Ge duwt weg en bouwt uw muren een paar meter hoger. Deuren gaan op slot en bewaking wordt verdrievoudigd. Waarom weet ge ook niet meer helemaal. Ge hebt zoveel nood aan iemand die eens even naast u komt zitten, maar ge laat het niet toe.

Dating Bucky Would Involve (Pre Winter Soldier)

This is for 1940′s Bucky, post Winter Soldier Bucky is here.

Dating Bucky Barnes Would Involve

  • Talking for long periods of time about the future and what you want to do together
  • Being the couple that everyone can’t help but loving even though they’re jealous
  • Becoming good friends with Steve, who tells you stories about Bucky which make you laugh and fall in love even more
  • Going on adventures together to see more of the surrounding area
  • Introducing Bucky to your family one holidays. Bucky tries to hide his nerves but you see it and assure him he’ll be fine. Your family loves him and are very happy for the two of you although a few of your family members keep asking when the wedding will be
  • Waking up to “I love you, sweetheart/doll/darling/beautiful.”
  • Bucky telling you about how he wants to go to war and both of you crying as he says so
  • Worrying about him but supporting him in his decision although you will miss each other greatly
  • After Bucky’s decision him hugging you at random moments and not saying a word. Just holding you because he knows soon he won’t be able to.
  • Spending the nights leading up to his departure in each others arms, not sleeping much
  • Dancing with Bucky for hours the night before he leaves.
  • Bucky kissing you desperately before he leaves, your cheeks wet with tears as he tries to hide his own
  • His voice shaking slightly as he leaves
  • Writing to him every second day to tell him about your life like he asked and Bucky writing to you when he could
  • Bucky sending you a dried flower which he found growing in the camp because it made him think of you as it was the most beautiful thing he could find
  • Trying to convince Steve not to go to war as you knew Bucky didn’t want him to
  • Not leaving your house for weeks when you received the letter telling you that Bucky was captured and presumed dead
  • When Bucky returned you got a very long letter telling you about what happened as much as he could. He also detailed about Steve’s transformation and the woman, Peggy Carter who Bucky thought was amazing for Steve
  • Receiving a letter from Steve after Bucky fell off the train
  • After Steve presumably died in the plane crash, seeking out Peggy Carter who you became good friends with and had apparently heard a lot about you
  • Not forgetting about Bucky for a single day of your life and keeping the pressed flower in a locket around your neck along with the photo of Bucky
  • Bucky holding your name in his mind throughout his life as the Winter Soldier and never forgetting the feeling of your lips against his

I’m so conflicted 

On one hand I love fitness and I know I truly enjoying working out 

BUT being so this trip has made me realize that my daily trips to the gym aren’t always allowing me to live the happiest life

I used to get myself into such a routine of working out in the morning that when I couldn’t, it would actually put me in a bad mood and although I love working out I don’t want to be dependant on it y’know?

So that’s why this trip I made it a goal to NOT workout, which feels so friggen weird because how is that even a goal???????

But the more I force myself to not workout, the more I realize how chill and relaxed life actually can be

Waking up and not having to rush to the gym or even going through your day without thinking  “I gotta make sure I make it to the gym later” is a really nice feeling and honestly, the more relaxed I am with myself, the more I will actually wanna workout because IT’S FUN and not something I feel forced to do

Not to mention, my body is FINE?!?!?!? Like i used to think that ONE day without the gym would make me a noodle or a potato but that isn’t the case and the more I realize that - The easier it is to be okay with not going to the gym on the daily

Sorry for the rant but today I was second guessing my choice to stop being so hard on myself and STOP living my life for fitness because it’s easy to feel lazy or like you’re making excuses but FUCK IT, it’s my life and I feel so much better waking up and going to Starbucks or to go out for breakfast and just lay on the couch then I did when I used to get up and force myself to the gym like a walking, tired, exhausting zombie 

Okay HAPPY MONDAY this has been a rant lol