bevis mcguire

IN THE DISPATCH…I didnt even know lol my grandma found the clipping!

After getting off work, Bree Meyer, 22, spends her evening hula hooping to the beat of classic rock music in Fred Beekman Park on Oct. 11, 2012. Meyer, who goes by the 

hula hooping name “Bevis McGuire,” has been hooping 5-7 days per week for the past three years. She says she hoops outside if it’s sunny, but she will find a place indoors if weather doesn’t allow it. (Dispatch photo by Adam Cairns) THE COLUMBUS DISPATCH

What a beautiful day, not by definition but perspective. I was recently reminded of what my reality is and I’m grateful for those that are apart of it. I do not wish to change circumstances only to appreciate what they are and learn from them what I can. As long as I put forth effort into each day I know that everything will work itself out exactly the way it was meant to for me to best succeed. I can not fail as long as I allow myself to fall because sometimes the ground is where you get the best view of the world.

Written and revised on 04/06/2012

I was actually very impressed with how this turned out and that rarely happens. Some words from Bevis McGuire


The way life unfolds itself 
is more than mysterious….

I never thought I would make it this far,

reflecting on the years full of life of experiences, 
I can say that I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Every broken aspect 
has managed to mend itself with
determination and gratitude. 

I used to think coincidence was of no relevance 
until I saw the beautiful that blossomed from the bad..

I paid closer attention. 

It was then that I was engulfed in the realization 
everything happens for a reason.

As broad and insensitive as that may sound 
it allowed me enough hope and strength

to get on the other side of interior battles.. 

where more often than not I could recognize the greater good of tragedy.