“ALL THE LUCK IN THE WORLD TO YOU…” is Judy Garland’s wish for Beverly Hudson, who will make her singing debut in Metro-Goldwyn Mayer’s “Born to Sing” with Virginia Weilder and Ray McDonald. When Judy heard that Beverly was starting her career with a song at the very same age that Judy started hers, she stopped by the set to lend moral support and wish Beverly good luck.

This evening we’re watching The Muppets Take Manhattan and I would just like to say that we have strong opinions on Miss Piggy’s hairstyles in this house and we are united in agreement that the perm she wore for much of the 1980s was a mistake; it was certainly fashionable but it didn’t suit her.  In more recent years we’ve seen Piggy wear her hair entirely straight and it doesn’t suit her either.  Miss Piggy should wear her hair wavy or in loose curls and that’s final.