Um I just stayed up to 5am writing like an essay on hardcore Goku/Chichi/family character/personality analysis based off the manga and shit approved/worked on more closely by Toriyama, like BOG and the super manga too (since he works more closely on that than the anime, turns out) and I’m just warning you guys Imma be laying some HEAVY SHIT on yall’s blogs so this shit can stop swirling around in my head like it has been, on and off, for years, agh

Shingeki no kyojin「進撃の巨人」(Attack on Titan) creator Hajime Isayama revealed in an interview with that although he had an ending planned when the series began, there is a possibility that the finalized ending might be different, due to new characters and settings. He also added that he has been thinking of creating an ending where everyone died , but after gaining so many fans after the airing of the anime, he is wavering over whether he should betray his fans in such a way. He told that he wants to betray his fans, he is unsure of whether he should do it.

I think I can verify that the lower picture, that’s supposed to be Eren’s eye, was already displayed in the anime when Eren was dreaming. He literally dreamt about his entire life including his own death. But what I don’t understand is why on earth would mangaka Hajime Isayama expose the ending already now? It’s too suspicious and honestly I want it changed in order to keep watching the show.


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