Page One of “Just Like the Rest of Us!”

Welp, here’s Page 1. I can finally get the ball rolling, despite being tired from working on this last night. X3 Thank goodness I finished it for you all to see, Page 2 will be worked on today.

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John Carpenter loves Sonic the Hedgehog: 'I even like the one where he turns into a werewolf'
This is not a story I ever expected to write.

John Carpenter is /ourguy/

13x10: “I’ll go with you.”


Ok, I’m sniffling and blogging with one eye open right now (hopefully raving more this weekend) but damn, this episode!!!

13x10 was phenomenally done as a backdoor pilot—the solid composition of the characters, the bad-ass feminist action, the new monsters, the premise, and the interpersonal relationships satisfied me so much! One AMAZING aspect? They utilized key parallels with Dean/Sam/Cas = Claire/Patience & Alex/Kaia. And 13x10 was this  big-ass expositional Destiel episode via Claire/Kaia.

Claire and Kaia’s interactions were deliberately infused with homoerotic overtones and ABSOLUTELY mirrored Dean and Cas’ own dynamic (right down to 12x23 Dean re: Cas’ death in the AU). 


The prolonged eye contact, touching (oh, the hand-holding), wordless tension, shy smiles (showing someone your scars–scars derived from personal life encounters–is an intimate act)—-

—-private conversations (three instances: 1. outside the house, 2. in the sitting room before Patience warned them about her vision [which makes you wonder what they were talking about prior to being interrupted *Claire/Kaia’s first offscreen gap*] 3. in Jody’s car), and–


Listen *addresses ‘you’re-reading-too-much-into it’ antis* this is almost word-for-word verbatim. 

Their relationship “seems” advertently non-platonic because the audience is meant to read their relationship as non-platonic. They literally applied the exact same narrative tropes and visual cues of the Dean/Cas love story. I felt like I was watching an Ode to Destiel montage!! *sips bourbon*

Feel free to dismiss Claire/Kaia as familial in the context of Wayward Sister friendship because yeah, they did become friends, but they were narratively framed as having a distinct characteristic dynamic that’s different from the other girls: another Love and…Love

Not to mention that their reaction shots held romantic potential i.e. there was time allotted to camera shots of Kaia’s dead body juxtaposed with Claire crying as she grieved, hence presenting the (tbh, textually overt) connotation that Claire cared for Kaia deeply unlike Alex and Patience. Sound familiar? Uh huh, the Sam vs Dean reaction contrast in response to Cas-centric problems (Cas-centric LOSSES).

Kaia also understood Claire’s feelings without her needing to verbalize them (“You’re scared”) as well as stood with her in solidarity–a direct callback to Cas’ respective loyalty to Dean. 


- Kaia being stabbed with a spear = Cas being stabbed with a spear by Ramiel in 12x12
- Claire’s journaling = Dean’s ‘girl journaling’ in therapy-themed 13x04 

((**Note: let’s say we exclude Destiel and observe Claire and Kaia as two female friends. It’s “”easier to see the gay”” since they are women, not men; lesbian fetishization by hypermasculine macho dudes within hegemonic heteronormative society makes Claire/Kaia blatant and it displeases me greatly because they parallel Dean/Cas WHO ARE MEN but anyway))


anonymous asked:

Would you ever do a step by step on how you draw Cuphead and/or Bendy? I just b r e a t h e your art style and I wish to see how you draw them

i mean i guess i could lkjsdg

recently i’ve been playing w/ a new sketching style that isn’t really skeletal based but more just. blobbing it out like silhouettes. it’s quicker y’know and kinda fun to just scribble before getting down to business

so step one is just. circles

torso/chest (we’re startin’ w/ cup)



same process fr bendy

so i totally forgot to stop and take screenshots fr this but basically you just. have ur circles. and trace out probably ¾ of it (i added the faint black line to show the top of the circle) then add on his face and Other Parts. i usually do his eyes first, then nose, then mouth.

then just like. draw bode. there’s way too much here fr a step by step just drawing a body like you would normally following ur blob and go fr whatever the hell ur headcanons are may he’s a chubby circle maybe he’s a lanky Fuck

i tend to make cuphead and mugman kinda short n stout, especially in the legs. makes em a little cartoonier and more like bouncy kids

now w/ bendy digitally i always accidentally draw him lineless so the Tru process is just a black circle w/ this then throwing some white on and erasing the bit between his horns but we’ll treat this like i’m Not Doing That

i hate drawing his horns so i just do those first to get em outta the way 

rest of face

adjust as needed and Add Face

i decided he needed to be a little hor-…… he needed bigger horns. 

then like cup u just. draw body in. i don’t know a lot abt bendy besides fanon stuff bc i keep exiting the game w/o saving bc i’m a wimp but i know he’s a dancing boy so i like to make him a bit curvier/more lithe looking instead of blocky like the Bros. also big fun bowtie :} as far as i know from fanart he’s a Little Shit 


u can choose to keep ur sketch blobs in or not. sometimes i get rid of them sometimes i don’t. i think they look kinda cool kept in!! also makes it harder fr people to take my shit and colour it like i keep telling them not to lmao

anonymous asked:

Do you have any tips for anyone trying bodies?

not going in depth bc that’ll take forever i can go over like. my quick doodle route to just getting half decent posing

1. draw a circle (head) and line of action (line the body/legs follow. can also be used as a sort of ‘spine’)

2. mark ur shoulders and hips first (didn’t capture that) then just use lines or messy shapes to mark out the rest of it

making sure the shoulders and hips aren’t parallel helps w/ balancing (like ur literal balance when u stand) and visual interest 

3. okay i totally meant to make this like an anime girl but it’s percy instead so like. just draw in ur character after that. if you aren’t happy w/ the anatomy just go in and fix that w/ the select tool and ctrl+t this is a doodle it doesn’t have to be sharp. i suggest adjusting anatomy where needed in the rough skeleton before this part but sometimes line/image quality really changes stuff

and there u have Fuzzball Boy

besides that all i can say is just go and like. look @ people. out in life and in photographs online. remember and make note of where their anatomy is and where their joints are and the sizes of shit. find photos of people in different poses and trace out a ‘skeleton’ that’s just lines fr bones and circles @ the joints. i usually do bodies as trapezoids