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Pretty Little Clown

Clowns have been hidden in scenes throughout Pretty Little Liars. The clowns always make me think of Boo Boo’s Ice Cream, whose logo was a clown.

In Season 5, the tracking symbol on Mona’s laptop lead the girls to Boo Boo’s Ice Cream Factory. A locked Aria and Spencer in a freezer. Emily eventually rescued them, but not before they left their fingerprints all over the factory.

We then see  A walking around the factory with a flashlight. 

Emily was obsessed with eating these Freeze-Dried Almonds, which were Boo Boo’s

A screw driver with the name Boo Boo’s Ice Cream was found in Mona’s house after her murder. It was shown being analyzed by the police in the picture below.

The name reminds me of Boo Radley, from To Kill a Mockingbird.  They have used names from this book before, i.e. Radley Sanitarium. Which made me think the ice cream place could be linked to him as well. So what does this mean?

For those of you haven’t read To Kill a Mockingbird, Boo Radley is a man who lives in an old house in the neighborhood. He never comes out and no one has seen him for years. He has a horrible reputation in the community, due to rumors being spread about him. The children of the town view the house as ‘haunted’ and that Boo is a dangerous monster. In reality, he is just a lonely man that had been through some bad things in his life. He inevitably saves the two main characters in the book from someone trying to kill them. The children come to understand Boo’s choice of staying inside alone all the time, because the world and the people in it are vicious.

Makes me wonder if this is a clue about A’s identity. Is he/she a person that has secluded themselves from society due to something bad happening in their past?

It is kind of hard to see, but the logo for Boo Boo’s is a CLOWN. 

Clowns have been shown so many times on this show, usually linked to A.

When Ezra’s son Malcolm was kidnapped by A, Aria later finds him sitting eating an ice cream cone. 

There have been many clowns in A’s lair:

The Great Charlemagne was a clown.

And we can’t forget the infamous episode where the clown turns towards Aria.

And then in this weeks episode, I noticed a clown in Dr. Cochran’s room.

It looks like there may be a whiskey bottle in there. It is interesting to note that Dr Cochran’s daughter said the way to get in to see him would be to bring him whiskey, and we have seen A with whiskey bottles on multiple occasions.

We also know that whiskey is Ezra’s drink

And Mr. Hastings has been seen drinking it.

And Wren orders it for Spencer.

And all these bottles of whiskey were put on Jason’s front porch by A:

I have always thought that A is someone with a deformity, maybe they feel like a clown and that’s why they hide under masks and hoods, and feels like they cannot live in society like everyone else, so he/she tortures the girls for living a life he/she never could.  This could potentially link back to Boo Radley living in isolation.

I think all the clowns shown are a representation of the real CHARLES (I don’t think CeCe is Charles). He/she sees themselves as a freak.

This mask is similar to a clown, with the red and white face.

So is the Queen of Hearts costume (which we know is relevant because Mona was holding the QoH card in Radley) 

It’s possible that the Qoh is the real A, Mona’s leader.

Had to throw the next picture in, just because I would love it if Aria was A.

All the clowns made me think of the book IT by Steven King. 

IT by Stephen King is a novel about friendship and the magic of childhood. The novel centers around seven core characters, friends who bonded as children during a summer of darkness. Twenty-seven years later, they reunite to fulfill a promise made that terrible summer. Evil lives under their hometown and, for some reason they do not understand, these seven have been destined to bring an end to the terrible cycle of death and destruction. These friends fought It once before, but now It is back, and they must end the evil for good. 

  • PLL is also about friendship and being tortured by an unknown entity for years.

IT is a unknown mythical creature in the book, but he is usually shown as a CLOWN. When the group of friends were kids, they were tortured by IT and IT killed people in the town. The book begins with Mike, who is a head librarian, calling all his friends from that summer, and asking them to come back to town, Derry, to try to fight this evil that has started up again. The book goes back and forth from the friends returning in present day, and flashbacks from that summer IT tortured them as kids.

  • In PLL, five years have passed since CeCe was put in Welby, and no one has bothered them since. They have all moved out of Rosewood. But then Ali calls them all to come back, and the game starts again.

One of the characters, Stan, in the book is found dead in a BATH TUB before he can go back to Derry.

When the group of friends come together 27 years later to try to fight the evil that has been terrorizing Derry, hardly any of them can remember things from that summer. 

  •  The liars couldn’t remember parts of THAT night when Ali went missing but started to have flashbacks over time.

One of the friends, Ben, walks into a bar in Nebraska and drinks whiskey when he notices a scar on his belly he had forgotten he had. Ben is afraid to go back to Derry.

  • The first time we ever see Ezra, he is in a bar drinking whiskey
  • Remember the Scar on Ezra’s belly from being shot by Shana?
  • This also reminds me of the scar on Ali’s leg. I don’t believe the story she used as an explanation was true.

Eddie, a hypochondriac, is packing every drug in his medicine cabinet to bring to Derry. Mike’s call has left Eddie confused and scared, but he knows he must return to Derry.

Beverly is awakened in the middle of the night by Mike’s call. Beverly begins to pack while still on the phone. Tom, Beverly’s husband, beats her.

Bill is a popular novelist. Bill is in England when he gets the call. Bill tries to explain things to his wife, but cannot remember enough to explain why he needs to go back to Derry. Bill has begun to stutter, something he has not done since he was a child, and this frightens his wife, Audra.

  • Bill being a novelist of course makes me think of Ezra. Also his wife’s name is Audra, which is similar to Aria.
  • He lives in England and there is some sort of unexplained connection to France/London in PLL.

When they were kids, Ben, Eddie and Bill built a dam that was highly advanced for their age and experience thanks to Ben’s eye for construction. 

Mr. Nell, a local beat cop, tells the boys they have to dismantle the dam.

The friends start to have flashbacks from that summer (just like the PLL girls started having flashbacks of that night). Bill tells them that when looking through his brother Georgie’s photo album, he sees a picture wink at him. 

Eddie tells them a story about how he went to the train yards, as he often did, one weekend that summer. 

  • We have seen trains around Aria multiple times
  • It was on the Halloween train that she wrote her name on the window with the letter A like ‘A’ does.
  • Aria & Ezra played with the train set with Malcolm 
  • There is a train set in Charles playroom in the Dollhouse

Eddie said he was walking past a house on Neibolt Street, and saw a leper. A few days later, Eddie returned to the house and went under the porch to peek inside the cellar windows. A leper climbed out of the windows and began to chase him. Eddie knew there was something alien about the leper as he saw orange pom poms, like a clown would wear, on its clothes.

  • We know A used to hide under the DiLaruentis’ porch.
  • And that Jessica had a lair in a storm cellar.

Ben has a similar story. Ben was walking home from school late one winter day. When Ben was crossing the canal, he saw the mummy from a movie he had seen recently walking on the ice. The mummy was holding a bouquet of balloons that appeared to float against the wind. 

  • A red balloon was tied to the letter Charles sent Jason

When they were young, the boys were bullied by a kid named Henry Bowers. 

  • I think its interesting that the story surrounds a bully, since Ali was the school bully…

Days later, Bill tells Richie he wants to investigate the house on Neibolt Street. . Bill and Richie crawl under the porch and enter the cellar. Richie sees a werewolf come down the stairs. The werewolf chases the boys into the coal chute where Bill lifts Richie up to try to escape through the window. As Richie is trying to get the window open, he can hear Bill screaming at the werewolf and firing his father’s gun. Richie climbs out the window and reaches back to help Bill. Just as Bill is about to come out the window, the werewolf grabs his leg. Richie manages to get Bill out, but the werewolf is not far behind. 

  • This is similar to the Halloween episode where Ali plans the pretend attack on the girls in the house.

Richie blows sneezing power at the werewolf, which gives him and Bill enough time to reach Silver, Bill’s bike. The werewolf comes after Bill and Richie as Bill attempts to get the enormous bike moving. The werewolf manages to grab Richie once, but somehow the two boys make it to a populated area without being injured.

  • This reminds me of all the times A has tried to kill the girls and they have barely gotten away with their lives.
  • The mention of the bike makes me think of Ezra because they always show a bike in his apartment
    • From now on when your watching PLL, look for a bike in Ezra’s apartment; its always there
  • Watch this GIF carefully, you’ll see a bike in the left corner

Maybe this is silly, but seeing Ezra on a bike always makes me think of…

The Wicked Witch of the West! Anyway back to the story..

One of their friends, Beverly, is in her bathroom preparing for bed when she hears voices coming from the sink drain. Beverly bends over and speaks to the voice, thinking it must be a child playing in the building’s basement. Suddenly, blood erupts from the drain, splattering the bathroom. Beverly screams, bringing her father into the room. However, Beverly’s father cannot see the blood. The next morning, the blood is still there, but Beverly’s mother cannot see it either. When both her parents have gone to work, Beverly goes and finds Richie, Ben and Stan. Beverly takes them to her apartment and shows them the blood. They can see it. Richie, Ben and Stan help Beverly clean up the bathroom. Afterward, Richie, Ben, Stan and Beverly go to a Laundromat to clean the rags. While they are waiting, Stan tells them how he was bird watching in Memorial Park and was nearly attacked by two dead teenagers in the Standpipe.

  • This entire scene reminds me of a few things in PLL
  • The girls find Ian’s dead body hanging in the bell tower, but when they return he is gone.

  • Remember when Spencer was in the Dollhouse and she saw blood on her hands? In the coming attraction for tomorrows episode (8/23/16), it looks like A has sent Spencer video of herself in the Dollhouse and it doesn’t look like their is blood on her. Was she imagining it just like Beverley?

  • And then there was the blood incident in her bag… 

Mike takes the group of friends out to lunch and tells them that the murders have started again. In a message found near the body of the last victim, the words ‘come home’ are written over and over in the victim’s blood. 

  • Anytime the girls tried to leave Rosewood, A would threaten them

Everyone agrees that it has begun again even though they cannot really remember what it might be. The waitress comes in with fortune cookies for dessert. When they begin to crack open the cookies, strange things come out. Ben’s has teeth, Eddie’s a cricket, Richie’s an eyeball. However, they are the only ones who can see these things.

  • The teeth reminds me of the A note that said “Dead Girls Cant Smile”

After lunch, Mike suggests that everyone take a walk around Derry alone and then meet at the library after closing for another discussion. Ben goes to the library during his walk, a place where he spent a great deal of time as a child. He runs into the clown, Pennywise, there.

  • This makes me think of the BREW 

Eddie goes to the field where a group of kids always played ball when he was a child. Eddie is nearly killed by the walking corpse of an old acquaintance. 

Richie walks downtown to Bassey Park and is pounced upon by the giant statue of Paul Bunyan. Beverly returns to the apartment where she and her parents lived only to find Pennywise waiting for her in the form of an old woman. 

The group of friends call themselves The Losers Club. 

  • This reminds me of the group of people -lead by Mona and Melissa- that wanted to torture Ali because she bullied them in school. They were literally the ‘losers’ in school- The Loser Club.

A few days later, the Losers began planning and building a clubhouse in the Barrens. They had wanted to build a treehouse, but Ben came up with the idea of digging a clubhouse out of the soft ground, creating a place hidden from outsiders. 

  • A built a Dollhouse underground…

While Mike is cleaning up, Henry Bowers (the bully) enters the library and attacks him with a knife. Mike is mortally wounded, but manages to wound Bowers, as well. Bowers leaves the library and goes to the hotel where the Losers are staying. Bowers goes to Eddie’s room and attacks him. Eddie manages to fight back and gets the better of Bowers, stabbing him in the belly with a broken Perrier bottle. Eddie calls Bill, and he makes the decision that they must return to the underground tunnels immediately.

The friends eventually kill IT once and for all by working together. When everything is over, all of them begin to lose their memories of the event. 

Bill stays in Derry with his wife, who is in a catatonic state as a result of seeing IT. The story ends with Bill taking her for a ride on Silver (the bike). Somehow, this ride brings his wife- Audra (really similar to Aria) out of her catatonic state.

I know many of these connections are a stretch, but it has always been something I thought about when I see a clown on PLL, so I thought it would be fun to get it all down in a post.

Hope you all enjoyed! Thanks so much for reading :)

HandsomeTundras’ Summer Solstice Giveaway!

Summer: that time of the year in which a young dragon’s fancy turns to giveaways. Tundra has decided to make use of the warmer weather and longer days to invite friends over for combination costume-and-salad parties. The result was almost too much fun for Tundra to handle, so Tundra has decided to spread the cheer around. After carefully consulting their friends, Tundra assembled the following prize packs to help other dragon friends get the most out of their summer solstice!

Prize Pack 1 - Weird Science

Beverly Puff has been neglecting her scientific pursuits lately in favour of staying glued to her television screen at all hours watching the new hit series Fluffy Dreadful. Still, when called upon to explain her selection for this prize pack, Beverly did so with an objective eye for detail and a wide assortment of graphs and charts. This set includes everything you’ll need to be a Gentlefluff of Science, along with a piece of Beverly’s own research: an unhatched dragon egg. 

  • Fancy waistcoat
  • Silver steampunk spats, gloves, wings, tail bauble, and goggles
  • Umbral wreath
  • Delver’s lamp (choice of colour)
  • Journeyman’s satchels
  • 2 of Beverly’s favourite post-discovery treats: 99 x Maple seeds and 99 x Honeycomb fragments!
  • 1 Unhatched Lightning egg

Prize Pack 2 - Yer Family Now

“Owly” Hatfluff, Tundra’s bayou-born cousin, claims not to get much fancier than a bow here and there to make himself feel and look “all nice.” A more practical sort, Owly has selected a pack of items that ought to see you through anywhere from the brightest, most open patch of the Training Fields to the deepest, most dire hollows of the Mire, while also helping you look “reasonably sophisticated-like.”

  • Peacekeeper vest
  • Dusty highnoon brimmer
  • Yella highnoon hank
  • Buttercup bow set: Includes neck, arm, and tail bows
  • Spotted pukasloth
  • 2 of the choicest ingredients selected from the Hatfluff family table: 99 x Fireflower and 99 x Greenpod bloom!
  • Owly’s “noodler’s survival pack,” including 1 x Scratch, 1 x Shred, 1 x Eliminate, and 2 x Ambush! Guaranteed to make catfish and podids alike think twice before a-feudin’.

Prize Pack 3 - A Midsummer Night’s Chuff

It’s no secret Tundra has a deep and abiding love of flowers, fluff, food, and friends, and in this pack you’ll find all four of those things well represented. This set contains everything you need to feel your fluffiest and bring a little magic to your summer evenings! For best results, do not permit the unicorn to eat your flower accoutrements.

  • Tundra breed change scroll
  • Dwarf unicorn
  • 1 full set of violet flower apparel: includes crown, lei, flowerfall, and corsage
  • 1 full set of pink wooly fluff: includes antennae, coat, and tail fluff
  • 2 of Tundra’s favourite summertime snacks: 99 x Raspberries and 99 x Lucky Stars!

Prize Pack 4 - Shifty Drifter

Hulrune, a Ridgeback better known as “Swordberry” to a certain hirsute, diminutive dragon, was difficult to track down for commentary on his selection due to his insistence on staying “on the move.” What he did have to say was that he figured this pack would be best for somebody looking to get out of trouble in a hurry – maybe even out of town. Surely layering is the right way to go in your quest to appear unrecognisable to both your friends and local authorities!

  • Dunhoof Ambassador
  • Pillager’s fur leg- and armwraps
  • Raider helm
  • Scarlet satin tunic
  • 1 full set of brown wooly apparel: includes antennae, coat, and tail fluff
  • 1 brown/blue scarf
  • 2 of Hulrune’s choicest overstock from his dubiously-legal black market trading: 99 x Herdbeast hoofs and 99 x Dodo legs!

Prize Pack 5 - Noggle Will Come to Your House

Wait… How did noggle get in here? Oh n–

  • 2 of noggle’s favourite foods: 99 x Black tetras and 99 x Redstreak frilled eels!
  • NOGGLE PICNIC: Noggle solemnly swears to drag tundra to your lair for a review and also bring a basket of fish for you and your friends.

How to Enter & General Info

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