bevery hills 90210


She Chose Brandon ♥

Kelly: “I wanted to tell him that I’d finally chosen.”
Brandon: “That’s our ring, how’d you get it?”
Kelly: “…I couldn’t bear anyone else having it. So that day at the Jewelers, after you left I went back”
Brandon: “And you bought it … Why?”
Kelly: “Because it’s ours, whatever happens, it’s our ring … Say something, Brandon”
Brandon: “… I love you”
Kelly: “I love you too”

Re: chick in Nemesis/flirting with Tom in last video I reblogged

Ah, that actress flirting with Tom in that Nemesis premiere clip is Dina Meyer. I knew I recognized her. She was in 90210 season 4, the first of the college years…

When Brandon Walsh was a freshman at CU (California University, what you’ve never heard of it?) he had an affair with his super hot cougar of a professor, Lucinda Nicholson…a married professor. One married to another professor, Professor Randall. She fell for Brandon hard and needless to say, things got messy (she turned out to be psycho and manipulative, amongst other things). But the point here is that that lady really IS a cougar (she’s 43. hey, go for it) and I KNEW I knew her from somewhere. What a random connection. Now time to rewatch BH 90210 for the billionth time, excuse me.