beware of homestuck


This update.

It didn’t advance the plot by much.

We dealt with Condy and all the various Jacks, but they were pretty much the stray loose ends by now, not overly factoring into the overarching thematic plot problem.

Condy was a servant of Lord English, Jacks were variously ‘commissioned’ by him and otherwise spurred into action.

The actual significant points - the Lord English fight, the Green Sun problem - were left inconclusive.

What this update rounded up, however, is character stuff.

It wasn’t 18 minutes long for nothing. Instead of skimming over the details and interspersing the highlights to cover a large circumstantially simultaneous event, like the flashes tended to do before, it FOCUSED on the details.

All the dramatic close ups on faces, all the memories, all the demonstrated attacks and abilities, funny and awesome and terrifying.

Kanaya applying her lipstick in the background.
Aradia breaking out her adventurer’s whip.
Tavros dancing on LE’s skull.
Jade being a Good Dog Mama.
Dave… Dave. And Dirk.
Terezi, the merged Terezi from this timeline and GO timeline, finally getting to use her powers in the most incredibly awesome game-breaking way.
Jane high-fiving Nannasprite and double-teaming the healing with her.
Jake kicking ALL OF THE ASS while managing to look gloriously ridiculous in the process.
Karkat managing to secure a small, but his very own victory.
Roxy avenging the GO timeline with the same sword that Dave broke here taking on an entirely different significance in her hands.
Caliborn beating up the most powerful denizen with a fucking crowbar.

This was the character flash, instead of a plot flash, which is I feel the reason it left many disappointed.

No, it didn’t advance the plot.

That’s not what it was about.

To this date, I still see Homestuck references sprinkled all throughout other fandoms in such subtle ways, and when I see them, and I see how many notes those get, I wonder how many people know

do they know they just reblogged a Homestuck joke

do they know

It’s everywhere. In unexpected places. Beware the Homestuck.