beware the eye

Title: Abyss!Sans vs. Demon!Jenna[Gift]

OOKAY! This I HAD to put in  LOT of details in! Cause this is my first time drawing Abyss!Sans! ;A; I really wanted to draw him, but was afraid cause of his crystal sparkly! ;A; And I may have not get the time to fix it. I might update this drawing soon! 

But, I had fun with drawing him and Demon!~~~ Thank you @metakazkz

Anyways. in this pic, do you guys remember that one pic where my Oc version has unknown status and her HP just shows up that much, she’s an unknown human or monster or both with a lot of speed and damage. She can even turn at you like her instincts know where you’ll be at. And beware for her left eye, she will lock onto you and will never take her eyes off of you.


귀여운 척 눈 버림 주의. 넷이 합쳐 137살😐
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(beware) of the cute eyes. our combined age is 137 years.😐
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“apparently the taste is to die for, gyahaha!”

cackling, atem pats his neck tube where the dandelion the ralts dropped now floats. of course, having an extremely particular diet, he wouldn’t know how angel’s trumpets taste. rather, he’s more interested in the level of toxicity of the plant.

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Okay guys! I know I’ve been a little inactive on this blog but to give you something, I edited my work Play Things which you can find here! I turned it into Juice x Reader x Happy!

So If you didn’t read it because it was Chibs and Tig now you have a second option. For people who have read Play Things, Its pretty much the exact same thing except things have been changed to make it geared towards Juice and Happy!

I will eventually submit it to @imagine-samcro and she’ll do her magic editing thing and make it look cool but for the time being, here it is!

Play Things Part 2 (Kinda)

Features: Juice x Reader x Happy

Word count: 1771

Warnings: This whole piece is smutty smut smut, so if you don’t like it, don’t read it! This piece also includes slight daddy!kink so beware of your precious eyes!! You’ve been warned!

“Where are you going Little Girl?” Happy asked grabbing your forearm gently.

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To be clear, I didn’t forget the ‘a’ when I wrote the words on it. The triangle functions as a giant ‘A.’

Tested out some new stylistic-thingies. Whatever. I changed the color of some of the lines and tested out a new way of coloring. I guess it was a success?

Also I decided to try out sassafras’s Bill design. Their Bill is super rad, go check out sassafras’s Bill tag.

What can I say? I just really, really want bad end Dipper. Like. Really, really, badly.


sleep through the hottest part of the day. drink more water than you need. if you stop sweating, she’s nearby. don’t wander through fields looking for flowers. avoid pretty girls with fox eyes. beware women who wear white and kick up dust with no wind. don’t talk to strangers; if you do, be polite. call strange women LADY,  just to be safe. don’t ask her name. don’t avoid her questions. keep children in sight. don’t let them near the crops. keep iron and salt in your pocket. don’t dance with her. don’t watch her dance. keep a midwife nearby; fae respect them. watch for her scythe. night is safer, but not safe. the sower of the crops she frequents can banish her from them. be mindful of fires in dry weather.

don’t be out in the hot sun too long.

Another Lord of the Rings interruption to your Dragon Age feed.

Hipster Legolas is TOTALLY a huge creeper whenever a new dwarf comes to town. Also Pabst.

Beware of the flames
That climb high in the night,
They call to you, beckon you
Come bathe in the light.

Oh beware! though you won’t
Of the demon that calls
With a voice of pure silk,
How far will you fall?

Beware, please beware
of his liquid gold eyes.
Once they’ve drawn you in
He’ll be deaf to your cries.

How you wish you’d beware
Though your wish is worth naught,
For he’s spun his web now,
Like a fly you’ve been caught.

Beware of his touch
It is soft but it burns.
He’s walked through this fire,
Now it’s your turn.

We warned you, beware
Demons do you no good.
But you, like the others,
Still wished that he could.

Beware, you call now
As the flames take you in.
His path is pure wonder,
But it’s smoke he walks in.

—  Beware the Fall (@hellfireprince)