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Spoilers. Kind of taping report 9x12

I got this from the tbbt forums

1. See episode when it airs for the best version of this. LOL.
2. Not everything I saw tonight will be remembered and posted here. I don’t take notes any more like I did in the old days and even then I couldn’t get everything.
3. A scene or two may also be out of order here but at least you’ll know what happens. LOL.
4. I don’t remember much of the exact dialogue spoken from all the characters tonight so I’ll mostly be describing the scenes the best I can so at least that gives you a little something.
Title: The Sales Call Sublimation
Directed By: Mark Cendrowski
Story By: Steve Holland, Jim Reynolds and Saladin Patterson
Teleplay By: Steven Molaro, Maria Ferrari and Anthony Del Broccolo
The episode begins with a Skype Call between Sheldon and Amy.
*Amy is in a motel room because she’s away for the weekend for some kind of neurobiology related conference type thing. Sheldon asks her how her motel room is. She replies that it’s nice but only the third best of all the Best Westerns she’s stayed at so far (I believe that was the motel she named off). Sheldon replies by talking about which Best Buys are his favorite. They go back in forth on that for a moment in their unique Shamy way. Amy tells Sheldon that she wishes he was there and of course, being that it had to do with neurobiology, Sheldon was offended that she said that and she responded with, “I wish you WEREN’T here?” which made him smile as if she said something romantic and I forget what he says here.
*Since Amy is busy for the weekend, Sheldon asks the guys who would like to get their, “Shel-DON (Shel-On…hang out with him)” Howard says that he and Bernie could use a pair of extra hands to help clean at the house. Sheldon isn’t interested. Raj then suggests that Sheldon can come with him to the big telescope to see if they can discover any new planets, etc. Sheldon likes his idea a lot but wants to hear what Leonard has going on first in which Leonard replied that he’d really like to get his “Sheld-Off” for the weekened.
*Penny comes home and (Leonard walks over and kisses her cheek after she’s in the door) is bummed out because Dr. Gallo won’t see her so she can pitch her pharmaceutical stuff to her. I believe it’s Howard that come up with the idea that Leonard become Dr. Gallo’s patient to help Penny get in that way. Penny likes the idea. Leonard argues that there’s nothing wrong with him. The three guys list off three things including sexual insecurity (Sheldon lists that one, go figure. LOL) that’s wrong with him and Leonard says that he has none of those issues and Penny replies, “…and denial…”. End the in, Leonard decided to go forward with the plan.
*At Howardette’s house. Howard and Bernie are in bed after sex. There’s a knock on the door from Stuart. They debate on whether or not to let him in before allowing him to come into the room even though they were both still naked under the covers. He reveals to them that he’s moving out into this own place and thanks them for everything they’ve done for him. He then looks around the room and remarks that it was his first time in there while they were awake.
*Leonard arrives at Dr.Gallo’s office and she welcomes him and asks him if he’s the son of Dr. Beverly Hofstader and he replies “yes” and asks her if she knows her.
“I don’t know her personally but I’ve read all her books.” Dr. Gallo said.
Dr. Gallo went on to say that she doesn’t agree with Beverly’s way of child rearing and asked Leonard if it was okay for her to make such a statement in which he said, “Yes! Sing it! Rent a plane and write it in the sky!” He let Dr. Gallo know more about how rough it was having Beverly for a mom and what he went through. That even on his birthday he sends his mom a card with a little money in it because she once told him that his birthday was HER accomplishment. That’s why his birthday was never celebrated.
*Sheldon and Raj are at the lab that features the large telescope. Sheldon is walking around bored and Raj is sitting at a computer typing.
“What are you doing?” Sheldon asks him.
“Checking the white balance of the lens.” (He says something like that) Raj replies.
Sheldon walks closer and asks, “What are you doing now?”
“Checking the white balance of the lens.” Raj replies.
Sheldon sits next to Raj on the counter top and asks, “How about now?”
“Checking the white balance and wishing you had a coloring book.” Raj gets up from his chair annoyed and starts walking across the room.
Sheldon suggests that he’d be more useful if Raj gave him something to do. He said his father took him to work once as a child and he found out in 10 minutes who was talking money from the register. It was his dad. Sheldon’s dad was fired and the owner gave him a fudgesicle as a reward for outing him.
Raj showed him over to another computer and asked him to find any patterns or anomalies in the very large database that would possibly indicate a new planet. Sheldon sits down and discovers a pattern immediately which Raj thought was impossible and asked him how he discovered it. Sheldon replied, “You know how prime numbers appear red and double prime numbers appear pink and smell like gasoline?” “No…” Raj replied. “Well, I guess I’m just a special boy.” Sheldon replied and he also suggested that he deserved a fudgesicle.
*Howardette are packing some last items into the trunk of Stuarts car for him, as he is moving out. Howard makes a comment about how they can be romantic in any room of the house when Stuart is gone. Stuart then comes out, says good-bye to them and that again, he was thankful for everything they did for him while he stayed there. Stuart drives off and we see Howard in only his tightie whities and socks in the garage posing and sugguesting that he and Bernie can start there (having sex in any room).
*Penny is in Shelnerd’s aprtment making herself and sandwich when Leonard comes home. He seems accomplished after his visit with Dr. Gallo and saying that she helped him to see that his feelings matter. Penny said, “No body cares” (throw away joke) and asked him about the other thing and which Leonard let her know that Dr. Gallo would be happy to have her visit to she can pitch her meds and Penny hugged him and said she has the best husband ever or something along those lines.
*Sheldon and Raj are in the lab. Raj says that once they combind all the images they have, they will be able to tell what it is that Sheldon discovered. As long as what they discovered had moons orbiting it, he’d be happy. Raj then breaks the news that it’s just a medium sized asteroid that they found. Sheldon was bummed at first and said that asteroids are the chicken fingers of the menu of space.
“Actually, I like chicken fingers.” Raj says.
“Me too, I just couldn’t think of a metophor.” Sheldon said.
Eventually, Sheldon warms up to the asteroid and even calls it “cute” and so does Raj. Raj mentions that they get to name it.
*Howardette are in Stuarts old room cleaning it up. Bernie finds the stuff bear that Stuart got when they took him to the fair. “Wait…..are we actually missing him?” Howard asks her. “Noooo, that’s not what this feeling is.” Bernie replies.
They tell the story of how he once tried to deny he ate their blueberry pie when his teeth were all stained blue. Howard says it was cute and Bernie says, “Ewww, we are missing him!”
*Penny is now in Dr. Gallo’s office pitching her meds and asks if Dr. Gallo has any questions after her presentation. Dr. Gallo says, “I have one question….why would you make your husband pretend to be a patient to get to me?” Penny blinks her eyes before saying, “I mean questions about the (whatever meds she was talking about).” and pushes a pamplet towards Dr. Gallo. Dr. Gallo then goes into psychologist mode and begins to question why are girl like her would marry a guy like Leonard. Penny replies that she used to wear a lot of tank tops so it wasn’t difficult…
*Raj and Sheldon come home to S/L apartment. Raj talks about how they can combine the two of their names to name the asteriod.
Sheldon suggests “Cooper”
Raj asks why/how.
Sheldon answers by saying that that Koo is from “Koothrapoli” and “per” is from Cooper.
Raj is actually considering it now that he knows is starts with a “K”. Sheldon then decides he no longer likes it. Leonard sugguests that they both combine their girlfriends names instead to show their girlfriends how special they are to him. Sheldon likes the idea and says that it was seem romantic when it’s in fact a rock in space that will get him out of Valentines Day forever. Raj also likes the idea. Sheldon now comes up with “Amy” as the name (LOL). A-M from Amy and Y from Emily. Raj is not impressed.
*Penny is still with Dr. Gallo and is now lying down on the couch, still talking to her. Gallo has apparently made it clear that Penny is yet another person trying to behave like a mom to Leonard. Penny said how can she not with all the Star Wars toys in his room and asked her how would she feel if she tried to have sex with a hairy (forgot the characters name) staring at her. The Dr. said she’s from the 70s and more okay than she’d think or something along those lines. Penny also mentioned the man-child, Sheldon, in their life. The Dr. said that Leonard mentioned him and she almost didn’t think he was real. Penny said he’s as real as they fine she once got for using too much toilet paper. I forgot everything word in this scene but Penny, like Leonard, enjoyed talking with Dr. Gallo. Gallo suggested she get on some anxiety meds. Penny said fine but not the ones she pushed that make her go into fits of homicidal rage.
*Sheldon is on Skype with Amy again and is telling her about his weekend. She says, “I miss you.” and he replues, “I miss you as well.” He tells her about the asteroid that he and Raj discoverd and that they called it, “Amy” Amy smiled and said, “How romantic.” Then her face gets serious and she asks was Raj okay with it being called Amy. Sheldon then tells her that they made a deal that all their children (I forgot if he said IF or WHEN they had children) would be named, “Raj.”
“All of them?” Amy asked.
“Even the girls.” Sheldon replied.
So, I think I hit every scene?? If not, prepare to be surprised. LOL.
The tag was just creepy Stuart in the bedroom of Howardette staring at them as they slept in the darkness and saying to himself, “I’ve missed this.” LOL.
THE END. I’ll write about BTS later… some point……