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It took me half of season one of camp camp to realize that Max isn't wearing a choker, but it was the line that separates his head from his neck,, and I was wondering your thoughts on Max with a chokers because,,, it's a look

!!! very good!!! tbh i’m 100% here for max enjoyin’ himself and havin’ a good time wearing jewelry and stuff

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May I request some Ut!Mob AU GSans and Kitty Cat feels? :D (Tarnish every fluffy AU with some bitter gears and you get perfection >:D)


(BTW, this is by no means how things will end with Crowbar G!Sans and Kitty-Cat. Take it as a…’what if?’ scenario. XD)

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Could you do 067: "I came home to a Nerf gun on the front porch and a note that says ‘Here is your weapon. I have one too. Loser cooks dinner. Good luck. xo’" from the 101 Fluffy prompts with Bucky please?

Why of course I can!!! And I am so fucking sorry this took a century and a half to post. I’m a horrible person. xxx

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Home Sweet Nerf Gun

Bucky came home to see an offensively bright, neon pink and orange nerf gun on the front porch. Just laying there all innocently on the doormat (the doormat says ‘Welcome! Beware of husband, cat is shady, wife is cool though’). With a curious grin he climbs the three porch steps and halts before the gun that has a small torn piece of scratch paper perched on top of it. It reads in your familiar script: Here is your weapon, I have one too. Loser cooks dinner. Good fucking luck xo.

Bucky right out cackles when he sees your P.S - ‘p.s you should not have taught me how to snipe baby’

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can you just tell me about your cats,, no specific reason i just,, really like cats


nihon: currently shoving her ass in my face as we speak. on the surface she seems fuckin awful and super distant and like she hates everyone. if anyone is visiting or any of the family members that aren’t me or my dad are near her she hides completely or just sits and glares in the dark she’s never hissed or scratched at a human in her life tho but i’ve met people who think she does. in reality ?? the most affectionate fuckin cat u will ever meet. in terms of my dad he gets near her all the time to pet her and she’ll sometimes hop up on things to meet him. but in terms of me if i call her, make certain sounds, pat the surface next to me, or wiggle my fingers, she will come racing over meowing and already purring. she will stop at no length to get into my lap and have complete ownership of it (know the exact angle to fall over to launch my tablet out of my lap to take it’s place) if she’s in my room with me she won’t allow me to use my hands for anything except petting her and will chase and grab my hands to press them against her head. she chirps all the time she’s so cute. if she can’t reach my hands she’ll wander around in circles around me rubbing her face against everything chirping and purring and if i walk around the house without anyone else around she will stop at nothing to follow me around. she absolutely loves loves LOVES zippers any and all zippers she’ll try to chew.

vlad: my big baby boy. he’s like the ‘mom friend’ of all the cats. he’s a big hulking lion-looking fella but he meows like a squeaky toy as it finishes re-inflating itself. my mom and sister think he’s a total asshole bc he’s the one who breaks things the most and pushes them over but he can’t help it!!! he loves exploring and being high up and he’s so big and just doesn’t seem to know his own size sometimes things get knocked over or he misses where he’s jumping and hits things. he’s the smartest of the cats like he has learned how to properly use doorknobs and how to open cupboards (he loves slamming them shut over and over) but he’s my big ol’ dummy baby bc he’s a goof. he’s so affectionate with all the cats he’ll walk up to them all the time for grooming and cuddle with them constantly. he’s super neat too like if one of the cats doesn’t bury their business he’ll go and do it for them (he’s tried to bury the dog’s messes on the carpet too. like he literally scratches @ the carpet) and i notice he tends to shove all the toys into single sections of the room. speaking of toys: we have three boxes downstairs. one that’s pretty big, one that’s in the middle. and a super tiny one. i have watched him step into the super big one and then step into the tiny one to try and lay down but he kinda spills over all the sides. he’s a gentle big boy he might bat at you or the other cats but he almost never uses claws. i think he’s actually scratched me maybe a handful of times on accident while rough-housing (he likes to wrestle some) or bc i accidentally stepped on his toe but other than that he just. smacks his paw into ur face. or he’ll grab and hold ur hand in place so he can chew on your nails (he doesn’t break them just chews). he’s really in-your-face like will get suuuuper close to your face and just stare at you or he’ll start licking ur nose. is not afraid of the vaccuum cleaner but if you get close enough he’ll go sit somewhere else and watch u

tux: basically pudding in a cat-shaped bag. he’s the neediest of all the cats (note: not the most affectionate. the neediest) he constantly needs attention and to be held and will try and trip people up by basically sticking tot heir legs. he LOOOOVES being picked up and will headbutt anyone who comes near him whether they’re expecting it or not (my mum hates this he’s almost broken her glasses before). he tends to be the loudest and will sit meowing @ the top of the stares when he wants outside, he’s the least afraid of the dogs and will just sit and provoke them behind the stairs-gate. none of the other cats really like him much (well except for vlad) and either he swats at them or they swat at him so i try and go down every once in awhile and give him extra cuddles so he doesn’t get lonely. he’s @silentlytalkingoutloud‘s cat but she couldn’t take him when she moved out so he’s staying here ‘til she can find a place that allows pets.

petra: ohymgosh such a soft sweetie. she’s kinda chubby and her fur is so soft so it adds up to the cuddliest feeling cat u’ll ever meet. but she doesn’t really like being handled. she haaates being picked up and she cats having her head touched but if you scratch along her back or her sides she loves that so much and she’ll fall over leaning into ur hand. she’s a big goofball and super talkative and has super expressive sounds and will talk with you for a pretty long time if you meow back n forth with her (note: vlad and nihon also do this but she does it the most) when she plays it’s hilarious bc she hunkers down and wiggles her butt and her eyes get HUGE (note she’s a tortoise shell so she kinda looks like toothless) before she pounces. has a tendency to tear across the house at lightning speed and maimed one of my friends slightly during D&D bc she ran across his lap and scared the shit out of all of us. i think she’s the friendliest of all the cats towards strangers, vlad second. the only reason she beats him is bc she’ll just treat them like anyone from the family while vlad doesn’t quite do the rolling yet that she does. her and vlad are actually the closest of all the cats i think and if you go downstairs more than likely you’ll see them wrapped up in each other sleeping

One of my favourite documented curses is:

“Hic non defectus est, sed cattus minxit desuper nocte quadam. Confundatur pessimus cattus qui minxit super librum istum in nocte Daventrie, et consimiliter omnes alii propter illum. Et cavendum valde ne permittantur libri aperti per noctem ubi cattie venire possunt.”

[Here is nothing missing, but a cat urinated on this during a certain night. Cursed be the pesty cat that urinated over this book during the night in Deventer and because of it many others [other cats] too. And beware well not to leave open books at night where cats can come.]

Cologne, Historisches Archiv, G.B. quarto, 249, fol. 68r

A Deventer scribe, writing around 1420, found his manuscript ruined by a urine stain left there by a cat the night before. He was forced to leave the rest of the page empty, drew a picture of a cat and cursed it. Cursed it and then made a realisation about his own involvement in his frustration. Rage to self-awareness in the time of a scrawl XD.

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What are some author recommendations

i don’t read actual books as much, but i consider tumblr writers as authors too!

i’ve reblogged post just now with an infinite list of writers being mentioned, you can check that out!

also as for my personal recs here goes:

the squad’s writing will always be my top faves. 

cat’s @taesthetes style leans towards the cringe fluff that makes you wanna scream because of how cute it is, as proven by the list of fluff on her masterlist. but beware, once cat writes angst, it’s going to hit you hard and you’ll be left with that feeling of… incomplete.

 rys @dreamscript tends to write angst quite a lot. one minute you’ll be reading a romantic comedy and the next, you’ll be weeping over the heart wrenching ending. but also, like i said, she writes great rom-com as well!

here’s to my mutuals who are talented asf writers. (6473829 yrs later and here i am still spazzing over the fact that they’re following me):

@an-exotic-writer [who doesn’t know the fluff queen of all time? missy’s writing always leaves me feeling all fluffed up and happy. the extra conversations of characters at the end of her fics always cracks me up.]

@floofyeol [i think it’s safe to say i’ve read most of sasha’s bts fics on here. she has this easy flowing style that keeps you reading]

@gguked [you don’t need me telling u why she’s good, she just is. ;D]

@hobibliophile [jules’ fics are always a must-read. she has the characterization down in each and every fic. and personally her plots are one of my faves, there’s suspense, anticipation and everything that keeps you on the edge of your seat]

@inktae [all hail the queen. mari writes the most beautiful pieces as most might already know. i’m lowkey afraid of reading her new works bc i know they’re gonna wreck me]

@noir0neko [cait’s writing always has me shook. have u seen her masterlist? it shouldn’t even be called masterlist, it’s like the hall of fame!]

 @jeonseok [my fluff bean who writes the cutest, fluffiest fics with a slice of wit and sometimes angst.]

@jungblue [every time i read her fics, it feels like i’m in a whole new world. it’s like reading a published book and you just have to keep reading to know what happens. her style does that to you]

 @jungkxook [where do i start? alyssa’s style is simple yet capturing at the same time, which btw still has me shook]

@kainks [her writing is so great, it’s like even though you’re reading smut you’re not. what you’re really reading is art all the way]

@yoonminnings [viv’s works are always so breathtaking. her descriptions of the scene and surroundings draws you in and before you know it, you’ll be wanting more]

@taechubs [erin’s masterlist is on my to-read list. i don’t know her writing style per se but she’s good, i can feel it in my bones and through the messages u can see on her blog. *eyes star crossed*]

@taegonia [i haven’t read any of her fics yet but syndromes is on top of my list! also a great writer i can feel in my boneees]

@triptaech [ sam’s writing is so fulfilling. i gotta thank her for giving great endings to the fics she writes]

and moving on, other writers who i’ve had the pleasure of indulging in their works:

@/seokvie is the to-go writer every time i’m craving some hoseok fics. i might have gone over to her blog more times than i can count. what can i say? she’s a great writer. :D

@/tayegi has the style of a goddess, as many know. i particularly like the way she writes the reader. and A1 smut!

@/yoongguksx i don’t know how to explain this but her style is beautifully realistic (for me at least). there’s conflict, drama and a great ending that leaves you wondering wtf was life before her fics.


@/writing-prompt-s not exactly an author but he might as well be one with the way he comes up with unique, interesting ideas

@/caffeinewitchcraft not in the bts fandom, in fact far from it! but she’s so talented that i cannot help but keep up with her works.

there are plenty more great writers on here but i can’t seem to remember. but all in all, just because you’re not in a rec list, doesn’t mean you’re any less of a writer. :D have a great day everyone!