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True Story: Radio Contest

The year is 1998 (probably) and I’m at home listening to the radio. The 105.1 station had recently become “Rosie 105,” and they were trying all kinds of things to draw new listeners. It seemed like they were always running some kind of contest, and the prize for almost every contest was “your choice from the Rosie 105 Music Library!”

OK, so they tried this one contest gimmick where one caller would give a trivia question, tell the DJ the answer, and then other listeners would call in to try and give the correct answer and win. The problem was that listeners would call in with really random terrible trivia questions, so it would sometimes take a long time before anyone called in with the right answer. (Google came out later that year, but search engines just weren’t as good back then.)

So they were doing a contest with one of these random trivia questions. I had no idea what the answer was, but I wanted to call in and request a song. That’s when the following conversation happened…

Me: *calls station*

DJ: *using radio DJ voice* “Thanks for calling Rosie 105! Do you think you know the answer to our contest?!”

Me: “No, I have no idea about that. Can I request ‘One Week’ by Barenaked Ladies?”

DJ: *drops to normal voice* “Sure man, no problem. Hey, you wanna win a free CD?”

Me: “Um, OK.”

DJ: “I’m gonna put you on hold for a minute. When I get back I’m gonna ask you a question, and you just say, ‘Jason Priestly.’ Got it?”

Me: “Uh…. OK.”

DJ: “Perfect, one second.” *puts me on hold then comes back using DJ voice again* “Hi, this is Rosie 105, who’s this?!”

Me: “This is David.”

DJ: “OK David, here’s today’s trivia challenge. What actor appeared in both Beverly Hills 90210 AND Quantum Leap?”

Me: “Uh, is it Jason Presley?”

DJ: “That’s it, buddy!! You just won your choice from the Rosie 105 Music Library!!” *drops to normal voice* “Hey thanks man. I’ll get your name and you can come on down to the station to pick up your prize.”

Later that day my stepdad drove me down to the station to get my prize. I walked up to the front desk and gave them my name. The receptionist pulled out a cardboard box that contained multiple copies of Smash Mouth’s “Fush Yu Mang” album and Barenaked Ladies’ “Rock Spectacle” album. And that day I learned that cardboard box was THE “Rosie 105 Music Library.”





Obviously I couldn’t choose one. Are you joking? It’s essentially a soap opera, for God’s sake.

#1 - Scott’s accidental shooting. Of course. It was an absolute “HOLY SHIT” moment. And a huge character development for David, who hadn’t really had much to go on beforehand. I have all sorts of opinions about keeping guns locked up safely and so forth, but I won’t bore you with details.

#2 - Dylan chooses Kelly over Brenda, and they confess that they had a tryst during the summer while Brenda was in Paris. Are you freaking kidding me? I am always so tempted to throw something at the television during this scene. I know Brenda wasn’t a saint in her relationship either, but c'mon Kelly! Chicks before dicks! Amirite?

#3 - Laura Kingman, the girl who falsely accused Steve of rape just because he didn’t want to date her after their one night stand, decides she’s going to hang herself in the freaking campus auditorium. Steve saves her - of course - but wtf. Get over yourself, lady.

#4 - Just when I was starting to like Josh Richland and enjoy his bromance with Brandon, he had to go get his car blown up. Because of course the writers realized that they couldn’t have someone SHARING the political spotlight with Brandon. Apparently they had no other options but to kill him off. No, but seriously. This moment made me very sad.

#5 - Ah, yes. Kelly and Allison get trapped in the downstairs bathroom during a fire that breaks out at a house party. And though we knew that Kelly would inevitably survive, it was still a nail-biter.

#6 - ONE OF THE SADDEST MOMENTS IN THE SHOW’S HISTORY. And it was a secondary character! After Dylan marries Toni, she is killed in a drive-by shooting by her dad’s own cronies, who thought they were shooting at Dylan instead. I can’t help it - it makes me cry. Toni was the only other person I shipped Dylan with besides Brenda.

#7 - Slan, the guy who tried to rape Donna in Season 5, is released from jail and is following her around campus like a freako. How did you think that would go over, dude? Did you think she’d be happy to see you, invite you over to her table for coffee? C'mon. And I also included her telling David, because it’s just so damn cute.

#8 - Val, as usual, is greedy as hell when it comes to her money. So she hits on David while he’s with Donna to PURPOSELY get him to buy the club out from under her. This girl is legit psychotic sometimes. And she insults my poor baby by saying, “I just thought you’d like to feel a woman’s skin again. Or is Donna putting out a little more these days?” Which earns her that ABSOLUTE DEATH GLARE that David is giving her in the GIF before he storms out.

#9 - Val again. Haha. Val has screwed Donna over one too many times, and Donna is done with it. You KNOW you’ve screwed up if even DONNA is sick of your shit. Then Val has to go and say “I know from experience how rough David can be in bed.” AND DONNA SLAPS THE EVER-LOVING SHIT OUT OF HER. Because she deserved it.



Unlike the popular opinion, I never liked Kelly with Dylan. Not that I like Brenda and Dylan’s relationship either, but I disliked them less than Kelly/Dylan. Anyways, I’m not a big fan of Luke Perry, that’s probably why I didn’t fancy those couples. I never fins that his character was kind, or anything appealing for that matter. Nevertheless, I liked Kelly better with Brandon, wish they would have ended up together. I think splitting them up was a mistake. 

1 -  Yes, the first episode I watched of Beverly Hills, 90210 was the series finale. I walked into my living room one day and saw my mom watching a show and I immediately knew I needed to watch it. They were showing reruns of it on Soapnet and that is how I watched the entire show. :D

Beverly Hills 90210 Challenge

Day 3: Favorite Quote

Episode: Higher Education

          Brenda: I like your butt…I mean your bike

          Dylan: Oh, well thank you. Hop on…my bike, that is.

I love this quote because it is exactly something I would say in a situation like that. And even though it’s not a big inspirational quote I love it, It’s too funny.  

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Beverly Hills 90210 Challenge
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Aaaaw, Donna and David, David and Donna. Gotta love those puppies. They were the cutest thing on Beverly Hills 90210 since the start of the show. Maybe they aren’t the most popular couple of the 90210’s fandom but they are mine. All the Dylan/Brenda/Kelly drama was way overrated for me. Plus, I never liked Dylan that much anyways, to some, he might appears like a big romantic badass but, to me, he was playing with people’s feelings and he was selfish a lot of times. Anyways, Donna and David forever!  



I’ve always liked those girls when they were teaming up. Unlike any other girls on the show, Donna and Kelly had a true friendship. They’ve always had each other’s backs. They’ve known each other since kindergarten and they have been friends ever since. It really made me mad when Donna tells Brenda that she really is her best friend when Kelly had been there for her all of her life. The writers really had it wrong, Donna and Kelly are best friends. Always have, always will.