beware those closest to you

Need to post this for posterity.

Most people in the fandom are probably already aware of it, but for those who aren’t, apparently there was a photo from the last scene of episode 1x08 in the official SyFy episode gallery that was quickly taken down when they realized this scene had been cut from the episode that aired.

I really hope they put this in the season 1 DVD extras cause I’d love to see it in moving pictures.

{TB Talks TV} Dominion Review: "Beware Those Closest To You"

By: Aliza Weinberger, Contributor

Last week on DOMINION, we saw some of Michael’s sordid past as Gabriel tried to get closer to Alex, William messed with his dad, and Noma was hiding some pretty major angelic secrets. This week, the season finale, began with Alex (Christopher Egan) barging into a council meeting with “information about Michael.” He tells them about the Archangel hiding other angels in the city, and that he killed humans in the past (though this was thousands of years ago, hasn’t the statute of limitations run out?). Then he tells them about Noma (Kim Engelbrecht). Dick move, Alex.

In his chambers, Becca (Rosalind Halstead) arrives to tell Michael (Tom Wisdom) the news. Like any slow bureaucracy, the Senate is currently meeting to decide to bring Michael to trial, with the possible outcome of exile. Michael asks Becca to keep his friend Louis safe before giving her a cryptic message about love. Stoic guys on TV need to learn to just SAY “I love you.” Michael then goes to confront Alex in the market, but the struggle ends quickly as guards arrive and Michael flies off. He is PISSED!

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