you babes xx

Here’s two ‘Lauren doing the only pose she knows how to do’ pictures!

I tag: harryspirate dtfharry blowshazz cailin-na-gaillimhe yonceblogs songbirdharry narrylime angelicnarry toystoran bewbies fvkstyles goldbisexual narrysouls thiccthigharry vstradley anchorstat banginghoranbang permanentlukecation dayilghts rapunzlou

i think its been about a year or half since my last follow forever so i wanted to make a new one and i reached my next k before school started so yoooo!  im rlly sorry if i forgot anyone, i wanted to hurry up and post this before i started college (next week). thank you so much for following me, you guys are the radest mutuals, i love yall :) (x)


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