beware the ice


ICE (immigration and customs enforcement) checkpoints throughout Houston today spotted at
•I-10 @ Silber
•610 @ woodway
•59 @ bissonett
•along Preston Rd. in Pasadena
•along Center St in Deer Park

If you know anyone who could be affected by this please warn them.

Yuri!!! on Ice: My thoughts and ramblings

Well, well, well… I finished watching Yuri!!! on Ice a few days ago and I have too many feelings and thoughts about it so I just will drop them here… (beware of the spoilers).

I haven’t been watching much anime lately, but since I saw so many people talking about YOI, I decided to take a look just to see what all the fuss was about. To be honest I didn’t expect it to be too different from any other sports anime, just the typical cliché with lots of homoerotic fanservice without nothing official but… WOW! *read it with Victor’s voice lol* WHAT A LOVELY AND REFRESHING SUPRISE! I REAAAAAAALLY LOVED IT!

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Has the fandom talked about Carry On magical sports yet?

So HP has quidditch, but what do we have?

-Like some spell or potion that gives them wings and they play air tennis, but the ball can turn into various weapons (terribly similar to the Mario Kart weapons).

-Or air polo! But the horses are half dragons and super badass, and are elemental so beware of fire, ice, etc.

- Maybe multi-verse golf. You may hit the ball in the CO world, but it could fall down in ours, and the flag is in the HP world. I bet Agatha and her Dad bond with this.

-Lava hockey!!!

…nope nevermind.

The seasons are changing and all around it seems the weather is taking a turn for the warmer when suddenly the last twitches of winter can still be felt. Out of no where, the last snow fall of the year has hit and for the next few days, the city of London can expect a blanket of snow to begin falling from the sky and covering the ground. 

For those of you who enjoy the colder temperatures, perhaps consider a friendly snow ball fight or some hot chocolate at your local coffee shop. Because before we know it, we’ll all be begging for the air conditioners to be turned up a little more and the heat down a lot lower. 

So beware the streets for black ice and enjoy this last storm as well begin to ready ourselves for the new seasons and changes they will bring. 

This isn’t really your regular event, just a little weather for us all to play with and include in our plots. You can expect the snow to last for a week or two and from then on out, we’ll be hitting Spring! Hope everyone enjoys!

Beware of Black Ice [pt2]

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Story wasn’t making any sense. Teacup, as in the boy from Greenville who hated his guts for no reason at all, that boy was her long-lost-thought-dead younger brother? There was no way. But then… that made sense. The age, gender, even the looks; it fit. But really? Story wasn’t making any sense.

Happy? Sure.

The big picture? Not at all.

Shouldn’t her focus be on ending the storm?

Shouldn’t she be running a kingdom properly now that she was indeed Queen?

To the cousin of said Queen and soon to be King of his own kingdom? No sense at all.

It’s what he had to be now.

People could die. The kingdom of Arendelle would be doomed without some push.

Sucking in a breathe as his cousin continued to ramble on, he swallowed his thoughts. He had to speak to her, one Monarch to another. Time to act like the rulers they were meant to be.

“Story, this needs to end.”

He can see her visibly tense as she goes quiet, and it makes him hesitate. He couldn’t… no he had to.

“Story, can’t you see this is all wrong? Your people are in great danger!”
You’re in great danger…
“You have to be their Queen now. I…” Ever hesitates again, forcing himself to say,

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ace attorney : dual destinies starters !

a collection of quotes from aa:dd for rp starters ! more are under the cut !

❛ The least you can do is look at me while you’re being dismissive.

❛ You can protect the moral fiber of our youth after you’ve been declared not guilty ! ’

❛ Don’t expect me to defend you if you ever get arrested ! ’

❛ I’m not cr-crying ! There was something in my eye ! ’

❛ Saw something like that in a manga once.

❛ The more I get to know her, the scarier she gets.

❛ I’m already a lawyer. You want me to be an actor, too ? ’


❛ Cut the existential bull, or I’ll cut you.

❛ I’ll never give up on you ! ’

❛ The prosecution will refrain from dragging our cilent’s name through the mud ! ’

❛ Sorry, am I supposed to be consoling you over your first-world problems ? ’

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