I promised this song weeks ago but here it is, Electric Feel from skam, s3e2. I’ll have the vote for which song from episode 3 in a bit

here are my other covers so far

anonymous asked:

!!! do you think we could, like, go buy fabric and make the outfits, and cosplay as taako with them?? !!


h eck and of course i’d absolute adore being able to see the outcomes !! if there’s one thing i’ve noticed i love about making my own clothes on occassion it’s seeing my designs come to life so seeing that from other peoples’ hands would be the coolest thing ever!

Yang: So… Sun too, huh?

Blake: Yang.

Yang: I’m just making sure! Is it cause we’re blondes?

Blake: Yang.

Yang: I mean, this whole black cat thing is cute but-

Blake: Don’t-

Yang: -statistically speaking that’s now two injured blondes and-

Blake: Why are you still talking-

Yang: -I kinda wanna know if my dad will lose a leg or something-

Blake: What.

Yang: when you finally meet him cause that would suck since


Yang: I kinda wanted to do the whole “walking down the isle” thing


Yang: for our wedding and it’d look silly if he had to hop to give me away



Blake: Did you just.. propose to me in a roundabout way?

Yang: Is that a yes or no

Blake: To the limb losing or the marriage proposal?

Yang: Yes