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“being able to separate a fictional ship from real relationships” fuck u beverly some of us internalized, at an early age, those shitty values presented on screen as acceptable and desirable, and opened up the door for future abuse later in life. because we saw this behavior as acceptable and as #goals, we allowed it to happen to us. I got hurt because I saw a dozen nos get turned into a yes by a man. I let a man use me and hurt me because I thought he knew better and he knew what I wanted and I would tell him I love him and get back “I know.”

it doesn’t matter if it was a fictional relationship. it happened to me. that kind of behavior, I saw it on screen and thought it was okay in real life.

if you are so fucking insistent on watching abuse happen on screen, we need to see CONSEQUENCES. We need to see the perpetrator get punished and we need to see the victim heal. we need to see toxic relationships end and both parties move on. relationship violence and toxicity shouldn’t be glamorized on screen or relied upon for plot or shock value. it’s time for that shit to get the fuck out of here.

No One Has To Know What We Do (Pt. 1)

Afternoon sunlight poured through the white lace curtains of Taylor’s window as she stood in front of an ornate mirror that hung inside her room. Trying to pull together an outfit, she held a black blouse up to her lean figure, then switched it out with an off-white one. After a few moments of deliberation, she came to a conclusion. “The black one. Definitely.” she thought.

It was early midday on a Saturday and Taylor was getting ready to meet up with her girlfriends at a boutique hotel in Beverly Hills. Today was International Women’s Day, and upon realizing the date, Taylor decided to text all of her friends that were currently in LA. She managed to get a hold of Este and Alana, who had a day off from the recording studio. Unfortunately, Danielle was booked to do some lead vocals and had to miss out. To Taylor’s delight, Selena was available and enthusiastically accepted the invitation. They hadn’t seen each other in ages and there was a lot of catching up to do. Finishing up the squad was Ellie, who was in town for a photo shoot. It was Taylor’s first time seeing her since the Brit Awards a week and a half ago, and they had a ton to discuss. Deciding on afternoon tea to celebrate, the girls were thrilled to see each other before returning back to their busy schedules.

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