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Follor Forever with B, D???

Sorry I didn’t do this yesterday :) But here you go anon. Just going by my following list :)


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who the fuck says bewbies.... are you 10? just say boobs or whatever lol

i wasnt seriously saying it why are you upset about that of all things im crying

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92: Do you want to get married?
idk, i dont think so because it seems like a huge commitment and kinda like a trap. like if i love someone i want to be with them but im polyamorous and if we seperated i dont wanna go through a bad divorce
96: Do you have kids?
@bewby, Arina, and George i guess
97: Do you want kids?
real kids? sure, but like id prefer to adopt, i dont like babies
99: Do you miss anyone right now?
i miss my friend Mary, and i want Ahren to come over, and kinda miss foot