Since I am… or was… in a public library for some time, I couldn’t really draw but only write, so I wanted to make some clear headcanons that have been revealed about Wallace so far. I probably won’t say much about the facts I have not revealed yet and will possibly prefer to reveal them as he interacts with more characters. 

Caution, long post ahead!

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Ooooooo Eddie's got a cruuuush~?

Anonymous said:Ooooo h !! Edd who’ve you got your eye on >:3c?? 
Anonymous said:I bet Edd has a crush on Eduardo ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)♡Anonymous said:So edd. Who’s the lucky guy :^)Anonymous said:edd you can tell us who youre having a crush on you can trust us we wont tell anyone i promiseAnonymous said:Oooo Matt who has Edd been eyein??? 👀👀👀👀Anonymous said:Whos the crush Edd???
atrashyfandomgirl said:You sure edd?? ;3Anonymous said:Matt ad Edd cuddles plz ;-;Anonymous said:I’m betting Edd has the hots for EduardoAnonymous said:Ooohhhhhhhhh edddddd who do you like XPAnonymous said:ooo cat’s outta the bag edd! you like someone!!
Anonymous said:Edd, is there by any chance that you might fancy the Latino next door???Anonymous said:AHHH EDD HAS A CRUSH ON MATTT HOOOW CUTEEAnonymous said:Edd!! dont tell me your crush could be eduardo??Anonymous said:Is it a certain person with a green outfit? :3cAnonymous said:Come on Edd, you can’t deny what’s already been said :DAnonymous said:*excited smol baps the table with her tiny hands omg omg omg who is it pls tell me 


The thought started here.

The previous thought is here.

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The  p̪͚ḁ̯͉̺̗͇̩s̷t̖̹̩̮ thoughts are here.

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hi Tim! how are you my fren?

“i woke up four hours before my alarm went off this morning and couldn’t get back to sleep. then of course got out of bed two hours late and ended up rushing around half clothed only to realize i don’t even have class today.”

“on the bright side, my friend was kind enough to buy me coffee.”

So I got scammed.

I don’t know how else to put it. For the past 4 years I’ve been calmly trying not to lose my cool over this but honestly I think 4 years is just about enough time for me to just accept that I will never see the $300 I gave to a cosplayer known as “Jim Logan” (whose real name is actually David Eugene Winant Jr.)
There’s a link to my entire Facebook conversation with the guy from start to finish. (It’s REALLY long and includes 2012 Nick whining a bunch towards the middle… so be warned.)

But for those of you who I’m sure will say “TL;DR” I’ll give you a little summary.

Y’see a LONG time ago I went to Philadelphia Wizard World and met this really amazing Wolverine cosplayer! He was great so I befriended him on Facebook. At the time his name was “Iam Logan” and I saw that he had made some absolutely amazing things! Including a perfect Nightwing cosplay.
I had been wanting to cosplay Nightwing for a while so I inquired about his prices and I was pretty willing to shoot him the funds to make it happen. Now… at the time I was workin for Starbucks and had very VERY little money… so I opted to pay half up front and half when I was ready.

Now Jim had made it perfectly clear to me that he wasn’t going to start work on the outfit until he had the full payment. So I paid him his $130 up front.

Now… a crazy expensive root canal came up for me a month later and I needed as much money as I could get. So I messaged Jim Logan, knowing that he wouldn’t start on the project until he had the full payment, and asked if I could cancel the order and get a refund for the $130.

Unfortunately he let me know (a little too late) that he doesn’t do refunds. Not even for down payments. 

So after a bunch of drama and having him block me, I had my girlfriend at the time talk to him and convince him to re-friend me on facebook to talk things over civilly. That was when I made the stupid mistake of giving him the remaining money.

So years went by, time after time after time after time I would ask him about the progress. I got little to no responses and when i did he stayed kinda vague. Told me that things were busy even though most of what I saw him posting was him making a bunch of cosplays for himself and then going to parties and hosting events. I knew I was getting scammed but honestly after all the drama from 2012 I figured I would be as careful with him as possible and just hope that I would see my money goto my actual commission.

Well. Come 2014 I found that…. not only was I not the only person that he’s scammed money off of…. but there were TONS of people that had the same experiences with him:
-Here’s one
-And another
-Oh look. Another.
-AAAAAAAND another
-Here’s +45 pages of people he’s conned.
-A 4chan post about him
-There’s even a replica blacklist group that he’s been mentioned on a number of times.

-Honestly All you have to do is google this and you’ll find a plethora of results. (Wish 2012 me had thought of that! THIS IS WHY I HAVE TRUST ISSUES!!)

You can read this whole article for more about ALL of it…….

Fact is…. there came a point where he pissed off the wrong chick. That chick had a GRAND social media presence and wrote quite the article about her experience. Which was eye-opening for a lot of people.

Now… at the time there was some stuff that went around. An internet radio show hosted where they called him out to address everyone. He never showed up and made a post scoffing at the whole thing. Later he would post a picture of a bulletin board of the GOBS of commissions that he was behind on. 

In the end, the internet radio show racked up a total of over $6,000 worth (not including myself and countless others, I’m sure) of commissions that never went through. (There were even a bunch of women that claimed that he sexually assaulted them. He claimed that he were just riding the wave of crap towards him so honestly I have no idea what is true in that regard…..)

The fact remains. After 4 years of putting up with this crap I’m finally putting my foot down on the matter.

You guys are absolutely lovely and I know I can count on all of you to pass this around and make sure that no one else has to deal with this crap!!!

Here’s his main Facebook. (which I’m blocked from because he deletes any bad press he gets.)
Here’s his Instagram
His one Facebook
His other Facebook
His OTHER Facebook (Seriously dude…. if you have this many different company Facebook pages…….)
His Youtube