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agenthaywood  asked:

OK but do Sizzy for that OTP thing you just reblogged?

oh, James. I love you. Warning: This will have some spoilers from the books.

Who steals the whole fucking blanket in the middle of the night and leaves the other without any?

Oh definatly Izzy, she’ll deny it though. Thank God Simon doesn’t suffer the cold much, but when he does, he tries to snuggle her to get at lest some of the blankets and much needed body heat

Which one is always stubbing their toe and screaming about it?

Surprisingly Simon does. Izzy hadn’t hear him swear that much in all her time knowing him.

Who crashed a car and made the other pick them up at 3AM?


”I just wantd to learn, Simon”


Which one is the lightweight that needs to be watched over at all costs?

Simon, of course. Especially now that he’s a newborn Shadowhunter, and he didn’t really lose his mundane clumsiness. He’s better at fightinng, yes, but he stiill has to be watched over.

Which one likes to get up in the middle of the night and (loudly) make themselves a snack?

Izzy, and Simon hates it. Though sometimes she ends up joining her and they both watch some “stupid mundane movie or tv show that Simon loves aND WE WILL NOT WATCH STAR WARS AGAIN, SIMON!!!!”

Who is always suggesting they get another pet?

Simon, but Izzy always complies. They have cats mostly, cause Izzy misses Church and Simon misses Yossarian. But they also have a couple of fishes, a hamster and hey kinda want a puppy now.

Who drinks straight up black coffee and teases the other for their overly-flavored Starbucks?

Izzy loooooves trying new kinds of bevrages every day. And they’re always hyper complex. Simon doesn’t know how someone can fit that many syrups into one tall frapuccino. And she ALWAYS wants whipped cream.

Which one insists upon buying unheard-of health foods?

Like I said before, Izzy loves to try new things. She doesn’t buy them cause they’re healthy, but because she wants to know how does tha weird green healtthy brownie tastes like.

(Update: It sucks)

Which one would run through a busy street just to pet a small dog?

Oh, both of them. They love animals, and they have to restrain themselves of stealing the cute french bulldog from it’s owner.

(Update: They get one)

Which one always mispronounces words and gets constantly corrected by the other for it?

Izzy does it when she want’s to know more about Simon’s jewish heritage. She reads a lot of books about it and tries to repeat the words she learns to Simon, who find it really funny and cute.

Tori upset bc the tag Spicy Vagina Tacos isn’t showing anything… I’m mad bc people can’t differentiate between bevrage and BEVERAGE