beverly marsh’s definitive guide to kissing the loser’s club

1: richie

beverly kissed richie first in fifth grade, when richie dared her to eat something out of his mouth because she was complaining about being hungry. she’s kissed him a few times while they were drunk, and every time, it was gross and friendly and just a little messy. mouths never opened, not sloppy in that way, it was just always weird-tasting and a little gritty and obviously meaningless. bev’s seen richie kiss other people, though, so she’s not fooled by his kissing record with her. 

2: stan

stan’s only ever kissed beverly on the cheek. never the mouth, not ever. even when they played party games, stan was either never landed on, refused to kiss the person assigned to him, or they refused him. beverly didn’t refuse him, exactly, but beverly and stan both knew their friendship existed in a place where kissing wouldn’t strengthen it, as it did richie and her- it would only make them awkward. but stan kissed her on the cheek once, and that was enough. beverly figures she’s fine with just about that.

3: mike

mike’s only kissed beverly once. he did it because she complained about not being kissed and mike, fed up with her whining, had bent down and put his hands on either side of her face, smacking her on the lips and letting her go roughly. “now you’ve kissed someone, bevvie,’ he said as she wiped her lips in feigned disgust and surprised annoyance. ‘now you have.’ he was laughing, and beverly suspected that kissing friends would always be funny, but also that mike was a happy, light kisser. she supposed it went against how he acted, but maybe it was true. it was for her, at least.

4: eddie

eddie’s kissed beverly loads, though only a few on the mouth, and they were all on accident- he’d loved kissing her cheeks when they were kids as a greeting, especially in eighth grade. it was her and eddie’s special thing together, to kiss eachother’s cheeks when they met up… but seeing as eddie was so short and bev was so tall and they did it quickly, sometimes eddie would miss and kiss her on the lips, and every time, it was sweet and excited and meaningless. eddie always apologized, although bev never did. after all, a kiss is just a kiss, right?

5: bill

except with bill a kiss isn’t just a kiss like it is with mike or richie or eddie… with bill a kiss is only the precursor, a wonderful, exciting precursor that’s full of flashing red hair and moving hards and grasping knuckles and noses knocking. kisses with bill are deep and fast and beautiful, and beverly can barely remember what they’re like when she’s done. so she’ll go in for another, and another, and another…

6: ben

kissing ben is more than just kissing: kissing with ben is hugging. he’ll wrap his arms around her (how much does she love it when he does that, she feels so warm and safe and she loves the slightly crushing feeling it gives whn he hugs too tight) and hold her close, barely even daring to look at her and letting her kiss him and kiss him and kiss him until he’s shaking from being touched so nicely by beverly. their kisses are chaste and marked in intermissions chock full of rocking back and forth in ben’s big arms as she left the warmth come off of him and saw how earnestly ben was looking at her. she loved how soft and plush and comfy ben was to kiss and hold. 

that made ben’s soft kisses her favorite.