beware of humans


I’ve seen quite a few posts going around advertising cheap items from sites like banggood, aliexpress, and other wholesale sites that have really cheap prices and come from Asian countries. I want to let you all know, please please do not buy from there or reblog those posts! I know the items are super cute, but how they were made definitely is not. The workers are mostly women and children, and they are forced to sew and assemble until their hands bleed. The women work such long harsh hours that they either have to make their children work too or send them away and not see them for years. All the while, they get paid next to nothing. There have been several cases where the buildings these people work in have shown visible signs that they are near collapsement such as cracks up the walls, and the workers are forced to contuine working anyway, and the building eventually collapses, killing everyone inside. Not only this, but workers who try to unionize and get better working conditions are killed. This is only part of it, there are huge environmental impacts as well. So please, please, do not buy from these stores!! If you’d like to learn more, watch the documentary the true cost on Netflix. warning, it can be graphic at times.

IH: why are you like this?

Me an Ichiruki:

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I am curious about human Gaster and human Asgore. Could they be good friends or be in a relationship?

Since the existence of Gaster being canon in-game is still being debated, I’m forming my opinion based off of speculations that others have made.

Personally, I think that they might be friends. But I have reservations about them having a romantic relationship. Reason (1) being that Asgore showed a lot of sincerity about wanting to get back together with Toriel at the end of the game despite their separation and her clear aversion to the notion. He clings emotionally to the “perfect family” that he once had. His hope that Frisk will bring this is both sad and understandable.

Reason (2) being that the game doesn’t give a clear indication as to when Gaster fell into the core, but it probably happened some time after the death of Chara and Asriel. I would assume that Gaster, being very engrossed in his work to help free the monsters, might have been lacking in any social interacts with those close to him, probably leading to his downfall. Given that, on top of Asgore’s grief and inner turmoil, and you have a situation where a stable healthy relationship would be difficult to occur.

I’m happy that Asgore was able to at least experience the freedom of his people and the love of a small child once again. But for Gaster…

They guillotined Charlotte Corday and they said Marat is dead. No. Marat is not dead. Put him in the Pantheon or throw him in the sewar, it doesn’t matter - he’s back the next day. He’s reborn in the man who has no job, in the woman who has no bread, in the girl who has to sell her body, in the child who hasn’t learned to read; he’s reborn in the garrets of Rouen; he’s reborn in the basements of Lille; he’s reborn in the unheated tenement, in the wretched mattress without blankets, in the unemployed, in the proletariat, in the brothel, in the jailhouse, in your laws that show no pity, in your schools that give no future, and he reappears in all that is ignorance and he recreates himself from all that is darkness. Oh, beware, human society; you cannot kill Marat until you have killed the misery of poverty.
—  Victor Hugo

Any SPN fans following me?

Well whether or not you are, beware. The Mishapocolypse will be upon us very soon.

Regular humans beware, run, hide, lock your doors and don’t come out till it’s over.

Meanwhile us Hunters will be merry and terrorize all we can.

Have fun :}

“Everyone this is Licorice! He’s from a neutral/almost genocide run… but not one that he wanted to do.. he was corrupted but not by Chara, but by a vengeful and evil Gaster who wanted everyone else to feel how he felt about being forgotten.” “He eventually lost all control of his body to Gaster, until Scotch and I along with the Papyrus from that timeline were able to force them to reset, turning them younger once more. However the effects of Gaster’s magic had permanently effected them, he doesn’t talk much and sort of does his own thing around our house.” “We just hope he is able to transition alright…”


Licorice © me
Thanks to @once-smiling-now-frowning, this character was made.

‘Beware of ascribing human feelings to aliens,’ Jack said. ‘It’s a classic mistake. They don’t think like us, they don’t feel like us, they don’t react like us. It’s hard enough working out what a cat is thinking, let alone something from another planet. Anthropomorphise at your peril.’
‘That should be our motto,’ Owen said. ‘I’ll get some T-shirts made up.

Slow Decay by Andy Lane (Torchwood Novels #3)

T-shirts… with the Torchwood logo on. ;)

Anonymous said: can we get a doodle of his first interaction with monsters or humans?

just a doo–oops i got carried away

it wasn’t much of a first interaction as much as it was, uh. assimilating himself into the crowd and silently following along with everyone else so he wouldn’t draw attention to himself. To them, Gaster was just another monster among the masses in the war. Well, to most of them


To be clear, I didn’t forget the ‘a’ when I wrote the words on it. The triangle functions as a giant ‘A.’

Tested out some new stylistic-thingies. Whatever. I changed the color of some of the lines and tested out a new way of coloring. I guess it was a success?

Also I decided to try out sassafras’s Bill design. Their Bill is super rad, go check out sassafras’s Bill tag.

What can I say? I just really, really want bad end Dipper. Like. Really, really, badly.

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Licorice appeared in Snowdin, a bit tired from his travels. He hadn’t realized he wasn’t in his Snowdin until he almost ran into a Strange or Different looking character. He blinked as he managed to avoid bumping into them, his brow raised as he took notice of their claws. Of course he didn’t say anything because he had managed to avoid running into him. He used his magic to summon a hand to bring his hood over his head, so his actual hands could stay hidden in his pockets.


I can feel it in the air.

No one enters The Dark North and comes back alive. Breathing, yes, but how can a breath be considered life? When your soul is covered in ice, and your body has known true darkness, how can you be alive? They say that beyond The Pass, with its long forgotten borders, Death makes it’s home. They say Death is as cold as it is dark: the darkness of night and the cold of winter are one and the same. Just as Death has no mercy, The Dark North is unforgiving. Death watches from its domain, hidden by the howling wind and the freezing rain. You’d best listen to the stories your mother told you as you drifted to sleep. Stay in your village, little human. Stay in the warmth, stay in the light.


And it’s filled with despair.

Beware, little human. The Dark North is perilous, and it is forbidden to your kind. Death has no mercy, even for the brave and the bold. Death mocks you from its throne made of ice and snow. Far past the reaches of North’s Peak, far from the safety of flaming torches and polished steel. Here, fire is a false promise, and you are no more than a moth drawn to it’s flame. Here, steel can shatter as easily as the bones beneath your skin…There is no hope for you, little human. Do not enter The Dark North. You will not come back alive.


It will be the last thing you do.



Hanmade Papyrus ball-jointed doll, 8 inches tall. At first I wanted to make him wire-jointed, just as I did Sans right here, but it turned out that it’s rather impossible due to the lack of clothes to hide the wire under. So, yeah. Decided to do it the hard way.

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Beware of Progression into Non-humanism

Analysts churn
data for the
greed of
big corporations,
selfish governments;
but do they
find the starving
families, neglected
children swimming
in the pool of numbers?

This big data
would not
miss these
anomalies of
survey, or would they?

In mechanical processes,
we miss people,
especially the vulnerable;
and its our duty to
regard our progression
with circumspection
for it serves the souls
of those money-churners
and not those who
reach to the poor and lonely.

[Kinda out of ideas for an update at the moment :( So instead of not doing anything for another week I just did a clean sketch of that Moo Mesa reference I said I was gonna do (yeah I actually remembered to do a thing I said I was gonna do this time!). And how I needed hands for this (specially AJ) and since I’m not a big fan of doing anthro characters, I picked the human path.

Also, after like 3 years I added a donation button to the blog for the folks who wanted to give me a little support, all will go to upgrade my software since I haven’t bothered to do it in forever (still using CS4). I’ve been thinking in creating a Patreon too… but I’m not really sure what I’ll put in it if I’m honest.

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