Theraflu Flu & Sore Throat Video Review (BevNerd Ep75)

Yay, sickness!

I wanted to push out a new episode of BevNerd as soon as I could in this new year. Unfortunately, I have been sick since it’s begun. I then got the bright idea of picking up some Therflu from Walgreens. I then thought, “Hey, this sure is a beverage!” So I decided to review it. It’s definitely a beverage, has a function and a specific flavor, Apple Cinnamon.

I thought that reviewing an actual soda wouldn’t do the product justice, since my tasting ability has been lacking while my nose has been really stuffed up.

So here’s the review, maybe it will help out others during the winter funk season.

Question: What do you take for a cold/flu?


NEW REVIEW: Zuberfizz Key Lime Cream Soda by Durango Soda Company!


NEW REVIEW: Zombie Brain Juice by Avery’s Soda | On this episode of BevNerd, I try the “Gross Soda” called Zombie Brain Juice by Avery Soda! It was sent for review by my friends at and you can buy sodas like this and get $4.00 off by using this coupon code: ?2259G64Q95?

BevNerd Show at Firehouse Subs w/ Coca-Cola Freestyle!

I’m proud (& stoked!) to announce that I will be filming an episode of BevNerd at the brand new Firehouse Subs location in Oxford, Alabama!

Firehouse Subs now have the Coca Cola Freestyle fountain machine. The touch screen soda fountain that lets you have 120+ beverage combinations!

I will be featuring a demonstration of this newfangled carbonation station alongside any participating BevNerdians, some of their signature sandwiches and having a great time with the Firehouse Crew!

Creating and tasting all sorts of soda combinations is our task! What’s your favorite concoction?

The episode will be recorded on Saturday, December 17th at 3:00 pm and the location address is 552 Oxford Exchange Blvd. Oxford, AL 36203

Feel free to meet up with other BevNerdians, The Colemans and Firehouse staff!


I received a package from 52 General Store. They sent me samples of the sodas they sell on their online store for me to review. Let’s see what I got! |

NEWS: BevNerd Crew will return to MomoCon!

That’s right kiddos! The Sampling Booth will be back in full effect with the coolest beverages and snack foods we can find. You’ll see stuff that we’ve reviewed positively on BevNerd Podcast!

As soon as we can announce our product line up we shall!

Also, be expecting at least one panel if not two AND a bar meet-up on Saturday night. (If we can swing it!)

See photos from 2012’s MomoCon at


Spruce Beer (Empire Bottling Works) Video Review (BevNerd Ep83) On this episode of BevNerd I try another soda sent for review by in Empire Bottling Works’ Spruce Beer! I’ve never had this soda before, but it’s flavored with Spruce needles, bark & sap and highly carbonated. I love the smell, but how’s the taste? Use the code, 2259G64Q95 on your next purchase from and get $4.00 off your order!

¡Name That Luchador! Jarritos Winners!

The most epic of all BevNerd contests has come to a close! After five weeks of guessing masked warriors and even guessing an embarrassing storyline from my wrestling past, we have 2 winners!

The winners will get sent to them their own case of delicious, Jarritos Mexican Soda!

I had one contestant that got all 5 weeks’ of questions right. The undisputed 1st place of ¡NTL! is Liam Elmy! Congratulations!

The 2nd place winner also gets a case and I had a 4-way tie. Instead of having a Fatal Four Way to decide the runner up, I used a handy dandy random name slot machine picker. The 2nd winner is James Montgomery! Who could hold his own in a Fatal Four Way any day.

Thanks to everyone that watched my silly shows and guessed ‘rasslers.



Big Red Zero vs. Diet Big Red Blind Taste Test: This is a call back to episode 71 where Big Red Zero was initially reviewed. It didn’t get a great review and the nice folks at Big Red sent me more Big Red Zero and Diet Big Red to do a taste comparison. They assured me that the new formula tasted better. Does it? 1st taste comparison video!


Jarritos Mandarin & Tamarind Sodas Review: On this episode of BevNerd, I review the last two flavors of Jarritos Mexican Soda! I have Mandarin  Tamarind. Find out how to win a case of your own by playing ¡Name That Luchador!

Watch on

BioFUEL Caffeinated Popcorn Review Video (BevNerd Ep79) | Sweet, Salty Addictively Delicious! It’s the caffeine infused BioFUEL Popcorn! Ingredients: premium popcorn kernels, BioFuel proprietary blend (sugars, caffeine), canola oil salt. Nutrition Facts: Serving Size 1.5 cups (1 ounce (28g)) Servings per container about 3.5 Amount Per Serving: Calories 135, Calories from fat 59, Total Fat 7g, Sat fat 1g, Sodium 210mg, Total Carbohydrates 18g, Dietary Fiber 2g, Sugars 4g, Protein 2g, Iron 4% Caffeine Content: Couple cups of coffee per bag. Find out more at

The BevNerd is going to MomoCon in Atlanta!

Whoa, CAGs, things just got 67% more serious in here. Why?

I’m excited to announce that I will be presenting a BevNerd panel at MomoCon in Atlanta, Georgia! The convention is on March 16th-18th, and more information can be found at respectively. So to you southern CAGs, if this anime, comics and gaming (…) event is something you’d want to go to, it just got better(?).

I’ll be there with my wife, MannaSea and pal Jbear street team-ing it up, hopefully giving out freebie sodas, energy drinks and snacks during the event. You also will be able to try my handmade, mildly famous, BevNerd Soda Pop Jelly! I will also be working on having some little swag items, too. You can also meet me.

The panel date/time is TBA right now.

With that being said…holy

External image
!! Never could have imagined. I’ll say it again, without the blog section, there would have never been a BevNerd show.

VIDEO: BevNerd Podcast LIVE! at MomoCon 2013!

I survived my 2nd MomoCon in Atlanta, Georgia at the Hilton!

I was fortunate to have a full BevNerd crew with Joel, Jonathan, and Jennifer. We totally rocked it this weekend! I want to thank our proud sponsors, Aloic, Wild Bill’s Beef Jerky, Wired Waffles, and Cocaine Energy for helping us get to the ATL and we had a great time passing out their delish products to event attendees.

I had the utmost pleasure in hosting another live panel/BevNerd Show on Saturday afternoon in the Grand Ballroom. Thanks to the large crowd that packed the house and had a great time! I do have an edited video of the live show and I’d love to share it with you.

For more things BevNerd, join us on Facebook/Twitter/YouTube or shoot me an email at today!

Video: SURGE Movement Interview!

I present the first video of 2013. Sorry for the delay! This video is a Google+ Hangout Interview with Evan Carr. He’s the founder of SURGE Movement. A growing group on Facebook that’s urging Coca Cola to bring back SURGE. Watch & listen to find out how you can bring back this 1990’s super charged soda! They’ve successfully raised money to rent a billboard in Atlanta, GA (Coca Cola’s home base) to spread the SURGE revival! *NOTE* My daughter spends a few minutes in the same room as me. I apologize about the noises she’s making during the beginning of the video. I do take her to her mom in another room. She was just cranky because she wanted SUUUURRRGGGGEEE!